Mori Jin
Mori Jin

The recommended hours of sleep a day are only 8 hours... Isn't it too short? We should sleep at least 10 hours a day.

It's been... a long time... Some of... my old memories came back.
~ Mori upon remembering who he was

Monkey King Mori Render.png
Listen up, clones. Starting now, I'm going to have a funeral for my clone Mori Hui with the bodies of 400,076,000 enemies.
~ Mori Jin upon returning to Earth from the Divine Realm

Mori Jin Charyeok.png
Borrow me your power... Mori Hui.
~ Mori using Charyeok

Supreme God Mori Jin Render.png
From this moment... You are the Lord of the Heavens... The Supreme God, the Great Sage, Equal of Heaven...
~ Odin to Mori after the defeat of Satan


Mori Jin is the protagonist of The God of High School. Having been taught his grandfather's signature brand of Taekwondo, he frequently picked fights with others his age, having won three hundred street brawls before meeting Commissioner R. Although he broke the Judge's arm, Mori was ultimately defeated, to his frustration. He entered the God of High School Tournament in hopes of settling the score with R, only to find that there was much more to the tournament, and himself, than he ever thought possible.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 8-C, up to 8-B with Re-Taekwondo | At least 8-C, up to High 8-C with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, at least 8-B, likely higher with Martial Arts | At least 6-B, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and Martial Arts, at least 6-A in Monkey King Mode | At least 5-A, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, in Monkey King Mode, and with Martial Arts | High 4-C, up to 4-B with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, higher with Martial Arts, Power Mode, and Borrowed Power | At least 4-B, higher with Martial Arts

Name: Mori Jin, Sun Wukong, The Monkey King, The King of Savages/Vermin

Origin: The God of High School

Gender: Male

Age: 18 biologically, well over 5.68 billion years old chronologically.

Classification: God, Magical Entity/Demon, Hwagwa Monkey, Martial Artist, Renewal Taekwondo Practitioner, Monkey King, Member of Nine Kings, Wanted Criminal of Heaven, Immortal, Seventh Owner | Supreme God of the Heavenly Realm

Powers and Abilities:

Superhuman Physical Characteristics, Longevity, Longevity, Regeneration (High-Low; Regenerated after being impaled by Jegal Taek's Megalodon teeth)[1], Enhanced Senses[2], Wind Manipulation[3], Expert Renewal Taekwondo Practitioner[4], Reactive Power Level (Re-Taekwondo was stated as being a martial art that changed power levels)[5][6], Accelerated Development (Mastered and came up with new techniques by applying them during battles)[7], Instinctive Reaction (Could react to Bongchim the instant he applied his Instant Death technique, saving his own life)[8][9], Power Mimicry (Could use the techniques of others simply by watching them use it)[10][11][12], Non-Physical Interaction (Can fight against Power Borrowers), Extrasensory Perception (Can sense opponents from a distance)[13], Fear Manipulation (Can instill a sense of fear and dread with his presence against beings weaker than him. Made Bongchim Nah shiver upon his 'resurrection')[14][15], Resistance to Fear Manipulation (Was completely unaffected by Ilpyo's presence, which completely scared an entire arena)

All previous abilities in addition to, Ice Manipulation[16], Statistics Amplification[17], Acupuncture and Pressure Points[18], Healing and Healing Negation up to Mid-Low (Uiyong Bongchim is capable of healing those who can't be healed by nanotech healing. In addition, it can also prevent healing from nanotech and Borrowed Powers)[19][20], Pain Manipulation (Can remove his own sense of pain and cause unimaginable pain upon others)[21][22], Biological Manipulation (Bongchim Nah Style Acupuncture works better than nanotechnology that functions on a cellular level)[23], Blood Manipulation (Bongchim Nah Style Acupuncture is capable of creating clots in blood vessels, causing body parts to swell to the point of exploding)[24], Paralysis Inducement (Can stop people from moving and completely turn off certain body parts), Death Manipulation (Through the Instant Death technique), Analytical Prediction (Could tell exactly where his opponent was and their stance simply through physical contact with them even after he was rendered dizzy and his vision was blur), Durability Negation with certain attacks (Shook Seungah Park's brain from the wind pressure of his kick, to the point where she was unable to maintain her balance; can also negate durability with certain Martial Arts techniques), Resistance to Pain Manipulation (Even without Painlessness, Mori could still walk off multiple cracked bones. Took an explosion at point blank and was fine afterward. With Painlessness he can withstand intense vertigo)[25][26][27][28]

All previous abilities in addition to, Self-Sustenance (Type 1)

