Nono DB
Nono i That's because I want to be like Nono-Riri!
~ Nono


Bustermachine-7 0001
BM7 i Surely, a true Buster Machine pilot...a real Nono-Riri...has a Buster Machine inside their heart!
~ Buster Machine #7

Diebuster i DIEBUSTER!
~ Diebuster

I, Nono, will give you my own singularity, Oné-sama. That's because!



Nono (ノノ) is the main character of Top o Nerae 2!: Diebuster. Her goal in life is to become a great space pilot like her hero, Nono-Riri.[1]

In order to one day realize her dream of becoming a space pilot, this young girl left her home in a lonely, snowbound village and made her way on her own to the big city. She has a bubbly personality and is very optimistic. On top of being naive, she's extremely klutzy, but isn't fazed by occasional failures. She meets Lal'C, a real-life "Topless" space pilot, and one-sidedly adores her as "Oné-sama". Nono works hard every day adhering to "hard work and guts", to bring her closer to the person she adores.

Nono has continually desired her own Buster Machine, but her true form is that of a Buster Machine, wearing a space uniform. Her full name is Earth Imperial Space Force Sol System Close Coverage Squadron Direct Attachment Sixth-Generation Interstellar Cruise Ultimate Weapon, Buster Machine #7. Created to be the autonomous artificial intelligence unit to serve as the central terminal of the Buster Legion, and the pivot of the Sol System defenses. Around her neck is wound the muffler given by Oné-sama.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 5-B | Unknown | At least 4-C, likely 4-B to higher with Inazuma Double Kick | 4-B | Low 2-C

Name: Nono | Terran Imperial Space Fleet Solar System Assistance Battalion Attache Sixth Generation Interstellar Cruising Decisive Weapon, Buster Machine No. 7, "Queen of the Space Monsters", "Goddess of the Sol System" | Earth Imperial Space Force Sol System Absolute Defense Ultra-Gigantic Humanoid Ultimate Weapon, Diebuster

Origin: Diebuster

Gender: Female

Age: At least 11,000 years old (17 in appearance)

Height: 172 cm (180 cm including ahoge)

Weight: 49 kg | Unknown

Classification: Robot/Gynoid | Sixth Generation Interstellar Cruising Decisive Weapon, Buster Machine, Defender of the Solar System

Affiliation: Earth Imperial Space Force → The Fraternity

Powers and Abilities:

All from before plus Physics Negation, Logic Defiance (can do things that are not "allowed" in the universe), Reality Warping, Energy Manipulation and Absorption, Self-Sustenance (Types 1, 2 & 3), Summoning (Ability to control the [fake] Space Monsters for attack or gather up to form the planet-sized Diebuster mecha), Laser Attacks, Teleportation via warp travel, Forcefield Creation, Matter Manipulation, Energy Projection (also equipped with heat ray emission), Black Hole Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation (and modify its own weight), Flight, Spatial Manipulation, Can BFR or erase attacks into an unknown dimension, Existence Erasure (Can "Rewrite" an enemy or object's physical properties, effectively erasing them from existence[2]), Danmaku, Homing Attack, Can open up wormholes to absorb opposing attacks or to traverse large distances in a short time; aka FTL, Subspace Travel, Time Travel (Conventionally via time dilation, and theoretically or possibly do so unconventionally), Planet and Planetary System Destruction (can bust the solar system with the runaway degeneracy chain effects), Electricity Generation (Can also incapacitate her opponents with the Buster Legion), Space-Time Manipulation (Can also simulate FTL movement with the Tannhauser phenomenon), Sealing, Creation via Quantity Manipulation, Aura, Inertia and Durability Negation, Nebula Manipulation (via Buster Legion), Aether Shockwave Generation and Absorption, Engine Protrusion, Implosion Inducement via Black Holes (can collapse celestial objects), Spinning Attack (along with Lal'C), minor Causality Manipulation (5th generation ships reconciles/repairs causality at the quantum scale), Dimensional Travel (Can warp to a higher dimensional space), Inner Power (can realize the inner power and strength within via "Hard Work and Guts"), Resistance to: Radiation Manipulation, Magnetism Manipulation, Matter Manipulation, Physics Manipulation, Gravity Manipulation, Energy Manipulation, Technology Manipulation, Hacking, BFR, Absorption, Pressure and Black Hole Manipulation (can split black holes)

