Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero is a Disney XD show created by Sam Levine and Jared Bush. It's a show about a kid named Penn Zero who every day after school leads his team of best friends Sashi Kobayashi, an overqualified part-time sidekick, and Boone Wiseman, an under qualified part-time wise man, as they zap to other dimensions to fill in for heroes in need and battle the evil part-time villain Rippen and his part-time minion Larry, who are also their art teacher and principal respectively. Whether superhero, fish-prince, clown cop, giant monster or tiny action-figure, Penn uses his unconventional heroic skills to save the day – his own way.

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Power of the Verse

The verse is difficult to pinpoint due to the way the universe's act and what characters and device's/weapons they have.

It has several weapons that can range from City busting with the Giant Whoopie Cushion to even Planet Busting with the alien ship from "Defending the Earth". Inbetween it you have the Monster Buster Bomb Launcher which can level an entire island, and the Massive Morphy Mech that has enough power to blow up a moon in half.

For the main characters themselves, they only have the power and strength of normal human beings. By traveling through the Multiverse using the Multi-Universe Transporter (or MUT for short), their stats varies depending on each dimension/universe they get zapped to. In one universe, they could be dragons that can fly, breath fireballs, and even bust walls (Sashi did this with ease while playing dart). In another, they could be Kaijus with Building level power. And yet in another one, they could even be Mechs that when merged all together can shoot down half of a moon (which would make them Multi-Continent level in order to be able to do the feat together). However, some dimensions/universes only puts them at normal human levels (though it's different for others as it literally varies depending on who and where they zap to).

All in all, the verse is still pretty strong despite the variable power setting it contains for each dimension, but with the upcoming season 2 starting this year, the verse is bound to get more feats and possible stronger characters and settings.

Supporters and Opponents of the verse






Main Characters

-Penn Zero

-Sashi Kobayashi

-Boone Wiseman



Inter-dimensional Characters

-Captain Super Captain


-Giant Old Lady


-Shirley B. Awesome

-Amber Briggs


-Monster Buster Bomb Launcher

-Giant Whoopie Cushion

-Massive Morphy Mech

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