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  • Do you agree that Brain should be change to Ultear? The latter are more versitale and can be interesting to debate with

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    • While I do agree Ultear is more versatile, she gets used a decent bit as is, and I've been looking to use Zero for a bit now, given he only ever had 1 match which is 3 years old.

      Edit: I think i'm gonna change it to midnight as he is more versatile and hasn't had any matches now that i think about it.

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    • I'm still wanting Ultear to be in bracket, she need more recognize than the current state she had

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    • You just did changed Zero to Midnight, ukh....looks like i fail again for bring Ultear to any brackets

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • You forgot to add Sense Manipulation, Memory Manipulation, and Time Perception Manipulation to Lucy

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    • I was unsure about both Sense Manipulation and Perception Manipulation given both came from a statement that is inconstistant with what real nightmare does and Lucy has Memory manip in the new key.

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    • Zackra1799 wrote: I was unsure about both Sense Manipulation and Perception Manipulation given both came from a statement that is inconstistant with what real nightmare does and Lucy has Memory manip in the new key.

      Mind Manipulation and Perception Manipulation would be the skill that fits perfectly with what was presented

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I frankly don't care anymore about God Tier Revisions, but I know you do


    Give your piece if you want too

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  • Can you give input on this thread


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • ▪️Lucy

    • Biological manipulation (With Real Nightmare was able to resurrect a turkey, make a grape juice become grape again, turn Exceeds into other animals, turn humans into paper, grow old and rejuvenate a living being and leave muscular people)

    • • Time Manipulation (Was able to invert a waterfall, causing water to go up rather than down)

    • Time Manipulation, Illusion and Sense Manipulation (With Real Nightmare, she can Manipulate the perception of time of living beings, thereby manipulating human memory and consciousness, distorting it, causing people to lose their sense of self). It can also slow the body and mind time of celestial wizards by breaking Link-Organic, making them sleep for 100 years.)

    • Reflective field (it has a force field around it that makes all things that approach it reflect).

    • Manipulation of Matter or Manipulation of Time (With Real Nightmare, she made Zentopeia's houses disappear and create rocks in place)

    ▪️ Erza

    • nullification/Immunity to biological manipulation, time manipulation, force field and all kinds of "evil" that Real Nightmare can do.

    ▪️ Natsu

    • Limited resistance to erase existence

    ▪️ Mirajane

    • Take over: Majin Halphas


    • A possible speed increase


    • Magic nullification


    • Mass manipulation (able to increase and decrease humans and objects)

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  • Since you seem genuinely curious about it I'll explain it here.

    When looking at heat vs heat Resistance we don't pay attention to the temperature since high temperatures can be tanked with durability. For a good example, if you have 8-C durability then you can tank the heat of the sun.

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  • Hi, welcome to VS Battles wiki! Thanks for your edit to the Noelle (black clover) vs natsu (fairy tail) page.

    Here are some pages to help you get started.

    Some important things to keep in mind, before making further edits:

    • Disclaimer
    • Only create profiles for characters that you are very familiar with/that you know much about, and present evidence or logical arguments for their statistic listings.
    • Do NOT insert unmotivated ratings into profiles simply because you happen to like or dislike the character or object, and do not change statistics without an accepted content revision thread.
    • Please do not flood the profile talk pages with large walls of text or images. If you wish to discuss something of importance, you may do so in the appropriate forum section.
    • When writing profiles, make sure to follow the standard page formats, and to read the Common editing mistakes page.
    • Kindly utilize source mode editing. You can change this to your default editing mode in the preferences settings. Feel free to overview this image to observe a basic example regarding how to properly write profile pages in this editing mode.
    • Behave in a civil and unbiased manner, and do not spam, troll, threaten, or use offensive language.
    • Use correct grammar and spelling to the greatest extent possible.
    • See here for a list of common terms used in the wiki community.
    • If you notice rule-violations, please report them in this forum thread.
    • If you have further questions, you can contact the current managing staff of the wiki.

    For more regulations, continue to read here.

    Feel free to leave me a message if I can help with anything!

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