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Raphael is cool but rude! (Gimme a break!)
~ Theme lyrics for Raph

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B | Low 7-C | At least 7-C

Name: Raphael

Origin: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Gender: Male

Age: 15 at the beginning of the show, likely 20 in Turtles Forever

Classification: Mutant Turtle

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Stealth Mastery, Martial Arts, Good leadership abilities, Good at improvisation, Expert attacking his opponents indirectly by using the environment, Weapon Mastery (Skilled with the Sai)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Can tear apart the robots of Kraang which are made of a metal harder and more durable then titanium, can bust and crack walls) | Small Town level+ (Implied to have fought a Kraathatrogon, an alien species that can "shake the city", referring to New York City, as well as a being that's ludicrously stronger than Casey Jones, who hurt Ho Chan) | At least Town level (Physically comparable, if less skilled, than an alternate timeline version of himself, which was said to be strong enough to shatter mountains)

Speed: At least Superhuman, possibly Relativistic+ (Comparable to Leonardo) | At least Supersonic+, possibly Relativistic+ (Should be comparable to Kraathatrogon. Should be faster than before) | At least Hypersonic, possibly Relativistic+ (Comparable to the alternate timeline turtles)

Lifting Strength: Class 25 (Comparable to Slash)

Striking Strength: Wall Class (Helped to collapse a gigantic wall) | Small Town Class+ | At least Town Class

Durability: Wall level (Can jump off a building and survive with no injuries at all) | Small Town level+ | At least Town level

Stamina: Superhuman, can fight for hours even while injured and tired

Range: Extended Human melee, several meters with shurikens and lasers

Standard Equipment: His sais, shurikens, sometimes laser beams

Intelligence: Above average

Weaknesses: Can't control his anger sometimes, doesn't kill (solved via bloodlust)

Key: Original Series | Manhattan Project | Turtles Forever


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