All previous abilities in addition to, Body Control, Adaptation, Resistance to Poison Manipulation and Sleep Manipulation (Scaling from Mori Hui)

Same as Base, Weather Manipulation, Spaceflight, Electricity Manipulation (Can summon lightning from clouds with Geundoowun), Healing (Turning into the Monkey King Form heals all prior injuries), Damage Reduction (The Monkey King form can somewhat negate the rebound of Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and the Armoursuits can reduce the damage Mori takes from physical strikes), Power Bestowal (Can restore the strength of his fellow monkeys), Limited Telepathy, Sealing (Can seal mortals and supernatural entities on a planetary scale), Flight, Duplication (Can create a hundred clones, his self-aware clone, Mori Hui, can use 60-70% power of his original self for 20-30 minutes and can use his maximum power for 4-5 minutes), Limited Size Manipulation and Density Manipulation (Can control the size and weight of Yeoui), Creation (Can create duplicates of Yeoui and the Armoursuits. However, these copies pale in comparison to the originals), Preparation (Can gain knowledge through his clones and share his knowledge with them), Resistance to extreme temperatures and conditions (not troubled by the conditions of outer space, completely unaffected by the heat of the Sun's corona which can reach 1 million degree celsius/fahrenheit)

Same as before on a higher level, Summoning (Can summon the Seventh Master), Can contract with his clone Mori Hui, vastly increasing his power, Shapeshifting (capable of altering his own age and appearance)

Attack Potency: Building level (Can harm people who can do this much damage), up to City Block level with Re-Taekwondo (Created a crater of this size while fighting Daewi Han) | At least Building level, up to Large Building level+ with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Can multiply his power up to 8 times)[29], at least City Block level, likely higher with Martial Arts (Trained under Bongchim Nah and should be stronger than before) | At least Country level (Stronger than Daewi Han and Mira Yoo, who are both stronger than Nephilim who can throw swords from orbit)[30], higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Can multiply his power), at least Continent level+ in Monkey King Mode (Summoned Yeoui, piercing through the moon)[31], higher with Martial Arts | At least Large Planet level (Can fight opponents who can harm him), up to higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Can multiply his power), in Monkey King Mode (Far stronger than his Base Form), and with Martial Arts (Using Martial Arts increases Mori's power) | Large Star level (Could fight Satan even after he multiplied his power by 52x), up to Solar System level with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Multiplied his power by 250,000 times and destroyed all of Satan's clones in a single kick), higher with Martial Arts (Using Martial Arts increases Mori's power), Power Mode (Greatly increases Mori's Attack Power), and Borrowed Power (Borrows power from Mori Hui and combines it with his own)  | At least Solar System level (Overwhelmed Satan in his Phase 3 state and forced him back into his base form. Stated to have regained the power he used to defeat the Supreme God Tathagata), higher with Martial Arts (Using Martial Arts increases Mori's power)

Speed: Subsonic (Can move faster than a train) | Massively Hypersonic in base (Kept up with Ilpyo Park, who can react to lightning), Massively FTL+ in Monkey King Mode (Extended Yeoui from the moon to Earth faster than an Angelos could toss a spear at Daewi), higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Bolsters speed to the point that he appears to be teleporting from the perspective of his peers) | At least Massively Hypersonic in base, Massively FTL+ in Monkey King Mode, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture | Massively FTL+ combat/reaction speed and flight speed (Could keep pace with Okhwang), higher travel speed with Geundoowun, Massively FTL+ in Speed Mode (Millions of times FTL), higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Performed a kick that reached another solar system in 100 picoseconds) | Massively FTL+ (Comparable to before)

Lifting Strength: Unknown, likely Class 5 (Much stronger than Mira Yoo | Same as before | At least Class P physically (Can lift Yeoui at its largest with one hand), Class Y with Yeoui (Mori Hui used Yeoui to push Jupiter back into orbit) | Same as before | Same as before | Same as before

Striking Strength: Building Class, up to City Block Class with Re-Taekwondo (Caused this much damage with his Kick of the Blue Dragon) | At least Building Class, up to Large Building Class+ with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, at least City Block Class, likely higher with Martial Arts | At least Country Class, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture and Martial Arts, at least Continent Class+ in Monkey King Mode | At least Large Planet Class, higher in Monkey King Mode, with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, and Martial Arts | Large Star Class, higher in Monkey King Mode, with Power Mode, Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, and Martial Arts, up to Solar System Class with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture (Multiplied his power 250,000x, and killed Satan's 209,607,450,000,000,000 clones with a single kick) | At least Solar System Class, higher with Martial Arts

