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Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid (also referred to as "Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon") is a manga series that made its debut in 2013, and had received an anime adaption, developed by Kyoto Animation, in early 2017. The series mostly focuses around Tohru, a dragon from the Chaos Faction who was raised to hate humans and to have nothing other than destruction on her mind, working as a maid for Miss Kobayashi, a drunk office worker who saved Tohru due to having no faith in gods, and attempting to get used to the human world.





Power of the Verse

Although this verse isn't entirely combat-based, it is still decently powerful nonetheless. During Tohru and Elma's fight, they created an explosion visible from space, placing them both at Large Island level. Tohru has even claimed that she can bring an end to the world. Most of the dragons, such as Tohru, have many spells and powerful abilities such as Portal Creation, BFR, Regeneration and Invisiblity. Lucoa, being a former goddess, is implied to be the most powerful character physically and shares similar abilities with Tohru along with Time and Biological Manipulation. The only beings in the verse that are more powerful than dragons are Gods, and even Tohru managed to survive a blow from the Holy Sword; a weapon created by the Gods, not counting Lucoa, a Dragon who was a Goddess herself before losing her title as a deity.


Tohru and Elma's clash. Scales to everyone comparable or superior to Tohru and Elma. Large Island level

Ilulu destroys part of a mountain. Scales to Kanna, as Tohru thought she could have done the feat. Mountain level

Kanna flies from Saitama, Japan to New York City. Scales to everyone in the verse. Massively Hypersonic+

Kanna throws Tohru. Scales to everyone in the verse. Class 5


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