The Mudokons are a highly spiritual race who are native to the continent of Mudos. They were once considered the supreme race on Oddworld, before being enslaved by the Glukkons. The majority of the Mudokon population is now born in captivity and are forced to work in Glukkon factories.

As the species, Mudokons are greenish-blue-skinned birdlike humanoids, with the turtle-resembling facial features and four fingers on both hands, that have evolved from birds, thus, explaining their agility, frail bone structure, and feather-based hair. Due to their formal origin, Mudokons likely possess hollow bones. They feature the ability to alter their skin-tone to reflect their current emotions: angered Mudokons turn a reddish hue, overjoyed Mudokons turn yellow or green, and depressed Mudokons turn blue. They are oviparous, and born from eggs lay by Sam, the Mudokon queen. They are also known to live a lifespan of roughly 40 years. In addition, they are the only race in Oddworld to be considered the resemblance of humans. According to the supporter, Alf, most Mudokons are androgynous and most likely incapable of reproducing. Despite the evolution of birds, Mudokons have teeth in their appearance, and a gizzard for further digestion like many birds.

Powers and Stats

Tier: High 8-C, likely higher

Civilization Type: Pre-Industrial Civilization (Their religion revolves around nature and the spirits all around them)

Name: Mudokons

Origin: Oddworld

Classification: Supreme Race on Oddworld (formerly), Slaves, Tribals

Kardashev Scale: Type 0

Age: Over centuries old

Population: Unknown, at least known over hundreds of Mudokons

Territory: Mudos

Technology and Abilities: Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Weapon Mastery (As Tomahawks and Mudarchers), Stealth Mastery, Possession, Invisibility, Healing, Explosion Manipulation, Portal Creation, Statistics Amplification (Can be upgraded with Spooce), TeleportationResurrection (Big Face revived Abe after he falled off a cliff), Weather Manipulation (Chanted a concentrated storm that formed around RuptureFarms), Non-Corporeal (The Three Weirdos), Transformation (Can turn into their demigod, Shrykull), Electricity Manipulation and Invulnerability (When on their Shrykull form)

Attack Potency: Large Building level (Over hundreds of Mudokons can chant up a giant concentrated storm in a circle structure which destroyed RuptureFarms), likely higher as Shrykull

Power Source: Unknown

Industrial Capacity: Can meditate and seek guidance in Monsaic Lines, and chant in a circle structure that swirls with light to create a giant concentrated storm.

Military Prowess: Many Mudokon warriors such as Tomahawkers and Mudarchers are capable of combat.

Notable Individuals: Abe, Alf, Big Face, Sam, The Three Weirdos, Newscaster Mudokon

Weaknesses: Can be addicted with SoulStorm Brew, making it hard for Abe to command them unless he does something.

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