Durability: Building level (Was almost completely unharmed after getting thrown into a wall) | At least Building level, up to Large Building level+ with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture | At least Country level, higher with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, at least Continent level+ in Monkey King Mode | At least Large Planet level (Tanked the collision of two planets without injury and survived the explosion of the Sage Realm), higher in Monkey King Mode, with the Armoursuits (The Armoursuits have been stated to boost Mori's natural defense to the point that attacks that could harm him before don't leave a scratch on him after donning the suit), and Jeahbongchim Acupuncture | Large Star level (Took a beating from Satan after he multiplied his power by 52x), up to Solar System level with Jeahbongchim Acupuncture, higher with the Armoursuits | At least Solar System level

Stamina: Extremely High, easily shrugs off the blows from the likes of the Crown Princes and will continue to fight until knocked unconscious or otherwise. He is also able to casually carry and wield Yeoui for long periods of time despite the fact that it weighs as much as planetoids, though he does complain that the staff is heavy.

Range: Standard melee range to dozens of meters with Taekwondo | At least continental with Geundoowun, Planetary with the Gourd, at least several planetary diameters with Yeoui.

Standard Equipment: None notable | In Monkey King Mode:

  • Armoursuits: Sun Wukong's legendary invincible chainmail (pictured above). Wearing it further increases his already impressive durability, strength, and speed. The only two times it has ever been breached are when the First Crown Prince used the Lightning Blade to slice through the whole of the Sage Realm and when The King stabbed him. It can be telepathically controlled by him, allowing him to bestow others with it temporarily. It can also create rocket thrusters to further increase his speed. If this is not enough the armour can enter a Speed Mode to increase his speed to the point of crossing massive interstellar distances in an instant. It later demonstrates a Power Mode that boosts Mori's physical strength. When not in use as an armour it turns into a mass of razor-sharp spikes that easily shred through buildings and can also replicate some of the effects of the Geundoowun. Additionally, the armour grants resistance to poisons while being worn.
  • Geundoowun: Also known as the Flying Sparrow Cloud, a living cloud that Mori can call anywhere, even in space, though its much easier if there are already clouds in the sky or if a large body of water is nearby. Through it he is able to control the weather, creating winds powerful enough to keep the Sky Whales from landing (each one packing a payload large enough to destroy a continent at the bare minimum) and call down as many lightning bolts as he wishes to strike his opponents down until the cloud is dispelled by either a powerful opponent or Mori himself. These lightning bolts are capable of harming Gods and obliterated Jegal Taek despite his ascension and the fact that Mori had only recently reawakened his powers at the time. It also capable of generating completely opaque fog to confuse foes and escape them. This fog can also be solidified and used as a shield, such as the time the cloud blocked the Hyunmoo Hammer in its entirety. He can also create a small version (much like Goku's Nimbus) to allow him to cross interstellar distances more quickly.
  • Yeoui: The famous magic staff, it can extend and thicken itself at Mori's command, becoming wide enough to flatten mountains and displace large swathes of water and long enough to pierce through the moon from Earth and beyond. The staff itself is extremely resilient, making it useful for defense as well as offense. He can also create additional copies for his clone or if the staff should break for any reason. Despite the fact that it is a blunt weapon Mori often uses it for slicing attacks, with its weight compensating for its lack of an edge. He can also make additional copies of the staff along with his clones to attack a target with multiple staves at once or to fight off multiple enemies with clones. He has recently started using this in his base form as well.
  • Gourd: A small magic gourd that houses a pocket dimension. He's able to absorb both attacks and enemies within it and it is spacious enough to hold the entire population of the Sage Realm. It has difficulty absorbing gods though but can work if the god is sealed, weakened, or reduced to a demigod. It has the ability to teleport into Mori's hands-on command and was thought to be completely indestructible until it broke during his battle with Satan.

Intelligence: Jin Mori is not much of an intellectual (though he does get "surprisingly high grades" according to Mira Yoo), but he was born with extremely keen battle instincts. He is capable of changing strategies on the fly and can copy most martial arts techniques after only encountering them once, adding them to his arsenal while combining them with his own Taekwondo techniques. He is also very knowledgeable about human anatomy due to his training under Jeahbongchim, being able to heal himself, release his limiters, or damage his opponent's internal organs with Bongchim's acupuncture style (which functions much like Kenshiro's Fist of the North Star). His clones work much like Naruto's Shadow Clones, granting him all of the knowledge they gained after they disperse. However, he's quite reckless, often blindly charging into the fray in search of a good fight even during his time as the Monkey King a thousand years ago.

