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Franklin Richards can create pocket universes.


Pocket reality manipulation is a power which revolves around manipulating and creating pocket realities.

Travel between realities is a sub-ability of it.

It should be noted that even if one possesses the first type, it doesn't mean he can't use the second one.

Very often various characters can achieve their full power only in their personal pocket realities, e.g. Hell-Lords from Marvel Comics are greatly weakened outside their pocket realities.


  • Altering the internal structure of the pocket reality - usually it means the user is able to control aspects of his/her pocket reality, like manipulating time, or warping reality. Most of the time, it's limited to the boundaries of the pocket reality.
  • Manipulating a pocket reality as the unit - basically controlling the pocket reality without being limited to boundaries, allowing user to shift, merge, cut and destroy pocket realities.


Pocket Reality Feats

Feats that involve the creation and manipulation of pocket realities are recurrently used to define a character's capacity to harm an opponent. In such cases, they are treated similarly to celestial body/creation feats.

However, before such feats can be considered valid, there must be conclusive evidence that the pocket reality in question was created by a certain character, and that they didn't simply transport other characters to one that existed previously.

If the Pocket Reality in question encompasses celestial bodies, gravitational binding energy is used. If there are multiple celestial bodies and space in between them, the inverse square law is used, assuming equivalent power to an explosion that would destroy the most distant celestial bodies within the pocket reality. If the pocket reality is of comparable size to a universe and has its own timeline, this would simply be a Low 2-C feat according to the tiering system.

In cases when a pocket reality encompasses areas smaller than celestial bodies, the attack potency is estimated from the size.

Naturally, case-by-case analysis has to be used, and these methods need not apply for every pocket reality feat. Outliers, inconsistencies, plot-induced stupidity, and similar should be considered as well.

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