Fire Resistance


Resistance is the ability to lessen the effectiveness of certain techniques and abilities through whatever means, such as greatly decreasing the potency of Mind Manipulation or nullifying it altogether. In many cases, it can occur through sheer willpower, especially in the case of mental attacks. For any ability, resistance to that ability can be demonstrated, to varying degrees of effectiveness, ranging from slight and mostly inconsequential to extremely high, potentially completely nullifying those abilities. However, like everything else, resistance has to be judged based on feats.

The highest degree of resistance is outright Immunity, preventing use of that ability on any scale from affecting the user at all. However, immunity is not easily gained, as while someone's resistance to a certain kind of attack may be absolute within their verse, it is not necessarily the case against more potent uses of that ability. Outright immunity should nearly never be given except in certain cases, such as being immune to Soul Manipulation due to lacking a soul.

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