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The Messengers of Wanambi are thermal life forms and the only residents of 8th Gear. They continued to live by emitting heat into the empty space of their world. For that reason, they took a form that does not allow excess heat to escape and they build up heat through thought. In 8th Gear heat grants life, as such their practical bodies are stones or a grain of sand. The planet in 8th Gear they were found on could be viewed as a giant living organism with the Messengers of Wanambi being its cells.

Powers and Stats

Tier: 10-C, possibly at most 5-B on 8th Gears planet

Civilization Type: Pre-Industrial Civilization

Name: Messengers of Wanambi

Origin: Owari no Chronicle

Classification: Civilization of sentient stones and sand, which have their minds connected into a single big network

Kardashev Level: Type 0, likely at least Type 1 on 8th Gears planet (They are the entire planet and its heat is their life force)

Age: Likely billions of years (The first Messenger of Wanambi should logically have been created when the first stone or even the first heat existed)

Population: Unknown. Originally every grain of sand and pebble on 8th Gears planet would have been a Messenger of Wanambi, which could put their population at above 7.5 quintillion. After the destruction of that universe only a unknown fraction of those were saved, though.

Territory: Originally the entire universe of 8th Gear. After its destruction just some pocket dimensions (concept spaces) in Japan.

Technology/Abilities: Pseudo-Precognition (With their shared intelligence they are able to access great computational ability. Even just a single sword worth of messengers suffices to simulate and predict the actions of a human with supernatural powers), Heat Manipulation (Generate heat by thinking), Shared Mind, Inorganic Physiology

Attack Potency: Below Average Human level individually, possibly at most Planet level on 8th Gears planet (the entire planet is made up of Messengers of Wanambi)

Power Source: Heat generation via thinking

Industrial Capacity: To create a new Messenger within their concept space they would only need to heat up an object with their own heat. None otherwise.

Military Prowess: The entire population is wiling to fight if necessary

Notable Individuals: None notable.

Weaknesses: When cooled the Messengers fall into hibernation

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