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References is a section in character profiles where the source references can be shown. They should be used whenever and wherever possible to increase the reliability of the information presented in the pages and to improve the overall quality of this wiki.

To use them, switch to the source editor in the "Preferred editor" menu, if you haven't done so, and add some text to the profile between the <ref> and </ref> tags. It will appear in this section if the <references /> tag is inserted here at the beginning. Note that references will automatically show up in a list.

If multiple pieces of text should refer to the same source, then the reference's code should be modified to <ref name="name">Reference text</ref> to allow multiple uses. Then the named reference can be used later as just <ref name="name" />. Here is an example of how to properly insert references into pages.

If you use many references within a single page, you can use the code {{reflist|2}} for 2 columns of them, so the layout looks better. If even that isn't enough a scrollbox can be employed by using the code {{scroll box|content={{reflist|2}}}}.

The standard formats for using references for different media are as follows:

Comic Books

  • [Series name]; Vol [Volume number]; Issue [Issue number]; Year [The year that the issue was released].

Manga and Books

  • [Series name]; Vol [Volume number] (If any); Chapter [Chapter number].

Anime, Animated Series, TV Series and Webseries

  • [Series name]; S [Season number] (If any); Ep. [Episode number].

Games and Movies

  • [Entry name]; [Year of release]; [Any notable events around the time of the feat, if possible].


  • [Artist name]; [Song name].
    • For non-English songs, the original name should be kept. Or a transliteration in case of non-Latin-script languages (be it Arabic, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Hebrew, Hindi, etc.) LyricsTranslate has a similar system.
    • If there are multiple artists/bands working with the song, all of them should be mentioned (e.g. Leningrad ft. Gluk`oZa & ST).

The above standards should be adjusted to fit the piece of fiction if necessary. Page number or timeframe whenever applicable may be added, depending on the piece of media. The references should always be given in a manner that enables any reader to find the passage in question with reasonable effort.

Read this guide if you want more extensive knowledge regarding how to use references properly.

The "References" sections should be placed beneath the "Others" sections and right above "Discussions". Click here for a visual illustration.


Notes can be considered as an extension of the references sections and should be used when the justification for something is too difficult to contextualize and eventually would need to involve several sentences to explain.

To use "Notes", you should use the following code:

    <ref group="Note/Explanation">INSERT JUSTIFICATION HERE</ref>

To decide where the "Notes" will appear, put the following code where you want them to appear:

    <references group="Note/Explanation"/>

The result will be displayed in the following manner:

Attack Potency: City level+ (Moved a meteor), Mountain level+ with Transformation (Multiplies the power by 10 times[Note/Explanation 1])


Discussion threads involving References