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From left to right: Izumo Kaku, Kazami Chisato, Shinjou Sadagiri, Sayama Mikoto, Hiba Ryuuji, Hiba Mikage, Heo Thunderson, Dan Harakawa


Owari no Chronicle is part of the Kawakami-verse. It is currently the only novel playing in the AHEAD era, the chronologically second era of the verse and the earliest with translated novels. The synopsis is as follows:

The world once fought a war with ten other worlds that exist alongside ours. That war was known as the Concept War and sixty years have passed since it was won. It was all kept secret and time has passed to the present without the ordinary people knowing.

After the death of his grandfather, the high school student Sayama Mikoto is suddenly summoned by the giant corporation IAI. He learns this world is headed for destruction due to the acceleration of the Negative Concepts. To prevent this, negotiations must be undertaken with the survivors of the other parallel worlds so their ten concepts can be released.

And so Sayama is caught up in the final battle to clean up after the Concept War which left behind so much enmity.

~ Baka-Tsuki

Power of the Verse

Owari no Chronicle is a verse were humans on their own physically down exceed Wall level and Subsonic speed. With weapons the can reach up to Large Mountain or even Island level power and up to Hypersonic+ speed.

What's notable about the verse power wise is that all their supernatural techniques are centred around concepts. E.g. instead of a character having the ability to shoot laser beams, a character would have a concept, that they can via concept equipment apply to the world around them, which changes the world at a fundamental level so that they have the ability to shoot laser beams.

That has as consequence that many of the verses hax is difficult to resist or negate and that a clear cut mechanism is behind most hax.

The verse makes use of that by creating lots of varied and unique hax. Like for example, statistics amplification to infinite strength, mind control, making things someone write into reality, being unaffected by attacks the opponent expects to hit, giving things powers related to their names, reversing the effects of abilities, making it impossible to understand the world etc.







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