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Part II (Pre-War Arc)
If he rips my arms off, I’ll kick him to death. If he rips my legs off, I’ll bite him to death! If he rips my head off, I’ll stare him to death! And if he gouges out my eyes, I’ll curse him from beyond the grave.
~ Naruto


Naruto Uzumaki is the eponymous protagonist of Naruto. The son of the Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, he was made the Jinchūriki of the Nine-Tailed Demon Fox, Kurama after a mysterious masked man attacked the village on the day of Naruto's birth. Orphaned at an early age, he was given his mother's surname to protect him from the prying eyes of the other villages. But this meant that Naruto was banished for his status as the Nine-Tailed Fox's vessel throughout all of his childhood, leaving him starved of the attention and affection he desired. With the encouragement of the Third Hokage and a fateful event at the Ninja Academy, Naruto resolved to become Hokage himself to win the admiration of the Hidden Leaf Village and find his place in the world, becoming a pivotal character in the Ninja World's history.

Powers and Stats

Tier: At least 7-C, higher with Kyūbi Influence, even higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak, 7-A with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak | At least 7-C, High 7-A with Sage Mode, higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak, 6-C with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak

Name: Naruto Uzumaki

Origin: Naruto

Gender: Male

Age: 15-16

Classification: Human, Shinobi, Jinchūriki, Sage

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Acrobatics, Chakra Manipulation, Surface Scaling, Water Walking, Skilled Hand-to-Hand Combatant, Weapon Mastery, Social Influencing, Dimensional Storage, Energy Projection, Stealth Mastery, Accelerated Development, Multiple Selves (Types 1, 2 and 3 as a Jinchūriki), Aura, Explosion Manipulation with explosive tags, Rage Power, Berserk Mode, Body Control (with Kurama's chakra he can create chakra arms to attack targets from a distance and grant him better mobility and maneuverability), Poison Manipulation, Corrosion Inducement and Vibration Manipulation with Kurama's chakra, Regeneration (Low normally, Low-Mid with Kurama's chakra; regenerated in an instant after Sasuke pierced through his chest and right lung), Immortality (Type 3), Statistics Amplification (Can enhance his speed and physical capabilities with chakra, and can further increase his statistics with Kurama's chakra), Longevity (As a descendant of the Uzumaki clan, he possesses an extraordinary life-force, granting him a longer lifespan than others), Wind Manipulation (Rasenshuriken also damages targets on a cellular level), Telepathy (Can read the minds of targets by making contact with them and connecting his chakra to them), Limited Durability Negation (Rasenshuriken does damage by specifically attacking and damaging the cells of his targets), Limited Power Nullification (His Rasenshuriken is capable of destroying the chakra circulation paths that allow users to use their chakra), Shapeshifting (Can transform into living beings and inanimate objects, and can use this in battle to confuse his opponents and catch them off-guard in a variety of ways), Duplication (Can create solid "shadow clones" that are identical to him and can use his abilities as well as relay any information they gained back to the original upon being dispersed), Summoning (Can summon toads of varying sizes, some of which can crush and flatten targets from above, spew oil from their mouths to restrict the movements of targets, skillfully wield weapons, manipulate water, and utilize illusions, among other things), Can replace himself with inanimate objects in the vicinity to avoid damage, Can attack targets that enter his mind, his chakra can act as a forcefield around him, likely Paralysis Inducement (via paralysis jutsu), Immense Pain Tolerance (He showed no signs of pain when he let Kabuto stab through his hand with a kunai, and even had enough strength left to grab hold of him.He endured Sasuke piercing through his chest and lungs, and could withstand the ill effects of overusing Kurama's poisonous, corrosive, chakra, unlike others who were exposed to it such as Sakura), Resistance to Sleep Inducement (Resisted Itachi's attempt to put him to sleep), Acupuncture, Power Nullification (Naruto can utilize Kurama's chakra to open up his chakra points if they are closed), Sealing (Destroyed the First Hokages necklace specifically created to seal the Nine-Tailed Fox), Possession (Suppressed Kurama's attempt to take over his body), Fusionism (Kurama rejected Pa's attempt to fuse with Naruto), Poison Manipulation (Kurama's chakra acts like a poison that's difficult for even a skilled medic, who's well versed in countering deadly poisons, to properly heal. Naruto is seemingly immune to these effects, and recovers from them very quickly), Fear Manipulation and Madness Manipulation (Type 3; can face off against the likes of Zabuza, Orochimaru, and Sasuke without succumbing to their Aura)

