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~ Papyrus' usual boasting


Papyrus is Sans' younger brother and one of the two guards of Snowdin Village. Energetic, naive, and optimistic to a fault, he constantly attempts to capture Frisk in hopes of becoming a member of the Royal Guard and thus popular amongst the residents of the Underground. His brashness belies his incredible kindness, and he ultimately attempts to befriend Frisk on every route to varying degrees of success.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 9-B

Name: Papyrus the Skeleton, THE GREAT PAPYRUS (only referred to as this by himself)

Origin: Undertale

Gender: Male

Age: Likely in his teens to early 20s (Papyrus' username on Undernet is "COOLSKELETON95," which would make him between 15 and 25 due to the game taking place in the year 201X)

Classification: Monster, Skeleton, Professional(ly bad) chef, "Famous Member of the Royal Guard" (Note: Not yet a famous member of the Royal Guard), "All-Around Nice Guy"

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Inorganic Physiology (Every monster in the game is stated to be made of magic), Non-Physical Interaction (Magic is shown to be capable of harming ghosts, as shown in the Mad Dummy fight where magic attacks are the only way to harm him as opposed to physical attacks), Magic, Levitation, SOUL Manipulation (Can injure the SOUL through damaging the body with their regular attacks) and SOUL Absorption (If a monster defeats a human, they can take its SOUL) Gravity Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, Blue attacks, Danmaku, Large amount of willpower, Limited Power Sensing (Senses the Annoying Dog's power, even over the phone), Resistance to Cold, SOUL Manipulation (Can take SOUL attacks as physical ones) and Radiation Manipulation (Gamerblood Energy Drink, an energy drink containing radioactive waste, is considered a normal product in the Underground)

Attack Potency: Wall level (Stronger than many members of the Royal guard and is likely comparable to hotlands monsters such as Tsunderplane who scale to their own explosives. Has fought and trained with Undyne who acknowledges him as a physically powerful opponent), likely higher via the Special Attack (Papyrus states that Frisk would have been blown to bits if he had used his Special Attack), can bypass conventional durability via SOUL Magic

Speed: Transonic combat speed (Superior to the other Snowdin monsters and should be comparable to Greater Dog's attacks. Gave Undyne a considerably difficult fight during training)

Lifting Strength: Unknown

Striking Strength: Wall Class

Durability: Wall level (Papyrus has a defense value of 20, which should provide a large boost to his natural defenses)

Stamina: Relatively high, though he can tire rather quickly if he overexerts himself

Range: Tens of meters with bone attacks

Standard Equipment: His "battle body", a virtually inexhaustible amount of bones

Intelligence: At least Above Average, was trained by Undyne so much so that they ended up doing even the most trivial things such as practicing jumping out windows, can read and understand books made for smart peoplegoes through fighting scenarios in his spare time, knows enough about photoshop to make this image (mentioned in Hotland), and Undyne saw him fit to train Alphys. However, he can occasionally lack common sense such as when he mistook a rock for Frisk

Weaknesses: Too kindhearted to actually hurt anyone (Note that this puts the limitations of his given feats, especially in comparison to other monsters such as Undyne (She remarks that he is extremely strong, even by her standards, but wouldn't hurt a fly, hence why she keeps putting off his desire to join the Royal Guard) in perspective, as we've never seen Papyrus actually trying to KILL someone, merely capture them alive), Lacks common sense. If he's not determined to kill his foes, and is facing against a foe with a strong soul and has murderous intent, his defenses will weaken

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

  • Soul Manipulation: Blue Mode: Papyrus has the ability to turn his opponent's soul blue, a trait he shares with his brother. However, Papyrus seems to have less mastery over it, as he only seems to be able to ground his opponents and not control the direction of their movement or fling them around.
  • Bone Attacks: Papyrus will send numerous bones at his opponent in varying patterns and speeds. He will also often throw in unique structures and blue bones, which can only be avoided by remaining perfectly still.




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