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One Punch Man follows the life of an average hero who manages to win all of his battles with only one punch! This ends up being the cause of a lot of frustration as he no longer feels the thrill and adrenaline of fighting a tough battle. Maybe all of his rigorous training to become strong wasn't worth it. After all, what's so good about having overwhelming power?

Power of the Verse

One Punch Man is a fairly strong verse. The weakest characters, mainly C-Class, B-Class and A-Class heroes, as well as Threat level Wolf, Tiger and weakest Demon Monsters , are mostly in Tier 9 to Tier 8. The most relevant characters are around Tier 7, ranging from Small Town level to Mountain level+. Even stronger fighters are easily at Tier 6, with characters such as Lord Boros even claimed that he would have destroyed the earth's surface in the manga, which the manga guide supported, as well as characters such as Psykorochi easily accomplishing feats such as this. A good number of Heroes/Monsters are also High Hypersonic to Massively Hypersonic with the top-class Heroes/Monsters being Massively Hypersonic+ to Relativistic. Also, the divine layer, where they climb to Relativistic+ to FTL.

Calculations and Feats

  • Fubuki lifts rock - 67,028.28 kg (Class 100)
  • Tank Top Master lifts and shoots a large rubble - 126,672 kg (Class K)
  • Garou spins a tree - 434,294.66 kg (Class K)
  • Bang lifts a huge rock - 4.305340e+6 kg (Class M)
  • Hammerhead's physical strength - 2.80064024e+6 kg (Class M)
  • Suiryu raises half the arena - 7.635832e+6 kg (Class M)
  • Phoenix Man throws an iceberg - 1.9667495e+7 kg (Class M)
  • Gearsper throws rocks at Nyan - 8.82908256e+8 kg (Class M)
  • Tank Top Master intercepts a robot - 4.03981e+9 kg (Class G)
  • Psykos crushes concrete - 9.352645660e+9 kg (Class G)
  • Tank Top Master shoots building - 1.45213608069e+10 kg (Class G)
  • Tatsumaki and Psykorochi create a huge storm - 2.7557296e+13 kg (Class T)
  • Tatsumaki lifts a huge pillar - 3.5676012e+13 kg (Class T)
  • Weight of the ship Boros - 1.60899704e+14 kg (Class T)
  • Tatsumaki lifts several rocks - 1.15558624e+16 kg (Class P)
  • Orochi moves layers of the Earth's outer core- 1.8434144e+21 kg kg (Class Z)

  • Dave makes a big crater - 0.05331 Tons of TNT (Small Building level)
  • Sky Folk bombard a building - 10.88 to 34.98 Tons of TNT (City Block level)
  • Hundred-Eyes Octopus AP - 1.285.5 Kilotons of TNT (Small Town level)
  • Gearsper throws rocks at Nyan - 1 Kiloton of TNT (Small Town level)
  • Genos blows up the House of Evolution - 156.75 Kilotons of TNT (Large Town level)
  • Genos created a large explosion with Spiral Incineration Cannon - 681 Kilotons of TNT (Large Town level+)
  • Genos' Jet Drive Arrow - 1.22 Megatons of TNT (Small City level)
  • Jet Psykos’ beams cause explosions - 1.49 Megatons of TNT (Small City level)
  • Gouketsu Splits Clouds - 715.8 Megatons of TNT (Mountain level+)
  • Tatsumaki and Psykorochi create a huge storm - 16.5 Gigatons of TNT (Island level)
  • Geryuganshoop AP - 31.8 Gigatons of TNT (Island level)
  • Tatsumaki throws a spear - 70.2 Gigatons of TNT (Island level)
  • Orochi's Seismic Wave - 253.3 Gigatons of TNT (Large Island level)
  • Tatsumaki showing a hint of her true power - 3.99 Teratons of TNT (Small Country level)
  • Lord Boros' Ship AP - 4.68 Teratons of TNT (Small Country level+)
  • Meteor destroys City-Z - 10 Teratons of TNT (Country level)
  • Saitama destroys z-city meteor - 200 Teratons of TNT (Large Country level)
  • Impact Energy with Boros' Ship - 883.93 Teratons of TNT (Continent level)
  • Saitama jumping from the Moon - 1.61 Petatons of TNT (Continent level)
  • Saitama's Moon Shockwave - 23.8 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)
  • Psykos' God Blast - 254 Petatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)
  • Orochi distorts the Earth's outer core - 2.42 Exatons (Multi-Continent level)
  • Saitama's Serious Punch - 2.51 Exatons of TNT (Multi-Continent level)