All previous abilities in base, Enhanced Senses, Empowerment, Absorption (Can absorb natural energy from his surroundings), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense attacks without directly seeing them, allowing him to dodge appropriately and can detect targets over great distances), Mind Manipulation and Mind based BFR and non-combat applicable Spatial Manipulation (With Ma and Pa]), Limited Durability Negation (Can ignore the outer defense of targets and accurately perform internal damage by sending chakra waves into them with Frog Strike), Limited Petrification and Transmutation (Opponents who absorb excess amounts of natural energy from him without the ability to properly balance it will subsequently be turned to stone and into a frog), Clairvoyance (Sensed and gained information about the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War from an island that isolates foreign chakra), Resistance to Paralysis Inducement (Resisted the effects of Nagato's black receivers, which paralyse and restricts the movements of targets, and also controls their actions, despite being in close proximity with him)

Attack Potency: At least Town level (Fought and damaged Kakashi Hatake. Comparable to Sakura Haruno), higher with Kyūbi Influence (The Kyūbi Influence greatly increases Naruto's Attack Power), higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (With One to Three Tails, the Kyūbi Cloak greatly increases Naruto's Attack Power), Mountain level+ with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Fought and overpowered Orochimaru) | At least Town level (Stronger than before), Large Mountain level with Sage Mode (His Rasenshuriken is this strong. Fought and matched the Six Paths of Pain), higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (His Bijū Bomb does this much damage), Island level with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Completely broke out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Far faster than his previous self. Kept up with Kakashi), higher with Kyūbi Influence (Faster than his Base Form), even higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Faster than before), far higher with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Claok (Outsped Orochimaru) | Massively Hypersonic+ (Faster than his previous Base Form), higher with Sage Mode (Can keep up with the Six Paths of Pain and occasionally outspeed them), even higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Blitzed Pain), far higher with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Faster than before)

Lifting Strength: Class M (Far stronger than his previous self), higher with Kyūbi Influence (Stronger than before), even higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Stronger than before), far higher with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Overpowered Orochimaru) | At least Class M (Stronger than his previous Base Form), at least Class G with Sage Mode (Threw Pain's Summoned Rhino), higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Overpowered Pain's Shinra Tensei), Class T with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Broke out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei)

Striking Strength: At least Town Class (Fought and damaged Kakashi with physical punches), higher with Kyūbi Influence (The Kyūbi Influence greatly increases Naruto's Striking Strength), even higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (With One to Three Tails, the Kyūbi Cloak greatly increases Naruto's Striking Strength), Mountain Class+ with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Damaged Orochimaru with physcial strikes) | At least Town Class (Stronger than before), Large Mountain Class with Sage Mode (Fought and damaged the Six Paths of Pain with physical strikes), higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Physically overpowered Pain's Shinra Tensei and reflected back at him), Island Class with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Completely broke out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei)

Durability: At least Town level (Took hits from Kakashi and Hebi Sasuke. Tanked a blast from Pain's Shinra Tensei), higher with Kyūbi Influence (The Kyūbi Influence greatly increases Naruto's Durability), higher with up to Three-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (With One to Three Tails, the Kyūbi Cloak greatly increases Naruto's Durability), Mountain level+ with Four-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Took hits from Orochimaru) | At least Town level (More durable than before. Tanked a blast from Pain's Shinra Tensei), Large Mountain level with Sage Mode (Comparable to his Striking Strength. Took hits from the Six Paths of Pain), higher with Six-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Tanked Pain's Shinra Tensei and reflected it back at him), Island level with Eight-Tailed Kyūbi Cloak (Broke out of Pain's Chibaku Tensei)

Stamina: Very high (He has vast reserves of chakra)

Range: Standard melee range. Several dozens of meters to thousands of kilometers with ranged attacks.

Standard Equipment:

  • Kunai
  • Shuriken
  • Paper Bombs

Intelligence: Average normally, Genius in combat (Naruto acts headstrong and often acts without thinking, however, Naruto's years as a prankster gave him a cunning imagination that is useful in battle. He is a remarkable tactile learner, able to learn better through executing a task rather than theorizing about it. Naruto's strategies typically involve shadow clones: he may direct his opponent's attention towards one of his clones to disguise his movements; he may transform them into objects or other individuals for surprise attacks; he may make himself seem predictable by creating a pattern, to throw them off by breaking it. He is rather observant, able to notice details others may overlook and subsequently take advantage of it. Even when given new information, he can act quickly. When not in combat, he is generally average in intellect but can be quite stupid sometimes. This is usually used as a comedic effect, making Naruto the butt of many jokes inside and outside the show)

Weaknesses: Using the incomplete Rasenshuriken damages him. Sage Mode has an energy limit (Using Rasenshuriken too many times causes him to revert to his Base Form). Can be an utter and complete idiot at times. Version 2 of his Kyūbi Cloak leaves him in a frenzied state where he cannot reason and differentiate friend from foe.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:


Shadow Clone Technique: Naruto creates tangible “shadow clones” that can fight and use his techniques, but disappear after one definite hit. Can create hundreds and possibly over 1000 at once.