Weaknesses: Reckless and somewhat lacking in common sense. Maintaining Monkey King mode drains his stamina far more quickly than normal, especially if he uses his special abilities frequently. Loves a good fight and will sometimes ignore important objectives in favour of finding a strong opponent. Is scared of cats and dogs and will be submissive towards people who have beaten him at full strength in the past. His clones can gain self-awareness and individuality if they spend long periods of time far away from him, potentially turning against him. Needle and acupuncture techniques may fail if the target is protected by armour, extremely thick skin, or some other physical protection. Expanding Yeoui slows him down somewhat due to the increased weight, Using Jeahbongchim Acupuncture to boost himself will have devastating side-effects if he's not careful, resulting in crippling pain or complete unconsciousness if not death. As a Monster and a God, Mori is vulnerable to attacks that specialize in harming such beings. Re-Taekwondo puts a strain on his body if used too often or done incorrectly. It is also bad at close quarters.



Notable Attacks and Techniques:

Renewal Taekwondo

  • Arang: A technique where the user elbows the opponent.
  • Ax: The user performs a front flip, bringing the heel of their kicking leg down upon an opponent. Upon the user's heel hitting the ground, a huge upward wave of air is generated, lifting any opponents up into the air and leaving them open to further attacks. This technique can be used against multiple opponents.
  • Back Kick: A technique delivered by spinning and kicking the opponent's head in a wide arc.
  • Backspin High Kick: A technique that is performed when the user turns their back on their opponent. The user, while their back is facing the opponent, turns while kicking the opponent in the head.
  • Baekdu: A straight knee kick towards the opponent's mid section.
  • Baeknok: A type of push kick, it is an upward kick which uses the bottom of the foot as a striking surface. Unlike a typical push kick however, Baeknok brings the legs up high and straight, pushing the target into the air.
  • Bo-Bup (Way of Walking): A technique that allows for high-speed movement in any direction, allowing the user to seemingly teleport and attack from above, below, the side, or even behind with ease.
  • Canine: A dual elbow strike downwards. Used to strike opponents down with their back facing upwards.
  • Cheonji: A forwards kick using the side of the user's foot with the sole facing downward.
  • Ddanggeutgi: A kick that grinds the floor with the user's foot tip while spinning. Mainly used for attacking low targets like an opponent's knees. However, Mori can also use this technique to disrupt air waves.
  • Dongbaek: An upwards striking back kick that starts from below the opponent then arcs above and behind the user.
  • Fist Strike: The Renewal Taekwondo version of a Basic Punch and can be used in rapid succession.
  • Front Kick: The basis of Taekwondo, this kick is a straight kick upwards with a straightened leg. By utilizing balance and accelerating force, the user can achieve maximum velocity out of their kick with devastating effects.
  • Goryeo: A technique that utilises two horizontal kicks performed in quick succession towards the head or neck of an opponent using the base of the foot.
  • Geumgang: A diagonal front-facing arm chop.
  • Halla: An unknown upwards kick, similar to the Baeknok. It was only used once against Ilpyo, who nullified it.
  • Homi-Geolyi: Used to grab an opponent in a lock position. The fighters faints a reverse kick with one leg and uses that leg to hold the arm of the opponent. It is mainly used to break an enemy's guard. It can be used with a variety of combinations with other skills including Spinning Top Kick and 3rd Stance Hoechook. A variation of this technique is by using the opponent's arm as leverage to deliver a kick to the opponent's head with the other leg.
    • Catching Dragon: This technique is a variation of the Hoechook technique using a "Hoe Hook" application. Instead of extending his Hoechook upwards, Mori bends down to secure a lower point on his opponent. From there, he reaches up to wrap a leg around an opponent's neck before bouncing up into the air spinning the victim around wildly. Once they are high enough he drops the adversary head first into the ground. It was powerful enough to create a small crater in the ring.
  • Hwarang: An unknown diagonal kick, similar to a Front Kick.
  • Hoechook: The bread and butter of Renewal Taekwondo. It is a kick that has gathered force through rapidly spinning on a central point. Its effects vary depending on how much power is put into the kick. More basic variations of this technique could crack stone, while stronger variations could vaporise whole mountains.
    • Three Stage Hoechook: A Hoechook executed three times in a row either from left or right, followed by a kick in the opposite direction, then from behind. If the victim flinches and tries to evade by going back, damage from this technique increases. It aims at the opponent's brain with the first and second kick and finishes the opponent off with the third.
