Patry Black Clover


Dark Elf Patry Black Clover

Black Clover - Patry in Licht's Artificial Body

The victims were the strong. The targets of jealousy. Fear. Discrimination. Persecution. And theft!


Patry「パトリ Patori」is a reincarnated elf and the leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun. He inhabited the body of William Vangeance, the Captain of the Golden Dawn squad.

The day before his grimoire ceremony, the elves are betrayed and massacred by humans. Licht appears to casts a Reincarnation Magic spell on all of the other elves so they can inhabit a human body similar to them. 500 years later, Patry wakes up and finds he has been reincarnated into William Vangeance's body, a human who looks like Licht. He then planned to revive the other elves and destroy humanity, under the name of Licht.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-B, likely higher. Possibly Low 6-B when Unsealed | At least 7-B, likely far higher. Possibly Low 6-B when Unsealed | Low 6-B | Low 6-B | Low 6-B

Name: Patry

Origin: Black Clover

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Classification: Elf, Leader of the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Apostle of Sephirah

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Extrasensory Perception, Acrobatics, Aura (By releasing his mana, he can create an intense pressure in his surroundings), Blessed, Social Influencing (Can make people his servants by speech alone), Magic, Light Manipulation, Blessed, Supernatural Luck and Accelerated Development (Four Leaf Grimoire wielders are stated to wield "luck" and learn at faster pace. Patry eventually after having trouble was capable of hitting Julius), Weapon Creation, Skilled Swordsman and Whip user, Soul Manipulation with Reincarnation Magic (connected a soul to a collection of mana and inserts it into a living body), Danmaku, Flight, Teleportation, Memory Manipulation and Possession with the Evil Eye, Statistics Amplification and Healing, Can blind his opponents with light, Self-Destruction, Rage Power, Resistance to Heat Manipulation (Via Mana Skin) | Same as before | Same plus passive Forcefield Creation (His mana is so dense he can prevent spells with a small amount of Mana to hit him, let alone, be casted) | Same as before, Enhanced Rage Power, Unholy Manipulation (After his soul has been corrupted by the Word Devil, Patry is able to use Demon Light Magic which is a faster and corrupted version of Light Magic)

Attack Potency: At least City level, likely higher (Fought against Yami Sukehiro. Yami stated that he couldn't do anything against Patry's strongest spell, which was about to kill him). Possibly Small Country level when Unsealed (Patry releases all his Mana to create a powerful blast. However, doing so would be self-destruction because his body cannot support the amount of Mana.) | At least City level, likely far higher (Became stronger so his body can resist his unsealing spell). Possibly Small Country level when Unsealed (He has access to his full potential. Was able to slightly damage Julius Novachrono with his attacks) | Small Country level (Is as strong, if not stronger than when he was Unsealed as he is fully reincarnated. As one of the 10 Apostles of Sephirah, he should not be far weaker than Licht) | Small Country level (Even stronger than before enhanced by Zagred) | Small Country level (Is in Licht's artificial body)

Speed: FTL (Julius Novachrono stated that Patry's spells are able to outpace his own Time Magic.) | FTL | FTL | At least FTL (Even faster than before. Yuno, who easily dodged his normal Light Magic, couldn't dodge his Demon Light Magic) | FTL, higher with Demon Light Magic

Lifting Strength: Unknown. Can be augmented by Reinforcement Magic (Reinforcement Magic was stated by Tabata to increase the physical capabilities of the user even without much in the way of muscle) | Unknown | Unknown | Unknown | Superhuman

Striking Strength: At least City Class, likely higher (Should be comparable to Yami and other Captains) | At least City Class, likely far higher | Small Country Class | Small Country Class | Small Country Class

Durability: At least City level, likely higher (Took hits from Yami Sukehiro) | At least City level, likely far higher. Possibly Small Country level when Unsealed | Small Country level (Took hits from the Word Magic Devil) | Small Country level | Small Country level (Is in Licht's body)

Stamina: Very high. As an elf and an Apostle of Sephirah, Patry possesses a huge amount of mana. He has a seal placed on his mana, and the built-up power is enough to kill all of the humans in the Clover Kingdom.

Range: Hundreds of meters with his magic, Hundreds of Kilometers with his Arrows of Judgment

Standard Equipment: His Grimoire

Intelligence: Above Average, likely Gifted. Patry is a very charismatic, intelligent person and a talented battle tactician figuring out his opponent's moves. Four-Leaf Grimoire wielders are stated to be fast-learners, and Patry is one.

Weaknesses: Power can become unstable in William's Body when too much mana is being released in a head-on fight against someone as equally/more powerful.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Unnamed Light Movement Magic
  • Light Sword of Judgement
  • Heaven-Splitting Flash
  • Light Shaft of Divine Punishment
  • Arrow of Judgement
  • Healing Ray of Light
  • Bright Judgment Whip

Light Magic: Patry uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate light. He can use it to blind his opponents

  • Bright Judgment Whip: With an open grimoire, the user manifests a long whip of light, which extends from the user's hand and has unpredictable movements when swung. It has enough power and speed to destroy a cave in seconds.
    • Light Shaft of Divine Punishment: The user concentrates light between their hands until it builds into a large sphere. The light is released in a column of light too fast and wide-spread to avoid.
    • Light Sword of Judgment: The user creates multiple shards of light, with four lines going through each shard, that can be thrown at a target.
    • Heaven-Splitting Flash: The user creates multiple orbs of light and fires beams of light from them.
    • Arrows of Judgment: Patry's most powerful spell. The user releases their magic power in a sphere around themselves. As the sphere expands, it flattens out and is shaped into countless blades of light. Once complete, the blades rain down on and automatically target those below. It had enough power to cover the entire Clover Kingdom and kill all its citizens, only stopped by Julius Novachrono. The user can also take hold of a blade and use it for a close-range attack.

Reincarnation Magic: Patry uses this form of magic to revive souls of the dead in bodies of the living.

Union Magic: Patry combines his Light Magic with Drowa's Mirror Magic.

Dark Elf Form: After falling into despair, Patry transforms into a dark elf. Using this form vastly increases all of his abilities and grants him access to more malicious magic.

  • Demon Light Magic: As a dark elf, Patry uses this magic attribute to generate and manipulate black light. It is faster, stronger, and denser than his Light Magic and unlike Light Magic, Demon Light Magic can affect magic and spells from the underworld.

Key: William's Body (Against Yami) | William's body (Against Julius) | Elf Form | Dark Elf | Licht's Artificial Body



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