Summoning Technique: The Summoning Technique is a space-time ninjutsu that allows the summoner to summon animals or people across long distances instantly. Naruto uses this to call frogs, such as Gamabunta, and can also summon shadow clones from a different location.

Rasengan: A famous S-Rank technique said to be superior to even Kakashi Hatake's infamous Chidori, it was first developed by Naruto's father, Minato Namikaze, and taught to Naruto himself by Minato's teacher, Jiraiya. It soon became one of Naruto's signature techniques, plowing through most foes with extreme concussive force.

  • Big Ball Rasengan: An even larger, more destructive version of the standard Rasengan.
  • Rasengan Super Barrage: After using the Multiple Shadow Clone Technique, Naruto’s shadow clones each create a Rasengan and bombard the opponent.
  • Big Ball Spiralling Serial Zone Spheres: Naruto creates numerous shadow clones and subsequently uses them to create a large number of Ōdama Rasengans which he uses to assault the enemy.

Wind Release: One of the five basic elemental nature transformations. It is performed by making chakra as sharp and thin as possible. Wind Release is mainly short to mid-ranged offensive techniques that combine brute force and keen precision to deal with cutting and slashing damage. Wind techniques are usually performed by generating air circulation and can be enhanced through this method as well. Wind-natured chakra can also be channeled into blades to increase their cutting power and overall range.

  • Wind Release: Rasengan: A Rasengan that has been infused with wind-nature chakra (rather than basic chakra). The blast is considerably more powerful than a normal Rasengan, and it also fires countless tiny blades of air that can pierce individual cells.
  • Rasenshuriken: Same as Wind Release: Rasengan except now its a ranged attack that is thrown like a giant disc. It can also expand for an even greater range. It was able to liquify (or something to that general effect) Human Pain after cutting him in half. Naruto can create a miniature version of this technique in RS Mode. The FRS, in addition to having a 1000 meter AoE, produced at the very least 36 kilotons of energy.
Fuuton: Rasenshuriken!

Sage Mode: The result of using natural energy along with a ninja’s normal chakra in perfect balance to drastically empower their abilities.

Sage Mode.

  • Frog Kata: The Frog Kata is a fighting style used exclusively by those who have mastered Sage Mode. When using Frog Kata, the natural energy used by the practitioner to create senjutsu chakra also encapsulates the user as an aura of natural energy. This aura can act as an extension of their body and cannot be seen by anyone other than those who have trained in senjutsu. By utilizing the aura, the user can extend the range and force of their physical attacks. Strikes that seemingly or would normally miss will actually make contact with the target.
  • Sage Art: Rasenrengan: Simply two Rasengan used simultaneously. Senjutsu chakra is added to the technique, which greatly enhances the strength of the attack.
  • Sage Art: Big Ball Rasengan: This is the Sage Mode version of the Big Ball Rasengan. The regular Big Ball Rasengan requires that Naruto make one shadow clone to form the attack and then wield it. When using its Sage Mode variant, however, he can use two clones to form the attack in both of his hands and then give the Big Ball Rasengan to the clones to wield by themselves.
  • Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan: This technique adds natural energy to the Big Ball Rasengan. The natural energy rapidly increases it to gigantic proportions and enhances its power beyond that of a normal Rasengan.
  • Sage Art: Ultra-Big Ball Rasengan Barrage: After creating multiple shadow clones with each of them holding a Rasengan, Naruto then enters Sage Mode. The clones then expand their Rasengan into Chō Ōdama Rasengan and simultaneously strike the enemy.

-Jinchūriki Forms & Abilities: Naruto is the third jinchūriki of Kurama — the Nine-Tails. He is gifted with its enormous supply of chakra. It also gives Naruto accelerated healing (recovering from minor injuries within a few seconds to significant injuries within a day) and depending on the amount of Kurama’s chakra he’s using, Naruto is also given an increase in strength, speed, along with an increase in his healing factor to such levels that he recovered from a Chidori strike through his chest in mere seconds.

Key: Kazekage Rescue Arc to Fated Battle Between Brothers Arc | Pain Invasion Arc to Five Kage Summit Arc


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