Necromorphs are mutated reanimated corpses, reshaped into horrific forms by a recombinant extraterrestrial infection. The resulting creatures are extremely aggressive, and will attack any uninfected organism on sight.

The sole purpose of almost all Necromorphs is to acquire more bodies to convert and spread the infection. They are believed by some to be the herald's of humanity's ascension, but on a more practical level are the extremely dangerous result of exposure to the enigmatic devices known as Markers.

The Necromorphs are controlled via the Markers by a group of entities known as Brethren Moons, massive moon sized Necromorphs created by killing and infecting every living thing on a planet. The Necromorphs' true motivations are to create a mass of necrotic flesh to be collected by the markers during Convergence, with the intent to create another Brethren Moon.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C to at least 9-A, possibly 8-C

Name: Necromorphs

Origin: Dead Space

Species: Undead

Age: Varies

Gender: Varies

Population: At least in the millions

K-Level: Below type 0

Technology: None

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman strength and Durability, Unlimited Stamina, able to communicate with each other, very sharp claws

Attack Potency: At least Below Average level as Swarmer, Swarm, & Wheezer | at least Athlete level as Leaper & Feeder | at least Street level as Infector, Puker, Stalker, Lurker, The Pack, Creeper, Waster, Divider, & Pods | at least Wall level as Slasher, Spitter, Shambler, Twitcher, Pregnant, Guardian, & Brute; Brute is likely higher, Guardian is possibly Large Building level (it's able to one shot Isaac) | at least Small Building level as Crawler, Exploder, & Cysts

Speed: Sub-Human as Slasher, Spitter, Infector, Puker, Swarmer, Crawler, Exploder, Lurker, Swarm, Creeper, Shambler, Wheezer, Pregnant, Guardian, Pods, & Cysts; Normal Human in short bursts as Puker & Lurker, Peak Human in short bursts as Slasher & Spitter | Normal Human as Leaper, Stalker, The Pack, Feeder, Waster, Divider, & Brute | Subsonic as Twitcher (moves so fast that they appear to be blurs of motion & even appear to be teleporting) | all Necromorph forms has at least Peak Human combat speeds, except for the Twitcher & Guardian which has Subsonic combat speeds

Lifting Strength: at least Below Average as Infector, Leaper, Swarmer, Crawler, Exploder, Lurker, The Pack, Swarm, Creeper, Wheezer, Guardian, Pods, & Cysts | at least Regular Human as Slasher, Spitter, Stalker, Twitcher, & Shambler | at least Above Average Human as Pregnant | at least Super Human as Feeder, Creeper, & Divider (can rip a person's limbs off) | Class 1 as Brute

Striking Strength: Below Average Class to Human Class as Infector, Puker, Feeder, The Pack, Swarmer, Stalker, Swarm, Wheezer, Lurker, & Shambler | at least Small Building Class as Slasher, Spitter, Twitcher, Pregnant, Guardian, & Brute; Brute is likely higher, Guardian is possibly Building Class (can one shot Isaac)

Durability: At least Human level as Swarmer, Crawler, Swarm, Creeper, Pods, & Cysts | at least Peak Human level as Infector, Exploder, Lurker, The Pack, Feeder, & Wheezer | at least Super Human level as Slasher, Spitter, Leaper, Puker, Stalker, Shambler, Waster, Twitcher, & Pregnant | at least Wall level as Divider & Guardian| at least Small Building level as Brute

Stamina: Unlimited

Range: Extended melee range, a couple dozen feet with acid spit/puke, several dozen feet with guns

Standard Equipment: Their natural weapons, SMG for Shamblers

Intelligence: Mostly instinctual

Weakness: Their joints/glowing areas (kneck, knees, elbows, etc.)

Key: Slasher & Spitter Infector | Leaper | Puker | Stalker | Swarmer | Crawler | Exploder | Lurker | The Pack | Feeder | Swarm | Creeper & Shambler | Waster | Twitcher | Wheezer | Pregnant | Divider | Guardian & Pods | Cysts | Brute


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