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Puyo Puyo is a verse revolving around a strategy-based puzzle game. In the in-verse version of the game, jelly-like creatures known as Puyo are summoned from the sky and thrown at opponents, often associated with magic, though hand-to-hand combatants like Draco Centauros and Rulue can effectively deal with magic users like Arle Nadja and Amitie.

While there was originally one world (the world created by Compile), Sega created a new world (Amitie's world) when they took over the rights to the Puyo Puyo franchise. This would then be followed up by a third world (Ringo's world) upon the release of Puyo Puyo 7.

Power of the Verse

The Puyo Puyo verse is a fairly powerful puzzle game verse. The weakest of Puyo Puyo players (Skeleton T, Harpy, Draco Centauros) can put up a fight against Arle Nadja, easily putting them at Moon level. Stronger characters like Arle Nadja, Schezo Wegey, Rulue, Satan, and Carbuncle are at the weakest Moon level, but they have the potential to be Dwarf Star level. Ecolo, one of the most powerful characters, would have eventually hit Universe level by breaking down space, gathering enough energy to weigh down all three universes in the Puyo Puyo multiverse with puyos. This plan, however, was stopped before it could commence with the combined efforts of Arle, Amitie, and Ringo.

While each character's abilities vary by character, all characters are able to make use of SummoningAttack Reflection and Statistics Amplification in the mere act of playing Puyo. These three abilities are spread throughout all games in the series (save for the original and its localizations: Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine and Kirby's Avalanche).

However, as the verse is very magic-oriented, the physical prowess of the verse is unknown. Very few characters, most notably Draco Centauros and Rulue, have engaged in hand-to-hand combat against the various magic-users of the verse.






Compile World

Amitie's World

Ringo's World


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