  • Iaian’s speed - Mach 42.3 (High Hypersonic)
  • Garou reacts to a water jet - Mach 560 (Massively Hypersonic)
  • Atomic Slash (アトミック斬, Atomikku Zan) - Mach 3550 (Massively Hypersonic+)
  • Psykos-Orochi Fusion energy beams' speed - Mach 7278 (Massively Hypersonic+)
  • Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame moving with frozen explosion - 0.15c (Relativistic)
  • Flashy Flash blitzed Gale Wind and Hellfire Flame - 0.55c (Relativistic+)
  • Boros's energy aura - 0.90c (Relativistic+)
  • Super Speedy Ship - 1.94c (FTL)
  • Saitama playing with stones - 4.35c (FTL)

  • Supporters/Opponents/Neutral






    Blast Sticker.jpg TornadoStickerVitEdit1.png Bang sticker by shardraldevius-d9hj5ue.png Atomic samurai sticker by shardraldevius-d9l3fte.png Child Emperor Sticker.jpg Bofoystag.png King Sticker.jpg Zombieman sticker by shardraldevius-d9l3g04.png Drive Knight Sticker.jpg Pig God Sticker.jpg Darkshine Sticker.jpg Watchdog Man Sticker.jpg Flashy Sticker.jpg Genos sticker by shardraldevius-d9haccp.png Metal bat sticker by shardraldevius-d9hj5c2.png Tanktop Master Sticker.jpg V2-2.png


    Sweet mask sticker by shardraldevius-d9l3l1f-0.png Iaian tag.png OPMSticker Okamaitachi.png OPMSticker Bushidrill.png Heavy Tank Fundoshi Sticker.png Magic Trick Man Sticker.jpg Death Gattling Sticker.png Stinger Sticker.jpg OPMSticker TwinTail.png Great Philosopher Sticker.png OPMSticker OneShotter.png Golden Ball Sticker.png Spring Mustacio Sticker.png OPMSticker Narcisstoic.png OPMSticker ShadowRing.png OPMSticker Feather.png OPMSticker ChainNToad.png SaitamaStickerVitEdit3.png


    BlizzardStickerVitEdit1.png Lily Sticker.jpg Screen Shot 2018-09-06 at 3.19.01 PM.png DarknessBladeSticker.png OPMSticker NeedleStar.png Screen Shot 2018-12-24 at 8.03.50 PM.png


    Mumen rider licenseless rider sticker by shardraldevius-d9ihwgg.png Tanktop Tiger Sticker.jpg


    Dragon or Above Level

    Lord boros sticker by shardraldevius-d9l3i6o-0.png Orochi sticker.png

    Dragon Level

    Garou Sticker.jpg Pyskos Tag.jpg Vaccine man sticker by shardraldevius-d9hj60m.png Beefcake sticker by shardraldevius-d9jrb7h.png Pluton Sticker.png Carnage kabuto sticker by shardraldevius-d9j7qm9.png Geryuganshoop Sticker.png Melzalgald Sticker.jpg Groribas Sticker.png Bakuzan Sticker.jpg Ogon Sticker.jpg Overgrown Rover Tag.jpg Gouketsu Tag.jpg Elder centipede sticker.png Homeless Emperor Sticker.jpg ENC Sticker.jpg Nyanprofile.png Fuhrer Ugly Sticker.png Gums Sticker.jpg PhoenixManProfile.png MeteorProfile.png

    Demon Level

    Awakened Cockroach Sticker.png Bug-god4.jpg PurebloodProfile.png Royal Ripper Sticker.jpg Sea king sticker by shardraldevius-d9jod0u.png SkyTag.jpg Beast King Sticker.png ArmoredGorillalogo.png MosquitoVitEdit1-0.png G4 Sticker.jpg G5 Sticker.png TOVuD1581211662.jpg Do-s sticker.png VacuumaTag.png VBAih1581213056.jpg DLH Sticker.png Grizzly Nyah Sticker.jpg Hundred Sticker.jpg 170k.png SuperMouseSticker.png Scaledon Sticker.png Plum Sticker.png Jumping Spider Sticker.png Demonic Fan Sticker.png

    Tiger Level

    Crabrante Sticker.jpg Personification of a Light Pull Cord Sticker.jpg MarshalGorillaSticker.png ECM-Sticker.png

    Wolf Level

    MessengerProfile.png Piggy tv.jpg TongueTag.png

    Unknown Level

    Choze Tag.png Witwit.jpg Ancientkinglogo.png GE5TQ1581210167.jpg


    God Sticker.png Bomb Sticker.png Suiryu Tag.jpg SonicStickerVitEdit2.png Accel Sticker.jpg Raiden Sticker.png Hammerhead sticker by shardraldevius-d9jwm0z.png Sourfacelogo.jpg Linlin.png Himiko Natsuno Sticker.jpg Daichi Oogami Sticker.gif





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