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By striking pressure points, Kenshiro can make his opponents explode violently


Pressure points are a concept in many Eastern martial arts, referring to special parts of the body that, when struck, can cause intense pain, paralysis, and potentially even death, among many other possible effects, some of which are more beneficial.

Possible Uses

  • Cause unbearable pain to the enemy
  • Paralyze the enemy (partially or completely)
  • Kill an enemy with one touch
  • Strengthen your own body (or your someone else's body)
  • Relieve fatigue (by yourself or with assistance from someone else)
  • Initiate or accelerate the healing of your body (or your someone else's body)


In traditional Chinese medicine, needles are used to affect specific points of the body. In fiction, knives, daggers, swords, etcetera, are also viable.



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