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Lavos can get rid of the immunities granted by armors


Resistance Negation is the ability to remove an opponent's ability to resist certain effects, allowing the user to then affect them with those abilities. In extreme cases, this ability can even override apparent immunity.

However, simply overwhelming something with Hax stronger than what they can resist normally wouldn't qualify. Keep in mind, there are limits when it comes to this ability. Characters who do have Resistance Negation wouldn't be capable of negating all of their opponent's resistances unless there is more to their power than what has been shown.

For example: If one character is shown to negate a character's Resistance to Fire Manipulation, and that's all the character's Resistance Negation is shown, and no other abilities, lore or explanations would imply they could negate other resistances never shown onscreen like Mind Manipulation or Soul Manipulation, it would lead into a No Limits Fallacy.



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