All of previous plus Weapon Transformation, Large Size (Type 5), Regeneration (Low-High relatively [can repair damage by reconstructing the body], higher overtime), possible Self-Destruction (via runaway degeneracy chain reaction)

Attack Potency: At least Planet level (Created a Degeneracy Generator[3]), can ignore conventional durability via micro black holes | Unknown (Counterpart to the RX-7 machines in Top o Nerae! and her support container also contains various sets of nuclear warheads) | At least Star level (Re-wrote the surrounding physical space, and generated a series of micro black holes to seal Black Hole Exelio[4]), likely Solar System level[note 1] (Can induce a star system-scale runaway degeneracy effect[5]) to higher with Inazuma Double Kick (With the help of Lal'C, have vaporized Exelio Variable Gravity Well and split the event horizon of the Black Hole Exelio[6]), can ignore conventional durability via micro black holes and other ways | Solar System level (Power is 12,000 times that of a normal Buster Beam[7], the combat power is overwhelmingly enough to surpass the full strength of the Galactic Core Assault Fleet including the old-generation Buster Machine, yet should still be inferior to the output to the previous generation machine, Great Gunbuster. Potentially higher if completed as originally it was supposed to use Black Hole Exelio as the main power source and superior to Great Gunbuster) | Universe level+ (Prevented the formation of a new Big Bang[8][note 2] and transcended beyond time itself[9])

Speed: Superhuman, Massively FTL+ via teleportation (Warped from Pluto to Titan to save her friend Lal'C[10]) | Unknown | At least Relativistic+, likely higher (Can interact with and move in black holes). Massively FTL+ via warp | At least Relativistic+, possibly higher. Massively FTL+ while traveling through wormholes | Omnipresent

Lifting Strength: At least Class Y (Held a Black Hole much heavier than Earth within her hands, without any visible effort[11]) | Unknown | At least Class Y (Should be at least equal to before. Caused the split half of Titan to move at massively hypersonic+ speeds with her Buster Beam[12]) | Class Y to Stellar (Halted the momentum of Douze-Mille moving at relativistic speeds[13]), potentially higher | Immeasurable (Casually held the Big Bang with only one hand[14])

Striking Strength: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown.[note 3] At least Solar System Class with Inazuma Double Kick (Performed the Inazuma Double Kick[15]) | Solar System Class | Universal+

Durability: Unknown | Unknown | Unknown. At least Solar System level (Withstood own recoil from the Inazuma Double Kick[16]), absorption/attack warp-out makes her difficult to kill | Solar System level (Directly tanked its own buster beam attack[17], potentially higher if it is completed) | Universe level+ (Beyond space and time by WoG[7])

Stamina: Has a Black Hole Generator (Degeneracy Reactor) and physics-defying Reality Engine that supplies Nono with virtually limitless energy | Limitless

Range: Standard melee range, interplanetary with Buster Legion | Unknown, likely hundreds of kilometres | Interplanetary with Buster Legion, galactic via teleportation | Same | Universal+

Intelligence: Above average; Despite her usual idiocy, she takes to learning the controls to a Buster Machine incredibly quickly, but have damaged memory pre-awakened | Created to be the autonomous artificial intelligence unit to serve as the central terminal of the Buster Legion, and the pivot of the Sol System defenses. Beastron-class have high intelligence and have the ability to think and strategize on coordinating and engaging in duties.

Standard Tactics: Unknown, varies depending on the situation, though she is subconsciously trying to emulate Noriko's behavior. One of her signature moves is the Inazuma Kick, Buster Beams and Hard Work and Guts -- the force of pure emotional energy, motivation, will and dedication to one's cause. However, she is not one to kamikaze her way to victory unlike those of her predecessors. Opting to surpass limits, and more Hard Work and Guts with the help of her BFF.

