The Pretty Cure franchise (Dubbed "Glitter Force" in it's English Adaptation of Smile Pretty Cure and Doki Doki Pretty Cure) is a long-running Japanese magical girl anime series produced by Izumi Todo and Toei Animation. Each series revolves around either a duo or group of girls, who are often teenagers in middle or highschool, that has the ability to transform into the legendary warriors known as the Pretty Cure in order to fight against corrupted beings and evil forces that threaten the Earth and many different worlds. The franchise is rather known for its intense physical-combat action, being radically different from most shows in the Magical Girl genre. Each installment in the franchise has a unique theme with friendship and teamwork being a recurring message.

Power of the Verse

This verse, despite its appearance and nature, is surprisingly very powerful. It contains several characters who are Multi-Continent level and Planet level, with a few of them being Star level and Solar System level. Multiple of these character would later be Multi-Solar System level and one of the Cure teams sports a Galaxy level group attack. The series even has Universe level+ beings, featuring the Star Princesses who created the universe, villains who can erase the whole universe or nearly destroyed it, and the Queen of the Garden of Light, who maintained the universe's stability when it was about to collapse, despite being much weaker than the main antagonist, Dark King. The verse isn't lacking in speed either, usually sporting Massively Hypersonic and FTL attack speed and movement and holds several haxxed abilities such as Reality Warping, BFR, Age Manipulation, Empathic Manipulation, Space Manipulation, Time Travel, Time Manipulation, Dream Manipulation, Pocket Dimension Creation, and even the weakest characters can seal individuals.

The Pretty Cure themselves are also pretty powerful as they aren't your typical magical girls, being physical powerhouses and impressive close combatants, with the notable exception being the Cures from KiraKira☆Pretty Cure A La Mode, due to being over reliant on long-range attacks and incapable of hand-to-hand combat in comparison. Overall, it's an impressively strong verse that shouldn't be judged by its cover.



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