Ambrose Chase 001

Ambrose Chase is able to manipulate the laws of physics within a limited area centered around him.


Physics Manipulation is the ability to distort, alter, and manipulate the laws of physics and the fundamental forces that govern natural phenomena in the universe (such as Velocity, Momentum, Inertia, and Nuclear Forces). As a result, one is able to replicate virtually every phenomenon possible in nature or through science and cancel it just as easily. This is a particularly rare ability in fiction and is often given limitations of some sort due to its sheer potency and versatility.

Possible Uses

Some applications include:

  • Elemental Manipulation: Users are able to replicate virtually every kind of phenomenon possible in the universe, including the creation and manipulation of elements such as fire, water, and air.
  • Energy Manipulation: Since the transfer of energy is governed by the laws of physics, it is only natural that users are able to manipulate the flow of energy of any kind for various purposes.
  • Matter Manipulation: By manipulating the forces that constitute matter, powerful Physics Manipulators are able to control matter at the sub-atomic level.
  • Reality Warping: Particularly powerful users can even create new laws of physics, effectively granting them a limited form of Reality Warping.
  • Ability to control and/or nullify any power based in the laws of physics and most natural phenomenon (i.e. manipulating drag to stop incoming attacks and friction to make it impossible for someone to move).


Some users include:

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