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  • I have to asked, what are your thought on each of the battle between the members on Rias and Issei team? I am curious to know.

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    • If you mean Shin 2 volume game, then I see this match as easy win for Ise no matter how you look at it.

      Ise just need to use P DxD G in start and wait for Draig Manifestation after which they with Draig just blast whole map and only Crom survive and Ise + Draig could defeat Crom with mid diff if not more easy (though Rias retire so it's win anyway). I dunno why Ise struggled agains Rias and Kiba. Author just downgrade chapters for sake of plot just because he want to see some battle he imagine.

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    • I mean, I have seen people said that Kibe have anti-dragon sword called Gram and Rias Balor being pretty much giving issei a good fight. 

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    • Gram was almost useless agains Ise as that Dragon Slayer is not powerfull enough to injure Heavenly Dragon class dragons. Rias Balor never give Ise a good fight. Any Infinity Blaster and she finished, her abilities is useless as she weaker than Ise.

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  • Do you have the link to the new slash dog manga chapter yet? You know the one where you said Tobio was a chad.

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  • You said that Nezha in DxD is like a God Cao Cao. So how did the fight against Vali goes?

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  • Oh, hi. I heard on the DxD wiki that you were a member of a DxD Discord. Is there any chance I could join?

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    • This reply has been removed
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  • Can you please check this thread out when you have the time?

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  • How strong is she? Is she stronger than Ultimate class devil or weaker?

    If stronger than hoe much stronger and ks she physically stronger or just haxxed?

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  • Are you going to make a DXD content revision? I just found some evidence about MHS+ so can you add it to your content revision?

    Magical lighting showed natural lighting characteristics:

    "Kiba has a sword made from ice within his hand. With this, I got my legs sealed and I won’t be able to escape!


    And another sword. In his other hand, he has a holy-demonic sword covered with electricity…

    A holy-sword of lightning! So he’s planning to use that to electrify me inside my armour!

    Then! I will also show it! My secret technique!"

    "Clad in lightning, Barakiel-san charged directly towards me! Even if I was able to/dodge his fist, the shock of the lightning would be transmitted to me through my armour. My entire body would be paralysed by it! It’d be bad if I was hit by a direct attack! After all, light is a deadly poison for Devils! Barakiel-san’s power of light combined with lightning — it would be dangerous if I was hit by that lightning! I began to retort as I countered his attacks."

    Issei is using his BB and CCP.

    Issei performing MHS+ feat:

    "In a velocity of godspeed, Ise arrives in front of Abaddon before she reacts. Even I couldn’t see him at all until he closed in!"

    "Just while I was thinking about that, a sudden flash of light appeared in my field of view! I quickly evaded, and although I had avoided my opponent’s attack…. But that just now was — lightning! I looked towards the person who had attacked me — it was Barakiel-san!"

    "Even if I asked, Barakiel-san simply wasn’t going to wait for me; rays of lightning burst forth from his hands, and he continuously fired them towards me! I continuously evaded his attacks in the air. The bolts of lightning which missed struck a corner of the field, generating an enormous explosion! Its power was truly extraordinary. Although I’ve recently had to fight against people who were stronger than me, Barakiel-san’s strength was not to be underestimated. Whilst evading the bolts of lightning and closing our distance at the same time, I was able to enter into a melee battle, what I was best at"

    Sorry if it's pretty long but thx anyway.

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    • Ok, thanks for help.

      I personaly think that MHS+ should be scaled from Dulio since his ablity it's manipulating nature elements and world weather. He сan cause thunderclouds anywhere and attack by lightning bolt.

      I almost finishing my revision in .docx file, but I wait to Part 7 of Life 5 Volume 22 to translate to completly finishing it, also I add some information form retelling of spoilers of Volume 23 in wiki and this forum from  user  - n0m@n

      I hear that Issei is destroying a half of raiting game field in Part 7, according to spoilers. And this field is very large since this:

      A chessboard-like area appeared on the enormous display screen. As soon as the match starts, we will be transported into the dedicated battlefield, and begin our fight there. We will not actually be fighting inside this stadium. The field was tremendously vast, and even if a Devil had to fly from one side straight to the other at full speed, it would take nearly thirty minutes. But depending on my position and situation on the field, I could fly from one end of the field to the other in a matter of minutes? The announcer continued to explain the rules

      According to my own calculation (I take the low-end Issei speed from his Balance Breaker that equal to Mach 50 - 90):

      So in other word's Issei need a 2-5 minutes to fly from one  straight to other at full-speed. According to last calculation's Issei Balance Breaker speed is from Mach 50 to Mach 90 (I get weakest form of Issei in which he can fly).

