Link (The Legend of Zelda) can not only hit ghosts, but can even seal them in bottles.


The power to interact with intangible or non-corporeal beings or objects. Users can both see and interact with intangible, or non-corporeal, abstract, and nonexistent objects or life-forms and entities, allowing them to make physical contact and possibly cause harm.


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  • Should this cover invisibility

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    • Nicetoderp wrote:You need enhanced senses for that my dude so  character with both can certainly do so right
    • NPI doesn't add up tho. There's several ways to counter invisible beings, like having the power to see invisible beings, supernatu...
  • Non-Physical Interaction

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    • Curious about this as well
    • Personally I've always believed if can you interact with someone who has type 2 NEP then you can easily interact with someone with type 1 AE.
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