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For detailed information about the series, see the My Hero Academia Wiki.


My Hero Academia (僕のヒーローアカデミア Boku no Hīrō Academia) is a manga written and illustrated by Kōhei Horikoshi and is published in Weekly Shonen Jump. The first chapter was published on July 7, 2014 in issue 32 of Weekly Shonen Jump. The manga is very Westernized, having a similar style to American Comics.

People are not born equal, a realization that a 4-year-old Izuku Midoriya faced when bullied by his classmates who had unique special powers. Izuku was one of the rare cases where he was born with absolutely no unique powers. This did not stop Izuku from pursuing his dream, a dream of becoming a great hero like the legendary All Might. In order to become the hero he always wanted to be, he will now join the ranks of one of the highest rated hero academies in the country, U.A. High School.


Quirk: A Quirk (個性 Kosei, lit. "Individuality") is a special, superhuman ability an individual can possess. Quirks are usually unique to their user, and are classified in multiple categories:

  • Emitter: Emitter-type Quirks have the ability to release certain types of substances, or alter the materials around them in particular ways. Generally, Emitter Quirks require a conscious effort to activate (such as Explosion, Half-Cold Half-Hot, Navel Laser, and Electrification), and some even need large amounts of concentration to remain active (such as Erasure).
  • Transformation: Transformation-type Quirks causes the user to have a temporary alteration of some kind. Transformation Quirks allow the user to "transform" their body in various ways, sometimes by enhancing existing features (such as Hardening, Beast, and Pump Up) or perhaps by adding new features to the body (Tool Arms).
  • Mutant: Mutant-type Quirks (also called Heteromorphic) can have a wide variety of characteristics and abilities depending on the individual, but the common similarity seems to be that these Quirks are part of the user's anatomy, causing the user to exhibit irregular body features that generally have some kind of purpose to them. As a result, Mutant Quirks are permanently active and are the most identifiable.
  • Accumulation: Accumulation-type Quirks have accumulated power, energy, or mass as a prerequisite condition to function correctly. Quirks such as One For All, which possesses the crystallized power of multiple people, are classified as Accumulation Quirks.


This verse has many super-powered heroes and villains with dangerous types of Quirks, but most of the stronger ones usually have a weakness. The majority of fighters possess Large Building level physical strength with Transonic to Hypersonic combat speed, and have access to one or two special skills that increase their damage output.

High-ranking heroes in training and experienced Pro Heroes have feats ranging from Large Building level+ to Mountain level+, with most of them being able to move at Hypersonic to High Hypersonic+ speeds. At the their primes, both All Might and All For One were Large Mountain level who could travel at Massively Hypersonic speeds, and Deku has managed to reach this level as well.



Heroes in Training

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