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Rampage was originally a arcade game released in 1986 that involved multiple humans who had mutated into monsters destroying buildings. Due to its popularity, it has been given many sequels on consoles along with a feature-length film.

Power of the Verse

While Rampage isn’t the most powerful verse, it most definitely is not the weakest. The verse is comprised of mainly Small Building level to At least Building level characters. The main weakness of the verse is that there are no impressive hax abilities. The movie characters (Besides Davis Okoye) however do have Mid-Low Regeneration, Large Size, Enhanced Senses, and are continually growing (Though that can’t be used in combat).





Game Charaters

  • George (Rampage)
  • Larry (Rampage)
  • Boris (Rampage)
  • Ruby (Rampage)
  • Curtis (Rampage)
  • Crock (Rampage)
  • Marco (Rampage)

Movie Characters

Other Characters

  • Larry (2018)

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