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Red Earth (aka ''War-Zard'' in the original version) is a 2d fighting game set in a fantasy-themed world, which was made and released in 1996 by Capcom. The game takes place in an alternate medieval version of Earth in the the 14th century (post-apocalyptic 1999 in the japonese version) where the world never experienced any technological revolutions.

Power of the verse

The verse is pretty powerful with the appearance of the primary antagonist Scion, who raised and sustained the country of Varuda (which collapsed after his defeat), caused several storms around the world and created several monsters, which are the initial threats for the heroes to fight. Lavia was able to casually destroy a town while flying at high speed, which is lower than Blade travel speed. Lastly the heroes (which gains resistance to elements after defeating bosses) are able to dodge Scion lightning, which is a notable feat since the latter can create storms.

Supporters and Opponents of this Verse







  • Leo
  • Tessa
  • Mai-Ling


  • Hauzer
  • Kongou
  • Ravange
  • Hydron
  • Lavia
  • Gi Gi
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