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Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C, 5-B via suicide move

Name: Rex Sloan

Origin: Image Comics

Gender: Male

Age: 18-19

Classification: Enhanced human

Powers and Abilities: Super strength, speed durability, reflexes, very skilled in multiple martial arts, high stamina, great pain tolerance, master acrobat, limited regeneration, skilled in the use of firearms and various types of weaponry, expert at espionage, stealth, disguise, infiltration, and demolitions, molecular acceleration, ability alter the chemical makeup of inorganic materials, causing them to become unstable and explode, artificial hand that can fire exploding projectiles

Attack Potency: Large Building level with regular explosions (Easily destroyed a large mansion with a baseball), Panet level via suicide move (Charged his own skeleton, destroying himself and a parallel Invincible)

Speed: Supersonic+ (Caught a explosive bullet from Killcannon)

Lifting Strength: Peak Human (Capable of lifting up to 1000 lbs)

Striking Strength: At least Street Class to Wall Class

Durability: At least Large Building level+ (Took several hits from a enraged parallel Invincible and barely survived)

Stamina: High, can fight even while heavily injured

Range: Several dozen meters with regular explosions | Possibly planetary

Standard Equipment: Artificial hand

Intelligence: Master combatant and expert marksman

Weaknesses: Normal human weaknesses, but has survived situations which would kill an average human, needs to touch an object for his powers to take effect


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