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Project A-ko is a 1986 Japanese animated fantasy-parody film that had several sequels and a spin-off. This series references a number of other works of anime from the 1970s and 1980s, such as MacrossFist of the North Star and Gundam. The title itself is a reference to the 1983 Jackie Chan movie Project A, although the film bears no resemblance to Project A; the working title ended up sticking. The movie revolves around the adventures of A-ko, B-ko and C-ko and the sequels may or may not be all from the same timeline. The final sequel film could be interpreted to at least at one point, encompass all timelines.

Power of the Verse 

The power of this verse varies from movie to movie. It is overall supposed to be a gag and a parody series which parodies many existing works. As a result, characters seem to have toon-force like abilities. Other than that, as far as serious feats go, A-ko (the main protagonist) tends to be around City level in terms of power and relativistic in speed, and B-ko manages to keep up with her thanks to her technology. Without this, B-ko and C-ko (secondary protagonists) are both essentially human level in terms of physical stats. However, the last movie adds a massive boost to the verse when a Dragon God is introduced. This being is capable of destroying infinitely many universes and is capable of reality warping. It was also stated in the same movie that souls of living beings can potentially survive the destruction of the multiverse. As far as hax goes, soul and mind-related hax have been seen in some of the movies.






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