    • Jin Hoechook: A technique that gathers it's power from firmly burying one's foot into the ground and sending the resulting force up to the knee, pelvis, waist and then to the tip of the foot which executes the Hoechook. Practical applications of this technique allow the user to manipulate strong air currents that gather around the user's leg. This air can be used to further extend the reach of a kick or even protect the user like a barrier.
    • Extreme Bottom Hoechook: A technique that compensates for the Hoechook's primarily middle-upper body targeting which made it predictable. This move is usually performed to dodge an opponents attack to the upper body by ducking towards the ground. Using this force, the user does a 180° spin sweep kick that is parallel to the ground aimed at the opponent's feet. It can be used to link to the Catching Dragon technique.
    • Front Hoechook: A variation of the Hoechook. It is unknown how this kick varies from the basic Hoechook.
  • Mori Jin Original: Kick of The Blue Dragon: A technique developed by Mori in his fight against Daewi after observing his Blue Dragon's Storm. The technique unleashes a dragon-like wind that can be controlled by the user at will and released in form of a kick.
    • Mori Jin Original: The Kick of Double Dragon: A technique developed by Mori during the national match, while fighting Hanseong Na. At first the technique works by kicking twice at different directions in a circular pattern, essentially unleashing Blue Dragon's Kick twice in a row, lifting the opponent into the air using the vicious winds of the two dragons. With increased mastery, the user can manifest the two dragons at the same time and use them in a similar manner to its parent technique.
    • Mori Hui Original: The Kick of Imoogi/Kicking Imoogi: A technique developed by Mori Hui during the consolation match, while fighting Dante. Based on the Mori Jin Original: Blue Dragon's Kick, the technique works similarly by unleashing a large Imoogi-like wind that can be controlled and unleashed as a kick. It can be used in quick succession with its parent technique. Later on, the technique evolved into an attack that manifested multiple smaller Imoogi, capable of landing hits on a victim and wrapping them in a vicious attack.
  • Mori Hui Original: Complete Gift Package: A barrage of attacks in rapid succession utilizing every technique Mori Hui is capable of performing at once.
  • Mori Jin Original: Ice Kick: A technique developed by Mori during the national match while fighting Ilpyo Park. After observing the turbulence created by the clash between their kicks, Mori created this technique to counter Ilpyo's use of fire in his attacks. It utilizes turbulence to lower the temperature of the surrounding air allowing him to perform a chilling kick.
  • Mori Jin Original Ver. Yeoui: Railgun: A technique that employs the use of Yeoui. Mori kicks Yeoui with enough force to launch it great distances, demolishing all in its path. Mori has even used this ability to target satellites in orbit.
  • Jinsu: An unknown kick.
  • Mach Punch: As the name implies, this is a set of punches that break the sound barrier. The resulting shockwaves add to the destructive potential of this attack.
  • Nigawa Kick: A technique developed by Taejin Jin, inspired by a soldier character he played in a game center. The name itself came from a story about Taejin Jin smashing his game opponent with a chair for his 'Nigawa' play. It is essentially a backflip kick. It can be followed by using the momentum from the backflip to stomp another opponent's face.
  • Recoilless: A concept derived from perfecting all the basic techniques of Renewal Taekwondo. Recoilless techniques waste no energy and achieve maximum momentum upon contact, increasing the overall output of attacks. Performing a Recoilless technique also eliminates the requirement of setup and stances, allowing the user to perform attacks without a visual cue. Such techniques were effective enough to evade the senses of a precognitive individual.
  • Spin Kick: A kick in which the user swings their leg around in a semi-circular motion, striking the opponent's upper body with the front of the foot.
  • Scissors: A type of jumping kick. The user jumps and delivers a kick diagonally like a motion of scissors closing in
  • Screw Punch: A normal punch with twisting motion of the fist, resulting in the opponent spinning around from the impact of the punch.
  • Silla: A downward kick delivered from high up and slamming the opponent's lower body. Similar to a Brazilian Kick.
  • Rapid Kick: A knee kick aimed towards the opponent's head.
  • Spinning Top Kick: With the user's back towards the opponent, the user turns and spins 180° and kicks the opponent in the face, following up with another kick with the other leg. This causes the opponent to spin around like a top.
  • Taebaek: A sideways kick that is propelled forward by the user.
  • Taejin Jin Exclusive Skill: Sonic Punch and Sonic Kick: A technique created by Taejin Jin. It takes the form of a barrage of punches and kicks delivered so fast that it breaks the sound barrier, going supersonic. It is unknown if Mori inherited this technique. However, he has gone on record to say that he has surpassed his grandfather, therefore this technique is within the realm of possibility.

