As America withdraws it's troops to strengthen homeland defense, our own nation takes it's rightful pact to lead the world against terrorism. - Sun Meiying on BCTV


China rained as one of the major superpowers that ended up in the war against the GLA. It used heavy-handed tactics in the war and was a political and economic rival to the US. It is heavily based on the real-life China.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B (with nuclear weapons)

Civilization Type: Post-Industrial Civilization

Name: People's Republic of China

Origin: Command & Conquer, Generals universe

Classification: Socialist Single-Party Republic

Kardashev Level: Type 0

Age: About 64 years for current government (as of Generals).

Population: 1.3 billion

Territory: China

Technology/Abilities: Fire Manipulation with Dragon Tank, Inferno Cannon, and MiGs; EMP effects with ECM tank and Electro-magnetic pulse general's power; Hacking with Hacker's and Black Lotus

Attack Potency: City level with large nukes. Most normal forces arer are around Small Building to Large Building level with powerful units like tactical nukes being around City Block to Multi-City Block level.

Power Source: Most power is generated by nuclear power plants.

Industrial Capacity: Being the most heavily populated country on Earth with heavy nationalism acquisition of troops and military resources is not usually an issue.

Military Prowess: Has about 2.3 million troops.

Notable Individuals: Presumably has leadership similar to real-life China. General Shin Fai is known for having well trained and armed infantry and for preventing the Taiwan Conflict of 2009 from becoming a global war. General Ta Hun Kwai ia known for use of tank divisions. Tsing Shi Tao over-headed nuclear research and casually deployed nuclear weapons. General Leang is a mysterious high-ranking general that uses not only Chinese weapons but also weapons confiscated from USA and GLA. Lin Zhong was a senior intelligence officer.

Weaknesses: Dependent on power infrastructure and most members have normal human weaknesses.

Technology Breakdown:

  • Advanced Vehicles: China uses ground vehicles that use heavy firepower, especially tanks and artillery. Gatling guns are used for anti-infantry ordinance.
  • Nuclear Weapons: Makes heavy use of tactical nuclear weapon in Nuke Cannons and Thermonuclear Warheads from missile launch sites. Also makes use of neutron bombs to spread radioactive contamination. General Tsing Shi Tao is well known for using nuclear weapons.
  • Flame-based weapons: Makes used of napalm weapons in Dragon Tanks, Inferno Cannons, MiG jets, and Helix helicopters.
  • ECM tank and EMP Bomb: The Electronic Counter Measures Tank was used to disable enemy missiles and vehicles. The EMP Bomb was dropped by plane to disable vehicles and infrastructure in a designated area.
  • Hacking: China routinely employs to disrupt the enemy and to hack online accounts for resources. Black Lotus served as their most skilled hacker.
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