Weaknesses: Unaware of her powers at first pre-awakened, very naive and clumsy | Fodder mecha | Unknown | Incomplete, which may cause performance degradation | None notable

Standard Equipment

  • Degeneracy Generator
  • Physical Reactor
01dc71a3552004f66706452d36b5c94c15da6bc1 s2 n1
  • When the glittering cross-shaped stars in her eyes change into the mark of the Earth Imperial Space Force, Nono's body is surrounded in light.
  • Ahoge: Her hair color changes from pink to flame-like red. Her hair on top becomes an antenna which gives orders to the Buster Legion.
  • Degeneracy Generator 「縮退炉しゅくたいろ」: No. 7 does not have a degeneracy generator inside it. However, in order to move (warp) at super light speed, a degeneracy generator is necessary. So, if necessary, she will create it. With this, No. 7 can move freely and instantly to any location. In Pluto, she created a degeneracy generator (black hole) in the palm of her hand, and in the case of long distance warp she will create a larger degeneracy generator.
  • Physical Reactor 「フィジカルリアクター」: In the back of her hands and chest a physical reactor is mounted, capable of twisting the laws of nature.[18] Inside the lens, shutter-style light glitters in the three primary colors.
  • 24 x Missile Silo Back Booster 「バスターミサイル」: Includes Buster Missiles loaded into the eight silos within the leg components.[2]
  • 2 x Leg Booster: Has heat-release vents on the back of her legs.
  • Muffler 「マフラー」: Around her neck is wound the muffler given by Oné-sama.
Optional Equipment:
Jupiter 2 remaining core

Jupiter 2 Remaining Core

  • Jupiter 2 Remaining Core 「雷王星らいおうせい 残存中心核ざんそんちゅうしんかく」: The Core of the leftover remains of the thirteenth planet of the Sol System Jupiter 2 eaten up by Black Hole Exelio. It can be used by igniting a series of micro black holes inside it, triggering a degeneracy chain and cause an ultragravitational collapse.

- Military-use mobile machine weapons. Uses hand-held arms such as grenade launchers. Useless against the large scale threats that Buster Machines are made to counter, these standard-use units serve as basic defense models for the Space Patrol and in a support capacity for the Fraternity. Leg components have also been changed for space use.

Bnn 0604 06


Bnn 0509 07

Support Container

  • Machine Cannon: Armament that is fixed to the left side of the head, but various firearms can be used as options.
  • Grenade Launcher: Launches explosive grenades.
  • Sasumata Collider: An electrified lance similar to the use of the RX-7 lightning staff for melee combat.
  • Machine Gun: Hand-held machine gun.[19]
  • Net Launcher: Launches capturing net.
  • Spatial Mines: Part of an electrical energy net used to stop the Jupiter Express of space monsters.
  • Support Container (Machine Weapon-Exclusive): A container transport machine that has various sets of warhead types available.
  • Beacon locator: A device that can locate beacon signals.
  • Other weapons

- The Earth Imperial Space Force―Sol System absolute defense-use super large humanoid ultimate battle weapon. A composite body exceeding 10,000 km in total length, made from the countless space monsters that formed the Red Milky Way―the Sol System Absolute Defense System. Equipped with many assault weapons, such as the Buster Beam and Buster Collider. Its special attack is the Ultra Lightning Kick. By reconstructing the body it can repair damage.