Bongchim Nah Needle Ryu

  • Acupuncture: The basis of Nabong Chim Needle Ryu. By utilizing pressure points, the user can manipulate their body or the body of their opponents to either harm or heal them. Striking the proper pressure points has various effects ranging from healing, to weakening, to causing immense pain.
  • Blood Sealing Needle: An acupuncture technique that seals the blood within a person body causing the blood within a region to accumulate and cause internal damage, even causing the afflicted body part to explode if left unchecked.
  • Blood Vessel: A technique that blocks blood flow to a specific point in a person's body, disabling said body part.
  • Blood Vessel Bongchim: A technique that neutralizes the effects of other Bongchim Nah Needle Ryu techniques.
  • Dim Mak Healing: A healing technique that uses a more combat applicable version of Uiyong Bongchim. It does significantly less healing than the latter technique, but is effective in tense situations.
  • Jeahbongchim: By hitting a pressure point in the brain Mori is able to remove the limiters that are placed on his body. This allows him to gain a massive increase in speed and power to the point that it becomes impossible to see him move. If this is not enough it can be used multiple times in succession or combined with Painlessness for an even greater power boost. However, after the effects wear off the user will feel crippling pain throughout their body, but this can be circumvented somewhat through extreme willpower and training.
  • Instant Death: A technique that aims for the heart of the opponent, causing instantaneous death.
  • Painlessness: By hitting a pressure point in the heart Mori Jin is able to remove the limiters that are placed on his body that causes pain. This can be combined with Jeahbongchim but runs the risk of causing death upon completion.
  • Uiyong Bongchim: A healing technique that is used to stop bleeding and heal - more often than not - fatal wounds. Such a technique is more potent than the nanotechnology that the nurses use during The God of High School tournament.
  • Temporary Suspended Animation: An unnamed technique that causes those afflicted by it to momentarily experience death-like symptoms. To the untrained eye, it is indistinguishable from the Instant Death technique.

Moonlight/Wolgwang Sword Style

  • 8th Dance: Moon Drop: A casual sideward slash with a sword.
  • 13th Dance: Cross: A move that has the user block and deflect an incoming attack and have it move past them, allowing them to counterattack with their next movement.
  • 14th Dance: Boomerang: A technique that requires the user to toss their sword at the opponent in a spinning motion.
  • 28th Dance: Cutting Cars: A wide slash that can cut further than the length of the blade.
  • 35th Dance: Marionettes: A move that uses resonance to strike an opponent from the inside of their body, forcing them to dance around like puppets. The effect of this technique can last hours on end.
  • Dropping Fallen Leaves: A technique that delivers rapid strikes to the opponent's head, abdomen and back of the knee in quick succession.
  • Wolhananmoo: A technique wherein the user rushes their opponent with a series of rapid strikes from all angles.
  • Lunar Halo: A downward slash forward.
  • Basic Upper Slash: A single handed vertical slash.
  • Wolgwang and Pumba Collaboration: Cube Cut: An attack that uses two swords to attack the enemy. It is capable of turning objects hit into cubes.
  • Youngwol: A sword technique where the user does a continuous slash horizontally and diagonally in multiple arcs.
  • Sea Fog Slash: A forward piercing technique.
  • Galaxy Split: A forward verticle slash that can extend further than the length of the blade.
  • Sleet Storm: A series of slashes done in the neutral stance.
  • Subtle Slide: A diagonal downward slash.
  • Mountain Split: A sword technique where the users rise their blade up into the air and perform a powerful downward slash while stepping foward.
  • Swordless Style: A variation of the Moonlight Sword Style that uses barehanded techniques should the user be disarmed or wish to do more varied techniques that do not require a blade.
    • Mad Warrior: Faucet: A head grab that is performed behind the opponent which is followed by a firm twist, causing severe neck injury.
    • Bare Hand Slice: An illusionary technique that allows the user to use their bare hand as a sword and slice opponents.
    • Tong Bei Quan: An attack that sends a pulse of energy into the opponent through a strike of the user's bare palm.
    • Danji-Shingong: A finger flicking technique that acts as a ranged attack, allowing the user to fire gusts of air like bullets.
    • Unrivaled Technique: Final: A strong punch that sends off a large gust of wind that can obliterate anything before the user.

