Mouls are a species of imperial and animalistic humanoids that reside in the Underlay of the Carpet. In their own language, the "Moul" means "One True Human"- as in, all other humanoids are not humans. Mouls worship Fray, viewing it as a vengeful god seeking to wipe out life on the Carpet. Culaina stated that if the Mouls were victorious in their conquest of the Carpet, there would be no more civilization, and all history would be destroyed forever.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C | 10-C

Civilization Type: Pre-Industrial Civilization

Name: Moul Empire

Origin: The Carpet People

Classification: Imperialistic Secretive Species

Kardashev Scale: Type 0

Age: Unknown, at least Hundreds of years, has existed since before the Dumii empire

Population: At least hundreds of thousands, stated to outnumber the entirety of the Dumii empire severely to the point of eliminating their legions casually, stated that many are still hidden in the Underlay

Territory: The Underlay, The Unswept Regions

Technology/Abilities: Small Size (Type 4), Sleep Manipulation, Mind Manipulation, Poison Manipulation, Weapon Mastery (Generally spears, swords, and whips), Fear Manipulation, Nightvision, Coma Inducement | Small Size (Type 4), Fear Manipulation

Attack Potency: Below Average level (Can harm Snibril and Glurk, who are able to somewhat resist the effect of Fray, which is a vacuum cleaner) | Below Average level

Power Source: Generally, they steal their technologies from others. This grants them access to Wight boilers, Vortigorn smithies, and Dumii armories.

Industrial Capacity: Dependent upon those they steal from. Maintains stored weapons for each member of their species already.

Military Prowess: All Mouls are combatant.

Notable Individuals:

  • Gormaleesh: A particularly clever Moul that had been in charge of the city of Jeopard. He was killed by Bane during the Battle of Ware.
  • Jornarleesh: The leader of the Mouls and the one in charge of the Ware Mouls. He was captured after the Battle of Ware by Bane.

Weaknesses: Ultimately vicious over efficient.

Key: Mouls | Snargs


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