  • Hachimaki
  • Buster Collider lances
  • Buster Beam cannons
  • Black Hole Exelio
  • Degeneracy Generator 「縮退炉しゅくたいろ」: Inside the body styled after the legendary hero are countless degeneracy generators and #7's physical reactor. In order to maintain her planet-sized body, it is also equipped with a Roche canceller.
  • Roche Canceller: Develops the gravity operation wall to prevent tidal destruction at the Roche limit.
  • Buster Beam 「バスタービーム」: Both arms transform and giant Buster Beam cannons appear. Their power is 12,000 times that of a normal Buster Beam.[7]
  • A white hachimaki鉢巻はちまき」 headband is wrapped around her flame-like red hair. A determined will is shown by Buster Machine #7, created by the technology of the Old Imperial Space Forces. (After the disappearance of the Red Milky Way, the legendary ruins cluster was found.)
  • Buster Collider 「バスターコレダー」: The certain death electric attack Buster Collider. The countless lances that extend from its legs thrust into the fluctuating gravity well.
  • Black Hole Exelio 「ブラックホールエグゼリオBURAKKU HOORU EGUZERIO: A supermassive black hole 80 AU in diameter created by the reactor of Exelion, now deprived of its use by Exelio Variable Gravity Well.

Singularity exelio

Singularity Exelio

  • Singularity Exelio: The naked singularity of Black Hole Exelio that has been exposed by deleting part of the event horizon.

Can Summon/Control:
Buster Legion

Bnn 0503 img11

Twin Tail-class

Reconnaissance type Buster Corps bug-like space monster 40 m in length disguising itself as a meteorite on the inner Martian surface. It has four long legs and a bellows-like thick abdomen, making the whole impression feel the insect-like nuance. Its aim is thought to be the retrieval of its queen (Nono). It fired a buster beam in the battle with Dix-Neuf.[20] Powers include flight, moving at speeds rivaling light, swimming, spear legs ideal for jumping and impaling, and tail lasers. The name is derived from the kaiju Twin Tail in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

Bnn 0510 08


Transport type Buster Corps large space monster (Twin Tail-class mother ship) that appeared in the space around Mars, with a total length of 1,500 m, that collect Tail Types. It can move at high speed, and can warp by itself. Its aim is thought to be the retrieval of the small space monsters that landed on Mars in Episode 1. There is also a younger brother type Ghostron-class with slightly different specifications. Powers include flight, moving at speeds rivaling light, using their body as a giant battering ram, energy blasts from the eyes, and launchable back spikes. The name is derived from Arstron from the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

A younger brother type Buster Legion to the Beastron-class with slightly different specifications. The name is derived from the kaiju Ghostron in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

Dcfc1303526038a891a80e8c753047c2cb142450 s2 n1

Jupiter Express

Scout type Buster Corps bugs of a group of high-speed maneuverability-type space monsters, comprising more than a couple of thousand units, and making an almost 90-day migratory day cycle on an elliptical trajectory that brushes past Jupiter and regularly interfering with the Major Airways route, and fights in groups. Official name is "Group 51-β-7062". Its purpose is to monitor and respond to the Titan Fluctuating Gravity Well. When cruising, in order to reduce the resistance of ether flow, it is covered with soft nano-material, but when assuming battle mode, it is deformed so that the leather is rolled up to expose a strong spear-like angle of attack and rush to attack. Powers include flight, moving at speeds rivaling light, and morphing their body into a spear that can emit electric shocks upon contact. The name is derived from the kaiju Zagoras in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

Bnn 0601 08


An assault type class specializes in kamikazi attacks with a total length of 20 meters with double corners. It stores a lot of missiles in the body. A photon missile attack from the long range is taken as a basic tactic, but it is also possible to use a single ship to deeply slash enemy teams and to eliminate them with clusters of bombs. There are also the type of bombs in the missile that dissolves the flesh of the variable gravity source. The name is derived from the kaiju Oxter in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

Buster Corps with a total length of 150 meters, shaped like a hexagon. Having a strong defensive armor, its mandate is to prevent attacks against the mother ship. Multiple craft gather to form walls and armored parts. Explosions and direct attacks are absorbed by the armor, and optical weapons can be diffused and reflected. In Diebuster form, the craft becomes the armor of important parts. Moreover, it has a slight payload in the body, it can be disguised as a Pararagon-class etc. by stacking a spare degeneration generator there and attaching a tentacle or an angle of attack to the exterior. Therefore, it has "disguise monster" as another name. The name is derived from the Alien Babarue in the Ultra Series Ultraman Leo.

