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The Lich manipulating the perception of the King of Ooo and Toronto to view creation before creation.


Perception Manipulation is the ability to manipulate one's very perception, allowing them to see, hear or even feel objects that aren't present or may not even exist. Likewise, the ability can be used to amplify one's own perception to greater levels. In many ways, the ability is analogous to Mind Manipulation and both powers can overlap.

Possible Uses

  • Vision Manipulation. The ability to manipulate the vision of your target, allowing them to see things that aren't going on. This is the most obvious and arguably powerful application of the power, as well as the most common. An example of this power would be to make the target believe they are doing something they're not. For example, making a character perceive that they were in a battle or even making them believe they saw a loved one die before their eyes.
  • Hearing Manipulation. The ability to manipulate what your target hears, whether it be music or voices. The difference between this and Sound Manipulation is that Sound Manipulation would allow multiple entities to hear the sound, while Hearing Manipulation is simply for a single entity.
  • Sensation Manipulation. The ability to manipulate what one feels and touches.
  • Perception Amplification. The ability to amplify ones perception, allowing them to see or hear much greater than average humans.


The most obvious limitation of the power is the fact that whatever they see isn't usually real and can't usually effect them (though some uses of this ability can in fact to do so). For example, manipulating the perception of an enemy to believe they were in the losing battle will not actually result in that.



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