The ruler of the Pharaonic pantheon, Re-Horakhty is the resplendent lord of the sun, steering the Solar Barge across the sky and through the underworld at night. He appears as a strong, dark-skinned human with the head of a hawk.

Re-Horakhty is the son of Isis and Osiris. Previously called Horus, he ascended to take the place of the original sun-god, Re, after defeating Set to avenge the murder of Osiris. He absorbed the divine essence of the aging Re, increasing his power beyond that of his parents.

~ Official Description of Re


Re-Horakhty (formally Horus) is the leader of the Pharaonic pantheon who controls the solar barge as it travels across the Astral Plane. Originally Horus, he fought his Uncle Set for control of the pantheon after Set kill his father Osiris. After winning the battle he fused with his great-great-grandfather Re and ascended as the ruler of the pantheon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 5-B | 2-C | 2-A

Name: Re-Horakhty

Origin: Dungeons and Dragons

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Lesser Deity | Greater Deity

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical CharacteristicsReality WarpingSpatial ManipulationTime ManipulationRegeneration (Mid-Godly), Immortality (Types 1, 2, 3, 8, Avatars possess 6 and 9), Conceptual Manipulation (Type 2), PossessionDimensional TravelProbability Manipulation (Every action taken by all deities has the highest possibility of success, even in the face of absolute failure; they will always move before their opponent, deal critical damage, and so on), Enhanced SensesPrecognition as a Greater Deity (Senses every action taken by a ruler on whom he has bestowed his favor, every sworn oath of vengeance, and every undertaken quest to destroy an evil foe 19 weeks in advanced ), Abstract Existence (Type 1. Outsiders are of similar nature to Devils, who are merely abstractions and ideas given a semblance of fleshly existence), Non-CorporealMind Manipulation of those within his sphere/alignment, Mind ControlShapeshiftingSize ManipulationDeath Manipulation and Existence Erasure (Deities of significant power can instantly kill a designated foe, or a mass amount of targets, with a thought), Forcefield CreationCreationLife ManipulationDurability Negation (Certain attacks inherently ignore all forms of protection and directly attack the opponent), Holy ManipulationResurrectionHealing, Omnilingualism, Damage Resistance (Any damage taken is reduced by a significant degree), Magic NullificationNon-Physical Interaction (Can affect souls, intangible beings, entities on other planes of existence, non-corporeal beings, and concepts), Soul ManipulationDeath ManipulationAcausalityPower Bestowal, likely many more. Extreme Resistances to the following: Statistics Reduction, Death Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, Acid Manipulation, Disease Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Electricity Manipulation, Disintegration, BFR, Sleep Manipulation, Paralysis Inducement, Petrification, Transmutation, Magic, Sealing, Poison Manipulation, and "Stunning"

Attack Potency: Planet level (Capable of battling the Leviathan, which would have destroyed the world should it awakens) | Low Multiverse level (defeated his Uncle Set who was an Intermediate Deity at the time) | Multiverse level+ (Considered to be a peer of Odin and ZeusHis Divine Rank is superior to Mystra who's death reordered the Multiverse) 

Speed: At least Hypersonic+, with High Hypersonic+ reactions (vastly above people who can dodge Call Lightning) | Unknown, likely Infinite (Can likely control the space-time of his own realm) | Unknown, likely Infinite (Vastly superior to time deities beneath him, able to control the space-time of his own Realms)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Planet ClassLow Multiversal | Multiversal+

Durability: Planet level | Low Multiversal levelMultiverse level+

Stamina: Likely limitless

Range: Extended melee range with melee weapons, varies from several meters to thousands of meters with various spells | Multiversal+

Standard Equipment: Khopesh

Intelligence: Unknown. Possibly Extraordinary Genius (Has an Intelligence score of 29 when 26 is the Intelligence score of the Elder Brain)

Weaknesses: None notable

Key: Avatar | Horus | Re-Horakhty


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