5478facf9f8552750caabae18d39c5e77b31b486 s2 n1


Infantry type Buster Corps bugs and the types Buster Machine uses during combat. It is Buster Machine #7 (Nono)'s Rolling Stone. It became a shield of a damaged buster machine, and also carried out recovery work etc. Like the Beagon-class, it can also do a Collider attack. It is the class, which had been stopped in battle with the Exelio Variable Gravity Well, that transplanted its degenerate generator to Dix-Neuf. If you look closely at its eyes, it has the same camera eye as the Gunbuster and Sizzler. Powers include flight, moving at speeds rivaling light, using their body for ram attacks and rear tentacles that emit electric shocks upon contact. The name is derived from the kaiju Paragon in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

Bnn 0601 10


Evolved versions of Pararagon Types, a class with a total length of 10 to 300 m and of various sizes (for that reason, it became the origin of the misunderstanding that "the space monster grows"). Looking from the front it has a star shape. When the degeneracy furnace is operated at full power, the tip part glows red and hardens, specializing in attacking enemies with a Collider attack.[20] It is the main force of the Buster Corps. Powers include flight, moving at speeds rivaling light, and morphing their flat bodies into spears to impale enemies while still maintaining electric shock capabilities. The name is derived from the kaiju Beacon in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

6efa02ee75a7970fc058603f4bff440174aaaa00 s2 n1


A large Buster Corps that will rarely appear in normal battle. It usually protects the nest of Buster Corps. Boasting a gigantic prowess of 5,500 meters in length, it functions as a mother ship of Buster Corps and repairs it internally. The body can absorb interstellar matter and can convert it into energy and material inside. Even after coalescing to Diebuster, some individuals were in a straight-line manner in this form. The name is derived from the kaiju Bemstar in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

A class of Buster Legion space monsters specialized in defense capable of deploying a gravity operation wall with an ultra-high output Roche canceller. The full length is the maximum 8,000 m in Buster Corps. The Buster Corps that's able to re-write physics and seal away the variable gravity source overflowing from the Black Hole Excelio. The name is derived from the kaiju Silver Bloome in the Ultra Series Ultraman Leo.

A class of Buster Legion with beam cannon like gigantic eyeball, derived from the demon Alien Akumania in the Ultra Series Ultraman Leo.

A class of Buster Legion with heavy armor's premature grade, derived from the creature Pris-Ma in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

A class of Buster Legion with big and brutal single - horned beaking grade, derived from the kaiju Black King in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.

A small class of Buster Legion with sawtooth grill grade, derived from the kaiju Nokogilin in the Ultra Series Return of Ultraman.



















Notable Attacks/Techniques

  • Inazuma Kick
  • Buster Missile
  • Buster Beam
  • Buster Beam Slash
  • Ultra Inazuma Kick + Buster Collider
  • Diebuster Beam
  • Inazuma Double Kick
  • Inazuma Kick 「イナズマキックINAZUMA KIKKU: In the traditional fashion of the first Top o Nerae! series, Nono boosts up into the air with crackling lightning and descends down upon her opponent with a powerful kick. In Buster Machine form panels of jet boosters extend from her legs can be used for additional acceleration. In Diebuster form, this can be followed up with an electric attack Buster Collider.
  • Warp 「ワープWAAPU: By changing physical laws with pure mathematics, #7 creates a degeneracy effect in space, instantly appearing to any location.
  • Transformation: When the glittering cross-shaped stars in her eyes change into the mark of the Earth Imperial Space Force, Nono's body is surrounded in light by re-writing the surrounding aether generating Clefshin Luminescence.

Nono.(Gunbuster).full.374981 Buster Machine Form: The last Buster Machine of the same generation manufactured during the golden age of the Earth Empire, the true form of Nono. An autonomous artificial intelligence body that takes over command and control of the Buster Corps, based on the concept of ultra-high-performance aircraft that integrates the functions of space battleships, machine weapons, and personnel handling in human size. Although the combat power is slightly inferior compared to Gunbuster where the fourth generation technology is used, it greatly surpasses it in general function. The biggest feature is the development of the thought promotion system, which is the fifth generation technology used in Eltrium, the physical law conversion mechanism of the "physical reactor".

