Caulifla's Improvement

As a Saiyan, Caulifla is able to gradually increase her abilities by engaging in combat, slowly adapting to Goku's speed and power and seeing through techniques that initially tricked her as they continue to fight.


Reactive Power Level is the ability to rapidly increase one's overall strength or other physical capabilities by engaging in combat, becoming more and more capable over the course of a fight. This ability can grant a significant edge in battle, as users can potentially strengthen themselves to match or exceed opponents that were previously on par with or more powerful than them. It is important to avoid confusing this ability with Reactive Evolution, which allows one to develop new powers and resistances in response to the enemy's attacks, and may encompass this ability as well in the process. By contrast, Reactive Power Level does not grant any new abilities, it strictly improves existing ones.


  • This ability is time-intensive and requires users to stay in combat. Hence it's useless if they are quickly overwhelmed and defeated.
  • An increase in overall strength does not necessarily protect users from abilities that ignore conventional durability, allowing such abilities to be used to defeat Reactive Power Level users.


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