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How does it feel, Super Science Friends? To have the knowledge that there is more in the universe than your pitiful 'science' can explain?
~ Pope Pius

Pope Pius is one of the main antagonists of the Super Science Friends webseries, featured in episode 5. In an effort to renew faith and get more attendees to his church, he sets up a scheme to travel into the past and re-enact the events of Noah's Arc and The Flood, capturing animals and placing them into an Arc while taking pictures.

However, he is stopped by the Science Friends, who, with the help of Chruchill's artillery, kill him and somehow manage to kill God.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C, High 6-A through environmental destruction

Name: Pope Pius

Origin: Super Science Friends

Gender: Male

Age: Unknown

Classification: Human, Pope

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Holy Manipulation, Blessed, Empowerment (Receives strength from his prayers and God), Light Manipulation, Telekinesis (Stopped Darwin in place with a chant, lifting him into the sky), Electricity Manipulation, Weather Manipulation, Can Summon God, Water Manipulation (Caused a world-wide flood), Levitation, Time Travel with preparations, Acausality (Type 1. Unaffected by the radical changes in history he enacted)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Summoned massive lighting bolts from the sky and often clashes with Darwin. Can summon God or his arms to attack enemies. Should be superior to his subordinates, some of which could harm the Science Friends), Multi-Continent level through Environmental Destruction (Caused storms that covered the earth and flooded the planet within seconds)

Speed: Subsonic (Reacted to attacks from Darwin and the other Science Friends), Massively Hypersonic+ attack speed with lightning (Capable of generating cloud-to-ground lightning)

Lifting Strength: Regular Human physically, at least Class K with powers (Should be comparable to Darwin, who could drag out the HMS Beagle)

Striking Strength: Unknown (Isn't portrayed as particularly strong)

Durability: Large Building level (Unaffected by a blast of his own lightning he had summoned)

Stamina: Above Average. Wasn't tired with extensive use of his powers, even when summoning a flood and raising worldwide sea-levels. Although, an apple thrown by Einstein instantly crippled him

Range: Hundreds of meters with lightning and attacks from God, millions of kilometers with weather manipulation

Standard Equipment: None

Intelligence: Average

Weaknesses: If God is killed, he should lose his abilities. Presumably doesn't have access to much of his powers in the present day

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Prayers: By praying to God or quoting the Bible, the Pope is able to preform a number of miracles, such as causing the flooding of the Earth and resurrecting himself, as well as summoning either God or His fists. This also includes summoning beams of light to illuminate himself, bolts of lightning, and presumably the ability to travel through time if given enough preparations.


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