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The citizens are all in panic. There's no one who could adapt to such a rapid change in the world. That's precisely why they need a new leader now. A new King for the new world. A King who can lead a nation in bondage to fear and terror to happiness. It's impossible for me, as I haven't walked the paths of this world and neither do I have right. In order to calm the panicked masses, we need a villain and a hero. The person who exposes the evil that's plunged this world into the chaos, and execute it, becomes the hero. That hero can unite the people and become King. I, who've rebelled against the King of Edolas and stolen all of this world's Magic Power, am the "villain". And you, who can bring harmony out of the prejudice and misunderstanding between races, would make an appropriate "hero". You must execute me, as the traitor who destroyed this world and then become the King of this world.
~ Mystogan to Pantherlily


Mystogan (ミストガン Misutogan), whose real name is Jellal (ジェラール Jerāru), is a former S-Class Mage of Fairy Tail and the current King of Edolas. He was also the most mysterious member of the guild, as he did not show himself, or his face, at all. He is the Edolas counterpart of Jellal Fernandes.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 7-B

Name: Mystogan (Earth Land alias), Jellal (real name)

Origin: Fairy Tail

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Classification: Human/Mage

Powers and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Magic (Through the staves), Sleep Inducement, Illusion Creation, Intangibility (Via Mist Body), Earth Manipulation, Attack Reflection, Portal Creation, Flight

Attack Potency: City level (Laxus called Erza "weak" compared to him and Mystogan. Then he fought Laxus on equal footing)

Speed: Massively Hypersonic+ (Kept up with Laxus)

Lifting Strength: Class M

Striking Strength: City Class (Traded blows with Natsu)

Durability: City level (Took several attacks from Laxus, Dorma Anim and several strikes from Natsu)

Stamina: High

Range: Several dozen meters with "Sleep Magic" and illusions; can reflect back spells across a couple hundred meters

Standard Equipment:

Magic Staves:
All Mystogan's Staffs

Mystogan's Magic Staves

The source of Mystogan's powerful magic. He constantly carries 5 wooden staves of various design on his person, using them in a particular pattern for a particular advanced spell. The five staves have the following physical designs:
  • Staff #1 is a wooden staff with a head design similar to a jester's hat.
  • Staff #2 is a wooden staff with a large eye image on its flattened head, with yellow sclera and a red pupil.
  • Staff #3 is a wooden staff with a fan-shaped head design. (Mystogan's primary staff)
  • Staff #4 is a wooden staff with a blunted trident head design.
  • Staff #5 is a wooden staff wit two heads, the second head having three rings attached.

X Balls: Special medicine that enables mages to retain their natural magical reserves in environment in which magic cannot be generated in the atmosphere (such as Edolas). Developed in spherical form (hence the name) and kept in a vial on Mystogan's person

Intelligence: Fairly high, Skilled Combat and is currently the king of edolas

Weaknesses: Mystogan does not possess a natural supply of magic within his own body, as a native of Edolas: he has to rely on his five staves to generate magical spells. While he can create his own personal "Anima" portals and successfully close other portals, Mystogan cannot seal portals of a sufficiently large size.

Notable Attacks/Techniques:

Magic Staves: Mystogan, like the rest of the people in Edolas, does not actually have innate Magical abilities. Instead he employed several Magic Staves that allowed him to use Magic abilities similar to an incredibly powerful Mage, something that granted him the S-Class rank

  • Sleep Magic (眠りの魔法 Nemuri no Mahō): With the aid of his staves, Mystogan could cast an extremely powerful Sleep spell, capable of putting to sleep almost the entirety of Fairy Tail, including the likes of Erza and Mirajane, although the latter was weakened at the time.
  • Skyscraper (摩天楼, Matenrō): Mystogan first plants his five staves into the ground, creating the illusion that the enemy is propelled several hundred meters into the air. The enemy is then tied up with four belts and a Demon breaks through the sky, reaching to attack the enemy. This Magic is used to break down the mind of the enemy or distract them long enough to prepare another attack.
  • Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song (五重魔法陣 御神楽, Gojūmahōjin: Mikagura): Mystogan creates several Magic circles covered in runes above his enemy, which release a concentrated beam of Magic Power that damages the enemy.
  • Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water (三重魔法陣 鏡水, Sanjūmahōjin: Kyōsui): Mystogan uses several Magic staves to cast a Magic circle that can reflect spells back to the caster.

Air Magic (空気魔法 Kūki Mahō): Mystogan is able to employ this type of Magic, mainly for supportive purposes, being capable of levitating and of turning his body into mist, living up to his alias in Earth Land. While normally bound to make use of his Magic Staves to cast Magic, he was shown using some hand signs to perform Air Magic, through some unknown means.

  • Mist Body : Mystogan is able to transform his body into mist that can move around freely at high speed, negating both physical and Magical attacks.

Anima (アニマー Animâ): Mystogan used this Magic by using a special machine in the Anima Chamber, which creates an inter-dimensional gate that opens in the sky and transfers everything from the part of Earth Land where it appeared to another world called Edolas. The Anima can't absorb those who use Dragon Slayer Magic. Mystogan was able to suppress Anima using his staves.


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