  • Buster Legion 「バスター軍団ぐんだん: Nono summons a large number of fake space monsters with different specialized abilities, and can collectively aggregate together and swarm to overwhelm its enemies.
    • Ahoge: The ahoge on Nono's head is an antenna that controls the Buster Machine Corps and have complete command of it.
      • Boxter-class can do mass kamikaze attacks.
      • Beagon-class can charge in and stick to the target's body and electrocute the opponent into submission with Buster Collider.
      • Silverbloom-class can build massive walls for defense and re-write the surrounding space to seal the opponent.
      • Red Milky Way: A thick nebular cloud spreading out beyond the orbit of old Jupiter 2, it exists as though to surround the Sol System, and can be seen from its planets with the naked eye. Since the return of raids by the space monsters, the interior regions of the Red Milky Way have been under their control, thus closing off the road out of the Sol System for humanity since it lost the use of warp technology due to the sealing of the degeneracy generator.

DHLqm Tumblr os90y95bUy1vv1g70o1 540-1

  • Buster Missile 「バスターミサイルBASUTAA MISAIRU: Nono opens up 8 panels of energy-projecting devices on her body, to deal massive damage. It is guided and all bullets hit enemies. They are also equipped with boosters that can be used for additional acceleration.[2]
  • Buster Beam 「バスタービームBASUTAA BIIMU: #7 releases a concentrated beam powerful enough to pierce through planets with ease, and easily slice open Cruiser-class Space Monsters that can nest in the core of stars and destroy planets in a single volley. The beam is equipped with Gunbuster, Dix-Neuf, Reconnaissance Type grade and so on.
  • Black Hole Creation and Manipulation (Degeneracy Generator): Nono can create and manipulate black holes. She can create degeneracy generators to enter subspace and form micro black holes in huge numbers. She attempted to use this to seal off the black hole created by the explosion of the Exelion to prevent the space monster incubating in it from escaping, but failed.

NonoBH1 NonoBH2

  • Barrier: Force field is naturally formed around the body.
  • Energy Absorption/Erasure: Nono can absorb attacks or totally erase them with a device located on her chest and two arms, it can convert it to her own attack energy if necessary. They are also capable of distorting the laws of physics.
  • Space-time Distortions: Nono can generate portals through which you can teleport objects (even the size of a planet) between different spaces, travel forward in time as well as send enemy attacks into some other dimensional plane.
  • Physics Canceller: Nono can negate anything physics related, including nullifying inertia, magnetism, etc. at least on temporary/local scale and much greater with her Buster Legions. The thinking writing promotion system allows one to manipulate the fundamental laws of physics via pure mathematics.
  • Muffler: A muffler fleeing just like proof of the hero. This is Hard Work and Guts, and proof of the bond between Nono and Oné-sama. Even in the fight in outer space, it will not freeze nor will it burn.

Inazuma Double Kick

  • Inazuma Double Kick 「イナズマダブルキックINAZUMA DABURU KIKKU: Finishing move performed with Nono and Lal'C (piloting the restored Buster Machine No. 19) in tandem. They descend on the enemy while spinning in a huge tornado-like fashion to build up momentum. Following that they kick the enemy at the exact same time with devastating results. Easily in the Multi-Solar System level ballpark as the attack disintegrated the Excelio Variable Gravity Well and split the black hole it carried, which caused a naked singularity to appear.

1456076512202 Diebuster Form: Nono can summon all of the Buster Legion in the Solar System and combine them into a giant mech larger than the earth, the final weapon of the Sol System Absolute Defense System and 12,000 times as much firepower, as well as the ability to electrocute enemies. The remaining aircraft of the Buster Corps are assembled like cells, with Buster Machine #7 (Nono), the command and control device, as the core. It completely surpasses the largest Buster Machine #3 in size. The design of the appearance imitates the figure of Noriko Takaya in the battle uniform of the Top Squadron.

