Necromancy refers to the ability to control the bodies and/or souls of the deceased. This is most frequently depicted as being able to resurrect the dead to varying to degrees, from shambling corpses to conscious zombies to even complete Resurrection. More powerful users and directly convert the living into the undead, allowing them to bypass conventional durability by turning an opponent into a mindless zombie at the user's control.


  • Manipulation of Dead Bodies: A variation that focuses on organic matter, allowing Necromancers to utilize the flesh of the dead for the treatment or recovery, and transform it into something else. Also included is the ability to enable and control the undead lifted, to summon the undead in the right place, and even capture control of the undead enemy. In addition, it is worth noting that in some cases the necromancer is undead himself what makes him an extremely high level of regeneration and a good level of immortality.
  • Manipulation of Souls: A form that targets the soul rather than the body, it allows the Necromancer to summon, control, and instill the souls of the dead in various objects and living beings. In the most advanced cases, the necromancer can manipulate not only the souls of the dead, but still living beings, bringing them under their thrall or killing them by tearing out their soul entirely.
  • Control over Life and Death: A subset that combines elements of the aforementioned variations, allowing the Necromancer to freely transform the living into the undead or resurrect the dead as they please.


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