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The franchise My Little Pony is split up into 4 Generations, with the most popular and most powerful being that of Generation 4, Friendship is Magic. The show follows Twilight Sparkle on her journey to discover the magic of friendship and make friends with 5 other ponies: Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Fluttershy, Rarity and Pinkie Pie. They have battled many enemies along the way, such as Night Mare Moon, Discord, Queen Chrysalis, King Sombra and Lord Tirek, and have used the legendary Elements of Harmony and newly discovered Rainbow Power to defeat them. The show is highly popular nowadays due to its large male following in addition to female, and has become one of the most popular cartoons airing today.

Power of the Verse

Pony World

The verse's characters start out at roughly Small Building level with fodder, before kicking it up to at least Multi-City Block level with some of the lower tiers such as Spike the Dragon. Country level characters come next, with the likes of the Mane 6, Trixie Lulamoon, and Adult Spike, coming from Rainbow Dash's Sonic Rainboom.

After that, we have a gigantic power leap with the likes of Celestia and Luna, who breach outright Solar System levels of power for being able to easily move both the Sun at near lightspeed. These characters are contested by the Dazzlings, Queen Chrysalis with a plethora of love absorbed, and Sombra who have shown power comparable or even superior to that of 1 Alicorn. Lower tier top tiers such as Twilight Sparkle, Starlight Glimmer, potentially Trixie with the Alicorn Amulet, Starswirl, and more scale to beneath that, due to Starswirl replicating Celestia's feat with 5 Unicorns every day. Discord is next, who is able to take blasts from the likes of Sombra, showing even higher levels of Solar System level via scaling and even has a few claims to affect all of reality with his magic. However, even they are taken down by the Elements of Harmony, which are shown to be able to defeat all of the villains seen above with ease, proving them to have power far greater than these villains, or at least neutralizing "evil" characters and they scale to their human counterparts. The Pony of Shadows is also a powerful entity, able to survive being hit with the Elements of Harmony. The Crystal Heart is another powerful artifact that is at least powerful enough to neutralize Sombra's magic and even kill him while in a weakened form. Flurry Heart when her power fluctuated was able to destroy the Crystal Heart.

Lord Tirek, at his peak, is immensely powerful, with the power of all 4 Alicorns, every other pony in Equestria, and even Discord. Above him is Rainbow Power, which was able to easily defeat Tirek, and is the strongest power in the show currently.

IDW characters are generally in the same tier as the show, mainly due to the show being canon to the comics storyline.

Beyond its strength, My Little Pony also has some impressive feats going for it. Most relevant characters scale up to Rainbow Dash as well as mid-level Unicorns, giving them solid faster than light speeds (3.56 c). Even faster are characters such as Starswirl and the Alicorns who scale from The Storm King being able to move the Sun at tens of thousands of times the speed of light.

Equestria Girls/Human World

As for the Equestria Girls series, it's a verse with only a handful of powerful characters. Most characters are Human level as it's supposed to reflect real-life humans. With Sunset Shimmer bringing in magic from the Pony World, the verse is somewhat getting more powerful. The banished Sirens achieved their former power that was superior to Friendship is Magic's Starswirl the Bearded. Many characters like the Humane 7 and most villains are Universal+ tier via scaling to Midnight Sparkle, who; with the Elements of Harmony, nearly tore apart her universe just to get to Equestria.







Earth Ponies

  • Granny Smith
  • Mage Meadowbrook


  • The Wonderbolts
  • Somnambula
  • Scootaloo


  • Mistmane
  • Chancellor Neighsay


  • Princess Ember


Equestria Girls characters

  • Flash Sentry


  • Tree of Harmony
  • Zecora
  • Gilda
  • Prince Rutherford

Movie Characters

  • Grubber
  • Captain Celaeno
  • Queen Novo
  • Storm Guards

IDW Characters

  • Rabia



My Little Pony media, including the comics, novels, and even trading cards, all have to go through Hasbro corporate to be considered suitable for release, which involves properly aligning with the continuity of the main show so it doesn't contradict established canon, or future planned canon. Because of this, other pieces of media have been officially referred to as secondary canon by Hasbro to staff members, such as Jeremy Whitley and Andy Price. This also gives the cartoon authority to directly or indirectly overwrite certain comic stories, thus only non-contradicted stories are included as part of the main canon.

In addition, when the Season 10 comic books were released initially, Whitley claimed that the comics were now the 'primary canon, meaning that they are an official continuation of the cartoon series. This is especially noteworthy as the Season 10 comics confirmed several comic book storylines as happening, thus making them canonical to the cartoon.

Lastly, do not attempt to cross-scale other mediums of other franchises because of My Little Pony. Not only is there a direct tweet from Andy claiming Hasbro informed him of the comics secondary canon nature, but this tweet is supported by other pieces of evidence within the My Little Pony franchise itself. Such as Jeremy Whitley bringing up the cartoon having the power to overwrite comic arcs, which directly references the tweet. This is further shown with Jeremy Whitley bringing up the fact that Hasbro could veto any story pitch they so chose in order to avoid breaking canon." Jeremy calling them secondary in regards to the show, whilst again referencing the cartoons power to contradict the comics as Hasbro said to Andy. As well as the fact that Hasbro will actively veto certain comic book arcs from being made if they feel the cartoon is going to handle it in the future, in order to avoid breaking canon, and will force comic ideas that are pitched to be changed to line up with the main continuity. Lastly, Season 10 was stated to be primary canon, and simultaneously referenced the majority of comic books, making them canon to the show.


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