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Owlboy is a story-driven platform adventure game released by D-Pad Studio on November 1, 2016. The game stars Otus, a young owl who was born mute and internally suffers due to this affliction, as he attempts to live up to the expectations of his master and the rest of the residents in his hometown of Vellie. However, when a band of sky pirates appears in search of ancient and powerful artifacts to help them conquer the skies, it's up to Otus and the friends he makes along the way in order to stop the pirates and uncover the mysteries of the Owls and the significance the ancient relics truly hold of their world of floating islands.

Power of the Verse

This universe is decent on power and light on hax. The majority of the cast caps out at Small Building level, while the users of the Ancient Owl Relics, such as Molstrom or Solus, can reach a staggering Town level, at the very least. As for hax, a couple of key characters can fly such as Otus or Solus, and Alphonse has Fire Manipulation, thanks to his shotgun.








Owlboy - Main Theme

Owlboy - Main Theme

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