This page is intended to be a list in alphabetical order of languages that our members are proficient in.

Members who add themselves to the list agree to be volunteers to help with translations in the official requests thread.

Members can link to their message walls here, and also indicate whether they find it acceptable to translate over 3 paragraphs.

Longer text segments should preferably be handled on their personal message walls, not in the official translation requests thread.

This list is intended to help members identify other members who can help with translations that help with evaluating important feats.

If a member indicates that they don't like to be bothered on their message wall, this should be respected, given the voluntary nature of this project.







  • KLOL506 (Born in Bangladesh, also knowledgable in English)
  • Revan Laha (Bengali Indian, also knowledgable in English and Hindi)
  • Andytrenom (Native language)



  • Kuroiha (Limited; A few sentences/paragraphs at most depending on the wording)


  • Dark-Carioca (From Barcelona, Catalonia - Native language, any size)
  • Thebestsilver (From Barcelona, Catalonia - Native language, any size)

Cantonese/Traditional Chinese

  • Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan (Native language. Any reasonable size. Can read Traditional Chinese)
  • Jasonsith (Can read/write Traditional Chinese and hear/speak Cantonese)
  • XING06 (Can read/write basic Traditional Chinese)

Simplified Chinese/Guoyu/Mandarin

  • Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan (Has limited knowledge on Mandarin and nearly zero knowledge on Simplified Chinese. Can translate some Ancient Chinese. Prefers not to use Mandarin or Simplified Chinese however due to political reasons in Hong Kong)
  • Daqin (Limited. Mandarin only.)
  • Jasonsith (Can read/write Simplified Chinese and hear/speak Guoyu/Mandarin)
  • XING06 (Limited knowledge of Simplified Chinese. Can converse fluently in Mandarin)


  • DivineTedrius (Mutually intelligible native language (Norwegian))
  • BeastJam (Mother's tongue, any reasonable size, literal translations.)
  • Edenstar (Mutually intelligible native language (Swedish))



  • Edenstar (Can easily translate written texts, but not speak fluently)













  • Edenstar (Can easily translate written texts, but not speak fluently)




  • Reppuzan (Very limited, can translate basic Hiragana and Katakana fairly comfortably, but the vast majority of Kanji is out of question)
  • Spinosaurus75DinosaurFan (Extremely limited)
  • Konaguna (Basic knowledge, knows some kanjis, but still learning, and mostly specializes in dialogues)
  • ShiroyashaGinSan (Native. Any reasonable size.)
  • TISSG7Redgrave (Limited can read hiragana and katakana but most of the kanji i can't (unless there are hiragana or katakana words above it to read. So limited and basic)
  • Uradelbauer (I've been learning it for several months out of interest. not excellent but I can translate reasonably short, non extremely complex paragraphs)
  • Veloxt1r0kore (Limited in katakana and very limited in hiragana, still in learning)
  • ChocomilkAlex (Fluent, studying in College)
  • Maruishimaryishi (Basic knowledge, studying in High School, can read hiragana and katakana, can only read some kanjis that appears on High School, would be able to translate Japanese to English if possible.)
  • Jasonsith (Limited knowledge)


  • Soldier Blue (Native language. However, I have trouble with Halegannada [Old Kannada] which is the ancient form of the language)


  • MrLuk2000 (Native language, however due to my long time in the US, I have forgotten many words and spelling, but I still have a generic understanding of it.)


  • TriforcePower1 (Still learning it, but I can translate well enough simple texts)







Old Norse

  • Edenstar (Can easily translate written texts, but not speak fluently. Can read the runic alphabets fluently)






  • DarkLK (Native language)
  • RebubleUselet (native language, but translations take time; fine with translating the text as long as it's not a poem; might be a little rusty at English)
  • Ogurtsow (Native language)
  • Skalt711 (Native language. May be unreliable about English tenses)
  • Uradelbauer (I can easily get a translation in a few hours.)
  • Jockey-1337 (Native language)
  • Ugarik (Native language)
  • MrKerf (Native language)
  • Walker21232123 (Little bit)
  • SpookyShadow (Only a bit, but I can somewhat understand it during hearing due to being slav)


  • TacticalNuke002 (Well versed but may require some time depending on the length)




  • Dark-Carioca (From Barcelona, Catalonia - Native language, any size, almost any spanish variant)
  • Eficiente (Native language, any size)
  • Hop Hoppington-Hoppenhiemer (No max, Mexican-American Spanish only)
  • Nico-v11 (Can do a couple paragraphs, mostly depends on whether I'm interested in what I'm translating)
  • OishiLover75 (limited)
  • Matthew Schroeder (A few paragraphs)
  • Kirbyelmejor (I´m Spanish, I know perfect Spanish)
  • Antoniofer (Spanish is my native language, so as long the text isn't a novel nor poem, and I have time, I'm able to translate it)
  • AkuAkuAkuma (Native language. Few paragraphs at best, if given time)
  • TheLuffyPlayer (A bit limited)
  • Super Saiyan God Julian (This is my primary language so I should be able to translate pretty much anything ask to me.)
  • DanielX7 (Native language, good knowledge on mexican, argentinian, peruvian, bolivian and cuban terms; expert in chilean terms and in chilean spanish; doesn't matter how long the text, as long as I have time)
  • The Archdemon (Any reasonable size)
  • Calaca Vs (Native language. I'm argentinian but I know of diverse terms outside Argentina's spanish)
  • Uninown (Native language, i'm universal on most common dialect; given enough time, i can do virtually any amount of paragraphs as long as it is not excessive.)
  • Bobsican (Native language, good knowledge in Mexican terms)
  • Dante Demon Killah (Any reasonable size, if given time)
  • Ionliosite (Native, very knowledgeable on latin american idioms)
  • CrimsonStarFallen (Decent amount of knowledge on it. Couple paragraphs at most)
  • Migue79 (Spanish is my native language as a Venezuelan. Well-versed in Mexican, Spanish, Argentinean, Venezuelan and a bit of Colombian slangs/idioms. Willing to translate an indefinite amount as long as I have the time.)
  • Thebestsilver (From Barcelona, Spain - native language)
  • Theformofacast (Native language. My main problem is when it comes to working with English)
  • The Coolest Water Bottle (Native language, i'm venezuelan, any size)
  • PuasLuisZX (Native language, I'm from Peru, any size as long as I have time)


  • Planck69 (From Tanzania, native language. Any size though I might take time)


  • Antvasima (I only have the time to translate a few paragraphs)
  • GoldenScorpions (Though I don't know the language myself, I have a Swedish friend not in the wiki I can easily contact for results and get them within a relatively short time)
  • DivineTedrius (Mutually intelligible native language (Norwegian))
  • Edenstar (Native language)



  • Mindovin (Native language) (Native language. Mediocre at English but I try to help as much I can)
  • NothingToDebateWith (Native language) (I'm kinda self-taught in English, so I apologize if I would have grammar mistakes here and there)
  • Kayra, the Taken Kid (Native language, somewhat limited in English)
  • Yapmaci1234 (Native language)



  • Daqin (Mutually intelligible to my native language (Uyghur))



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