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Gotta Catch 'Em All!
~ Series' catchphrase

For detailed information about this series, visit Bulbapedia or the Pokémon Wiki.


Pokémon is a video game franchise owned by Nintendo and developed by Game Freak that made its first release on the Game Boy and has turned into one of the most successful video-game media franchises ever made by Nintendo. The series involves creatures of different types and elements fighting each other in a rock-paper-scissors-like fashion with the player trying to catch and train them. It became one of the world's most recognizable fads and it was popular enough to spawn an anime, toys, many movies, and a manga. It's the second best selling video game franchise, only surpassed by Mario Bros, and the highest-grossing media franchise of all time.

Power of the Verse

This series has cosmic Legendaries such as Giratina who is a Multiversal to Multiversal+ anti-matter manipulator, along with Dialga and Palkia, who have control over time and space respectively, or even Arceus, who's possibly Low Complex Multiversal and has created the whole Pokémon multiverse. The series also has the Weather Trio, who are responsible for shaping the main planet setting of the series. It consists of Groudon, who creates continents, Kyogre, who expands the sea, and Rayquaza, who is superior to both and ends the conflict between the two Pokémon. The Legendaries in this verse in general are usually very powerful either in terms of raw power such as Regigigas being able to tow continents or hax such as Xerneas being able to grant and control life and Hoopa's manipulation of hyperspace. Quite a few Legendary Pokémon are Planetary as well, and some even reach Galactic to High Universal levels of power. Many Pokémon, both Legendary and non-Legendary, are capable of using hax techniques in forms of moves, usually in form of Ghost and Psychic Types, and abilities such as intensifying gravity (Gravity) and attacking with mirages (Night Shade). Overall, it is a pretty powerful franchise.


  • Red tanks an explosion (0.00285 Tons - Wall level+)
  • Cleffa tanks meteor impacts (0.62 Tons - Building level)

  • Mantyke lifts a boulder (16,656.184 kg - Class 25)
  • Ryouga lifts a boulder (67,157.75 kg -Class 100)
  • Gible lifts a boulder (174,193.896 kg - Class K)
  • Brock's Happiny lifts a frozen lake (37489344.423 kg - Class M)
  • Meowstic rips apart a tanker (2866305430.8 kg - Class G)
  • Machamp moves mountains (8.193e+12 kg - Class T)
  • Groudon raises the continents (2.03751915e22 kg - Class Z)

  • Golem dodges Solar Beam (1.17c - FTL)
  • Lycanroc dodges Solar Beam (2.08c - FTL
  • Ash-Greninja dodges Signal Beam (6.78c - FTL)
  • Deoxys travels to Earth (9.862e5c - Massively FTL+)
  • Lunala travels through the Ultra Space (1.073e9c - Massively FTL+)

  • Brendan and May fall through a hole (814.23 Joules - Street level)

  • Chuck lifts his weight (298.671 kg - Peak Human)
  • Machoke lifts 18x his body weight (1,321.2 kg - Class 5)
  • Partner Pikachu's Strong Push (2,311 kg - Class 5)
  • Ash throws a log (4164.09 kg - Class 5)
  • Totodile lifts two boulders (11,632.5 kg - Class 25)
  • Snorlax stops a train (63,142.48 kg - Class 100)
  • Heracross's lifting strength (73,067.13 kg - Class 100)
  • Conkeldurr lifts a boulder (155,208 kg - Class K)
  • Slowking moves an island around (1228651000 kg - Class G)

  • Red and Blue Dash (10.04 m/s - Peak Human)
  • The ZERO-ONE flies to the edge of the atmosphere (291.54 Mach - Massively Hypersonic)
  • Poliwrath reacts to Doom Desire (0.248c - Relativistic)
  • Ash's Staraptor dodges Solar Beam (0.35c, Relativistic)
  • Empoleon blocks Mothim's signal beam (0.38c - Relativistic)

  • Notes

    • All of our Pokémon species profiles are "composite" versions of that species of Pokémon across all canon mediums, including the games, the anime, the manga, the Trading Card Game and spin-off games. Their power and abilities should reflect this. The only exceptions to this are Pokémon that are individual enough to warrant a profile separate from their species, such as Ash's Pikachu.
    • All of our Pokémon species profiles assume the Pokémon is wild, Level 100 with perfect IVs, and know every possible move and skill without being trained.
    • The Pokémon Profile Standards page details how we treat several shared elements of our Pokémon profiles, such as typings, Stamina, Intelligence, Evolution and more. Please make sure to read this page in full before creating or making substantial edits to the profiles.
    • The Pokémon Called Gods blog has explanations regarding our interpretations of Arceus and the Creation pokemon. Please make sure to read this before attempting to do any content revision threads regarding these profiles.






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