Hallyang Style Pumba

  • 8th Verse: Beggar's Song: Using a staff the user swings their staff around them like a sphere deflecting all incoming attacks and nearby enemies.
  • 13th Verse: Serpent: A technique that allows the user to bend their staff flexibly, allowing them to weave through obstacles to reach their target.
  • 17th Verse: Ryuck Geun: A technique that requires the user to squeeze all the muscles in their body before performing a forward slash, releasing all the stored up energy in a single powerful attack.
  • 19th Verse: Dog Seller: A technique that has the user spin their staff rapidly and then then halt said spin with their hands. The resulting effect causes air to be sucked in and then unleashed, creating a whirlwind that destroys anything between the user and his opponent.
  • 27th Verse: Dicing: A technique that slices a target into smaller pieces.
  • 46th Stance: Ground Support: A technique used specifically to hold up enclosed spaces such as caves or fallen debris. Using three staffs (Two in their hands, one in their mouth), the user forms a sort of triangular shape that keeps the surrounding area supported. However, this technique causes the user to become immobile.
  • Gaksu-Golyi: A technique reminiscent of the Re-Taekwondo technique, Homi-Geolyi. It utilizes a staff to redirect an oncoming attack away from the user, allowing them a window to counterattack.
  • The Ultimate: A forward thrust technique with a staff.
  • Pumba Zero Stance: Panhandler: The ultimate Hallyang Style technique. A devastating diagonal slash that can tear through the very earth before the user, causing a deep chasm to be formed.

Ssam-Su Taekkyeon

  • Bo-Bup (Way of Walking): A technique that allows for high-speed movement in any direction, allowing the user to seemingly teleport and attack from above, below, the side, or even behind with ease.
  • Balgyeong: A technique that sends pulse of energy/Ki to damage the opponent. First the user positions their hand on their target and unleashes an energy blast. When used, a print of the user's hand briefly forms on the point of contact, sending them flying away.
  • Gaksu: A technique that allows one to read muscle movement through bodily contact. This allows one to predict their opponent's next attack and consider it ahead of time.
  • Dureumchigi: A technique performed by kicking the opponent's face with the user's knee.
  • Fishing Hook: A type of joint-lock technique. The user catches the opponent's attacking leg, jumps, and wraps their legs around the opponent's attacking leg, ending in a form of a leg-lock.
  • Throwing Cheonji: A downwards kick performed using one's heel. Unlike the other downward kicks, this is performed with a bent knee possibly for a closer ranged attack.
  • Instep Upward Kick: A downward kick that is aimed towards the opponent's shoulder.
  • Leg Bracket + Knee Kick: A technique wherein the user hooks their leg behind the opponent's knee while simultaneously launching their other leg to knee the opponent in the face. The resulting motion forces the opponent onto the ground, where they are left open to a subsequent attack.
  • Nakyoung: A combo of three kicks that target the head, abdomen, and leg in quick succession, similar to the Three Stage Hoechook.
  • Nirvana: A full body technique performed by slamming one's knee into the head of the opponent whilst falling, causing a devastating blow.
  • Inner Chagi: A forwards sole kick that aims for the opponent's face, pushing them away.
  • Oealjeogi: A back kick that negates an opponent's low sweeping kicks by simultaneously dodging said kick and knocking them off balance with a heel to the face.
  • Spinning Kick and Out-Leg-Bracketa: A technique wherein the user fakes a roundhouse kick and uses it to hold the opponent's neck with their knee joint. The user then uses the momentum from a roundhouse kick to flip the opponent around and pin them on the ground with one leg.
  • Ssam-Su Secret Arts: Inferno Kick: A technique that uses the pressured air from simultaneous attacks as fuel for ignition when a high velocity kick is performed. The result is a pillar of flame that can be manipulated through strong kicks.
    • Inferno Kick Stage Two: Twin Oblate Spheroid: A technique that uses the first Inferno Kick as a primer to launch a second Inferno Kick. Both pillars of flame surround the opponent, trapping them.
    • Inferno Kick Stage Three: Ssam-Su Taekkyeon Ultimate Secret Arts: Inferno Nirvana Kick: The final stage of the Inferno Kick. The user raises their leg to create a pillar of flame and the drops their leg, sending it forward as a blade of fire.
  • Jin Yeokchook: The reverse of the Jin Hoechook. Unlike the powerful front kick of its predecessor, this technique is a back kick used to overcome the limited number of attacking points the Jin Hoechook is capable of accessing.

