The world of men and of the gods of men is merely an infinitesimal phase of an infinitesimal thing—the three-dimensional phase of that small wholeness reached by the First Gate, where ’Umr at-Tawil dictates dreams to the Ancient Ones. Though men hail it as reality and brand thoughts of its many-dimensioned original as unreality, it is in truth the very opposite. That which we call substance and reality is shadow and illusion, and that which we call shadow and illusion is substance and reality.
~ Through the Gates of the Silver Key, H.P. Lovecraft

Outerverse is a term coined within this wiki to refer to any reality that transcends all concepts of dimensions.

In-Depth Explanation

For a more in-depth analysis, outerversal realities are those whose nature is conceptually different from time and space (of any size and complexity), that is, they are completely transcendental in relation to physics. They can be described as a meta-abstraction (formless, intangible reality), which makes them completely non-physical in relation to any higher dimensional reality. An outerverse can be the "background" for a dimensional reality of any size and complexity.

An outerverse can also be in line with the concept of "Beyond Reality" in which its nature is not only different, but also conceptually superior to the concept of dimension as some formless, transcendental realm, that is, even an infinite-dimensional hyperverse would be nonexistent in comparison to them, regardless if the setting of a verse is infinite-dimensional or not. What this means is, if a setting is for example, 14-dimensional, but a world outside of it is described as being conceptually superior to all forms of space-time, the realm qualifies as an outerverse.

In fact, to truly qualify for this term, the definition or application of a given cosmological structure must be very specific. Being beyond infinite-dimensional structures is not enough to qualify as an outerverse. Furthermore an outerverse is typically inexplicable, with no current scientific theories explaining exactly what a beyond-dimensional structure is. These realities can also lack any form of binary concepts altogether, so any portrayal of an "outerverse" is strictly an artistic vision.

Note 1:

Outerverse is not our equivalent to the term Omniverse and it is incorrect to consider mentions of omniverses or "the Omniverse" as outerversal/"1-A" or higher tiers.

Note 2:

A transcendent reality such as a mental or spiritual realm are not to be considered as synonomous with the outerverse term. These realms are likely "side-by-side" with any dimensional reality still existing within dimensional space, just not within its normal space. Simply put, there can be transcendent realms of space and time, but these are by no means outerverses unless explicity shown to be indescribably beyond any dimensional structure.

Note 3:

A zero-dimensional singularity may be non-dimensional, but is still part of the concept of a dimension, therefore they are not outerversal in any form and are qualitatively inferior.

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