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Nightmare, is a glitch that is utilized by various players in the game Lucid Adventure. It can take the form of both items and a power up. Objects imbued with Nightmare and players using Nightmare powers are easily distinguished by their grotesque design and dark color scheme respectively.


Here are the basic abilities/uses a person can achieve by acquiring this ability:

  • Durability Negation and Resistance Negation: Nightmare attacks bypass all stats and items, attacking the opponent directly.
  • Statistics Amplification: Nightmare increases one's overall stats.
  • Corruption: Nightmare corrupts its user and makes them more violent than they usually are.
  • Absorption: Users of Nightmare are capable of absorbing others, allowing them to access their powers and abilities.
  • Statistics Reduction: Nightmare was able to reduce a player's stats by half.
  • Power Nullification: Light's use of Nightmare prevented Hardcore Leveling Warrior from regenerating.
  • Resistance to Law Manipulation: Being a glitch, Nightmare naturally does not abide by the laws of Lucid Adventure. As such, users of Nightmare are capable of performing actions they otherwise would not have been able to do.
  • Existence Erasure: Nightmare is capable of giving a player "Eternal Death" which deletes their character and prevents them from ever logging back into Lucid Adventure, effectively erasing them from existence.
  • Data Manipulation: Being deleted from Lucid Adventure erases your data from Giga's servers.
  • Immortality Negation (Type 8): When a player is killed by Nightmare, their real world selves are unable to log back in.


Type 1: Partial

Characters with this type of Nightmare are artificially boosted by it. This is usually done through Nightmarized gear such as armour and weapons, or through use of the Hidden Gate, a glitched menu that grants the user access to forbidden techniques. This type of Nightmare merely grants the user a boost in stats without the more problematic side-effects.

Users: Scallion Head, Light, Hardcore Leveling Warrior, Constant

Type 2: Parasitic

Characters with this type of Nightmare were corrupted by Nightmare in its purest form. This usually results in a spectacular boost in power, with the trade-off being a loss in self and ego. Users of this type of Nightmare are capable of using all of Nightmare's abilities.

Users: Rigos, Ruud Ra Kan, Ge Des

Type 3: Innate

Characters with this type of Nightmare came about this power naturally through their existence in Lucid Adventure. As such, they do not suffer from the loss of ego. Users of this type of Nightmare are also capable of using all Nightmare abilities.

Users: Zero, Nightmare Players


Nightmarization will usually corrupt the user and bring out their destructive and negative traits. Using Nightmarization will cause Lucid Adventure itself to attempt to boot the user from the game, marking said user as a hacker and causing authoritarian NPCs to home in on their location and apprehend the user. NPCs that already exist within Lucid Adventure are relatively safe from any abilities that affect the avatars of real world players as most Nightmare abilities focus on stopping players from returning to Lucid Adventure.


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