Tai Chi Chuan

  • Axe Kick: A technique that is performed by flipping over and delivering a powerful downward kick to the opponents shoulders.
  • Jingak Cheonbongchoo: A technique that uses a shockwave to disrupt the opponent's balance. It is used by by slamming the user's foot on the ground.
  • Dragon Staff Strike: A high-powered punch delivered to the opponent's stomach. The user propels themselves at the target with Rabbit's Step, increasing their momentum, and then strikes the target in the chest with a straight-armed open-bodied punch to the chest.
  • The Ultimate Power of Tai Chi Chuan Extreme Arts: Ying-Yang Five Elements Strike: A technique that delivers a powerful shockwave to the opponent. It is performed by controlling one's emotions and energies within themself, accumulating them and then delivering them by touch.
  • Front Kick: Similar to the Taekwondo variant, this technique is a kick performed facing forwards. However, this technique differs as it lacks power and relies on the resulting wind turbulence to harm the opponent.
  • Rabbit's Step: A technique similar to Bo-Bup, wherein the user takes a step forward at great speeds, moving faster than the opponent can react.
  • Steel Demon's Mountain: A technique that utilises centripetal force via twisting the user's body around and hitting the opponent with their shoulder, knocking the target away a significant distance.
  • Rapid Fire: Ten Thousand Horse Strikes: A technique that is wound up by moving one's arms in a circle around them and bringing them together in closed fists, then rapidly striking their opponent with a barrage of aggressive strikes to the face.
  • Cheongeunchoo: A technique wherein the user directly increases their weight through breathing, allowing them to achieve greater force behind their attacks, or weigh themselves down upon their opponent.


  • Fading Kick: A technique similar to the flare in break dancing, the user first rushes their opponent then ducks and holds themselves on their hands while extending their legs out and tripping the opponent.
  • Gray Ascension: A technique where the user propels themself upwards by rolling back onto their hands and pushing themselves forward in order to deliver a kick that launches the opponent into the air.
  • Gray Dragon's Hammer: A technique where the user does a flying sidekick downward onto the opponent, spinning like a drill the entire time. The force generated from this technique makes the opponent continue driving forward, digging through the ground, and leaving a trail of destruction in its wake.
  • Heavenly Tiger Strike: An airborne technique where the user, after sending the opponent into the air, crouches like a cat and jumps at the opponent, launching multiple punches at their face.
  • Whoahyorakgeyok Ultimate Secret Arts: Monkey Claw: A technique that uses energy blades to deal close or long range damage. First the user does a tiger claw-like swipe to emit the energy blades from the user's nails, creating five giant blades that can cut stone. It can be used in quick succession.

Northern ITF Taekwondo

  • Hyperspeed: A technique that allows the user to move at high speed in a straight line, in addition to increasing the power of the user's following technique via massively increased momentum.
  • Left Flamingo Stance: A stance that allows the user to access the defensive and counter capabilities of ITF Taekwondo.
    • Hoechook: The same technique as its Renewal variant. However, ITF Taekwondo users consider this a wasteful technique and do not use it often.
    • Jakdu: A technique similar to the Scissors technique, which it is capable of nullifying.
    • Jakdu-Geolyi: A follow up technique to the Jakdu. After performing the latter, the user hooks their leg on the opponent's and pushes down, lowering their guard and allowing the user to chain into another attack similar to Homi-Geolyi.
  • Right Flamingo Stance: A stance that allows the user to access the offensive capabilities of ITF Taekwondo.
    • Baekdu: The 'original' version of the Baekdu technique. This technique is used to entice the opponent into guarding, enabling the user to grab onto the head of the opponent and using it as leverage to deliver more, unguardable kicks and knee attacks. The opponent's guard can also be nullified with Homi-Geolyi which leads to even more finishing options.
    • Cutting the Front: The 'original' version of the Front Kick technique. The user digs their foot into the ground and delivers a devastating front kick that sends shockwaves that can cut through solid rock.
    • Three Stage Kick: The 'original' version of the Three Stage Hoechook. Using the right flamingo stance, the user delivers three kicks in a row starting from either the left or right side of the opponent's head, followed by a kick in the opposite direction, and then finally a kick to the back of the head. If the victim flinches and tries to evade by going backwards, the damage they take increases. The technique's purpose it to shake the opponent's brain with the first and second kick and finish the opponent off with the third.
    • Kicking Meteors: A devastating technique that takes the form of a powerful front kick.
    • Triple Strike: An unknown kicking technique.

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Note: Not every technique listed is are moves that Mori has displayed in the series. However, as Mori has demonstrated the ability to perform any move he has seen prior, even moves he understood from concept, it is not out of the realm of possibility Mori is capable of performing these techniques in combat.


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