Summary of the Verse

Nuclear Throne is a post-apocalyptic roguelike-like top-down shooter created by Vlambeer . In said game you play as your pick from a cast of mutants as they fight through the world picking up radiation to mutate and become stronger. The end goal of the game is to make it to the Nuclear Throne.

Power of the Verse

In the beginning most of the playable cast are in the higher-end of Building level in terms power and durability, but as the game goes on they gain stronger weaponry and gain mutations that allow them to use abilities such as statistical amps, becoming resistant to explosives, enhanced senses, etc. Most common enemies will wield guns and other weaponry, with their destructive potential increasing as the game progresses, though most remaining Building level. The bosses have greater durability and power and reach Large Building level with the entire cast of characters being able to match them. The Throne itself reaches the peak height of City Block level in terms of durability and AP with only three other characters in the verse being comparable. Most Bosses rely on Danmaku to overwhelm the opponent, along with the occasional summoning of minions, while very few outside the stronger bosses having some form of hax, though when used can range from Dimensional Travel, Spatial Manipulation, to Reality Warping.


Energy Required to Destroy Wall Tiles. Gives the entire cast their AP & Durability.

How Fast does the Cast Travel. Gives the entire cast their Travel Speed.

How Fast do the Guns Fire. Gives a rough estimate of how fast each weapon type fires at, therefore gives the cast their Attack Speed based on the gun used.

How Fast Can They Swing the Wrench. Gives the entire cast their Combat Speed rating.

Supporters and Opponents of the Series





Pre-Loop Bosses

- Big Bandit

- Big Dog

- Lil' Hunter

- The Nuclear Throne

Loop Exclusive Bosses

- Captain

- Hyper Crystal

- Mom

- Technomancer

The Mutants

- Chicken

- Crystal

- Eyes

- Fish

- Horror

- Melting

- Plant

- Rebel

- Robot

- Rogue

- Steroids

- Yung Venuz

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