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The plot tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, an adolescent ninja who constantly searches for recognition and dreams to become the Hokage, a title bestowed on the village's chief and generally respected as the most powerful shinobi in the community. Naruto is assigned alongside Sasuke Uchiha, whom he often competes against, and Sakura Haruno, whom he has a crush on, to form a three-person team named Team 7 under an experienced and severe sensei, the elite ninja Kakashi Hatake. Like all the ninja teams from every village, Team 7 is charged with completing missions requested by villagers, such as doing chores or being bodyguards. Naruto and his friends in their adventures face powerful enemies like Orochimaru, Pain, Obito, Madara, and Kaguya.

After the manga ended, the series received various additional canon material, including the movies "The Last," and "Boruto."

Note: We consider the Boruto manga canon since Masashi Kishimoto supervises its script. In that case, the Boruto anime is secondary canon of information and only takes precedence when dealing with filler characters. An exception would be the first arc, which had heavy involvement from Kishimoto and is considered usable.

Power of the Verse

Like the rest of the Holy Shounen Trinity, Naruto started relatively modestly powerful, with the early series boasting of at best Town level destructive feats and High Hypersonic speeds. However, as the series progressed, new and compelling characters were introduced as well as legendary creatures such as the Biju. The verse then started getting impressive destructive and speed feats as well as a good collection of hax abilities.

As of the end of series, the verse boasts of high tiers such as Kage level Shinobi and Biju who range from Mountain level all the way up to Small Country level, top tiers who range from Country level to Multi-Continent level, and god tiers who are Multi-Continent to Moon level, and up to Large Star level with certain Jutsu.

The verse is quite fast, with even low-tiers boasting of Hypersonic to Massively Hypersonic speeds, while the mid-tiers are on the higher ends of Massively Hypersonic+ to the lower ends of Sub Relativistic. The Top tiers of the verse reach Relativistic while the God tiers are sitting at FTL speeds.

The verse also has a good collection of hax abilities, as noted previously. These include power mimicry, power absorption, poison manipulation, manipulation of all of the victim's five senses, some impressive spatial manipulation, attacks which affect a target down to the cellular level and affect the nervous system directly, matter manipulation (including destruction of a target down to the molecular or atomic level), and many more.














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