Nono Controller

  • Space-Time Censor Room: #7 creates giant hands that compresses and neutralizes objects, even such as black holes. Apparently, the palms are its projections, while she herself is in the Space-Time Cosmic Censor Room (behind space-time) of multi-dimensional space in the naked singularity of Black Hole Exelio. Thus, while holding the singularity in the palm of her hands, it can stop the reaction, which can cause a new Big Bang. She takes the singularity, seals it off from the rest of the universe and disappears into the unknown multiverse.

NonoHand1 DSWEf

Key: Base | EVO-4 Machine Weapon | Buster Machine Form | Diebuster Form | Becoming the Singularity


  1. It is unknown if #7 can induce a runaway degeneracy chain reaction without a planetary core during the first battle with EVGW. All that is required is sufficient mass.
  2. According to the weak cosmic censorship hypothesis, no naked singularities, other than the Big Bang singularity, exist in the universe.
  3. It is impossible to fully and accurately quantify Nono's capacity as her best feats are produced by impossible interactions with a black hole, so this only provides a minimalistic value of what she is capable of. It is also worth noting that before Nono became a universal singularity, very little about her is shown to make it possible to estimate her combat capacity.


Bnn 0602 01

The concept of the sixth generation is a combined machine of the crew member, the ship and a robot.[2] What will become of the "sixth generation" spaceship after that is the key to solving the mystery of Nono being Buster Machine #7. Seeing the appearance of #7 in which we call the sixth generation, noticing that it was miniaturized and moreover a human type. However, it is natural that Eltreum is equipped with about 56,000 people and 800 machine weapons, so it will become a huge ship. Conversely, it can be reduced if you do not need to put things or people inside. It is the figure of the 6th generation spaceship that made the spacecraft and machine weapons, the captain, the steering hand, the engineer and the crew members all concurrent.

In order to realize it will be necessary to make the size small enough with the word "thorough", or rather physically impossible. However, the technology that enabled that impossibility was already installed in the fifth generation. That technology is the Algorithmic Image System. The method of propulsion is by rewriting the physical law of the surrounding space and mathematically changing its position and if applied to a substance, it should be possible to produce any object, even a compacted degeneracy generator if necessary. In the fifth generation, only limited cases of promotion in outer space were rewritten, but in the sixth generation it became a science-made magic wand that changes anything. It seems that the suits, goggles, Buster Missiles and the like when Nono transformed into the appearance of Buster Machine #7 were created by rewriting the surrounding aether and substances that were in Pluto. Of course, at this time, because of the equipment, and because the inside of the body was changed for battle, the weight of Nono as #7 will be over 49 kg. If it enters into an ordinary building, it will be as if the floor will collapse. However, if you enter such a general house, you should rewrite the influencing gravitons and make it apparently "not heavy", or just rewrite it sooner to restore the original weight of 49 kg. During her inspection by the Fraternity, no matter how thoroughly investigated the inside of the body was when it is not in Buster Machine form, no suspicious parts were found, such as a beam gun missile. It was neither an oversight by the inspector nor a translation of fraud. It is only suspicious that at the time of the survey, there were no devices that seem to be thought of as a "rewriting system" (a physical reactor described later) in the body of Nono.[2] In any case, it will create the necessary equipment, such as armed weapons, and move to a minimal system if not necessary. If you are in the shape of a human being, storage space and handling problems are less likely to occur. Only one human has increased in normal handling. Even when ordering, it is all okay if you call the battle weapon officer to the office and verbally speak. The sixth generation can be said to be a battle weapon that is minimal and reasonable.



- Nono appears in a cameo in the bathhouse episode of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, along with Lal'C, Asuka, Rei, and Mahoro.[45]

- Diebuster is 12,000km as tall as the Earth's diameter, which is the name of Lal'C's Douz-Mille (12,000 in French), which is also the number of years between the events of Gunbuster and Diebuster, and its multiplier in power.

Notable Victories:

Saint-14 (Destiny) Saint-14's profile (Material Plane Saint and Buster Machine #7 were used)

Notable Losses:

Inconclusive Matches:


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