1549552693 Cup Pica Pau(Wally Warbles)

Wally Warbles can throw his feathers as projectiles.


The ability to use one's own body as a weapon, or manipulate materials from one's own body in order to form weapons and use them in combat. The user can also wield or create body armor in a similar manner.

Note that this ability is not the same as Weapon Creation, as this is the ability to create weapons from materials naturally formed in the body, rather than from the soul or other types of energy. Furthermore, while this ability is inherently related to Body Control, as well as Hair Manipulation, Bone Manipulation, and other respective abilities, characters with this ability are typically limited to only manipulating their bodies to create weapons.

Possible Uses

  • The user can harden and/or sharpen their hair, feathers, etc., and launch them at their opponent in a barrage of projectiles.
  • The user can form blades, among other types of weapons, from their own bones, blood, etc.
  • The user can harden their skin through natural means in order to shield themselves from attacks.


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