      Low-end: Mach 50 = 1030.8 Kilometres per minute and so we do calculation:

      1030.8 Km/min * 2 min (Low-end of Low-end) = 2061.6 Kilometres from one side straight to the other

      Mid-end: Mach 70 = 1443.12 Kilometres per minute and so we do calculation:

      1443.12 Km/min * 3,5 min (Mid) = 5050.92 Kilometres from one side straight to the other

      High-end: Mach 90 = 1855.44 Kilometres per minute and so we do calculation:

      1855.44 Km/min * 5 min (Max) = 9277.2 Kilometres from one side straight to the other

      P.S. Also we can calculate this in details so I can do this.

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    • Sorry for the late reply but i think we shouldn't try to calculate the arena using Issei's speed because i am afraid that it would be consider as "calc stack" instead of calculating the arena using Issei's speed i think it will be much better if we just find the average area that has mountainous terrain. after all Issei himself stated that they use mountainous terrain as template for the arena.

      I am afraid to say that if we wait for volume 23 it would take too long. after all i am sure if we show that magical lighting has natural lighting characteristic the admins will accept MHS+ for DXD.

      btw, i also got some statement about Juggernaut Drive

      "It seems like he was moved very much emotionally.

      “The red and white of this generation are unique. The ones in the past were all wild horses. They rampaged in every location, they started the battle between the red and white selfishly while destroying the surroundings, and then died. They activated ‘Juggernaut Drive’ when they felt like it. Just think how many mountains and islands were blown away.”

      Geezer says that while making a sigh."

      not going to change much but still better thatn nothing.

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    • Well that sad, because almost whole my revision started from that calc. I want to move Pseudo-DxD G of Issei into Tier: 6-C because of that feat of destroying half of field, and next move all Characters above him in that form into High 6-C. I talk about Heavenly Dragon Level guy's like top evil dragons like Azi-Dahaka, Apophis (We also need to create they profiles) and Crom (who is surpass Heavenly Dragon Class power according to Spoilers of Volume 23), DxD L form Vali, True from Sirzechs and Ajuka.

      Honestly speaking I create a inverse Tiers:

      1. Dragon God's Tier (Tier: 6-B)

      2. Heavenly Dragons Tier (Tier: High 6-C)

      3. Above Maou-class and God-class Tier (from High 7-A to at least 6-C)

      4. Ultimate-class Devils and Maou-class Tier (from 7-A to at least 7-A)

      5. All others (from ordinary Humans to High Classes Devil power) (from 10 to at least 7-B tier)

      And I put all character who has some feats in that Tier's I wrote proof why I ranked him in that rank. Add new form's and it stats (Sairaorg Breakdown the Beast, Dulio Sub-Special Balance Breaker, and so on)

      Well, if you only wanted to proof MHS+, lets go try. Dulio has feats with lightnings and thunderclouds in volumes 17 (Life 1), 18(Life Joker), 19(Life 3 Part 2) :

      From Vol.17:

      Then a bright flash comes into my sight. When I look towards the source, I witness one Angel who is glowing brightly high up in the sky. He is spreading ten of his pure white coloured wings while he is holding onto a huge mass of fire within his right hand and a thick spear-like ice on his left hand. There is a thunder cloud above his head which is creating the thunder

      His Sacred Gear can control weather to take control of fire, wind, water, and earth that exists in nature. So he can even create artificial clouds in places where there is no sky, just like that. The bright flash earlier must have been caused by striking down the thunder from that cloud.


      Dulio pointed into the distance, far away there were thunder clouds, and flashes of lightning. Asia looked in the opposite direction. I also turned my head that way — indeed, in the distance was an immense tornado, and some dark shadows being sucked into it. …Thunderclouds and tornadoes were being used to carry out a large scale attack. …In other words, he was the one who did all of that…! While I was fighting those evil dragons, others escaped. And most of the evil dragons have been defeated by Dulio’s sacred gear…. Once again, I realise that this man is strong! In times of crisis in heaven, as the brave saint’s Joker, his power was used the most. Hearing this, Walburga narrowed her eyes. Her eyes appeared to be happy, yet also vigilant.


      “—Sensei, here we go.”

      Dulio-san announced. Everyone raised their heads to look at the sky. —-A large thundercloud had formed in the sky, and a piercing cold air was beginning to blow everywhere. The blade of Cristaldi’s holy sword has beginning to freeze. When even his feet were frozen with ice, an immensely large bolt of lightning descended from the sky, even the barrier generated by the crosses surrounding us was easily destroyed, and the strike of lightning from the Sacred Gear then poured onto the body of the warriors’ sensei—.

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    • So MHS+ DXD is pretty much confirm.

      anyway if you need me you can just text me through my wall.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • What are the reasons for upgrading these profile statistics? You should make a content revision thread before doing so.

    Also, it does not make sense to only upgrade the attack potencies, without adjusting the durability and striking strength sections accordingly as well.

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    • To be on the safe side, I undid most of your various DXD edits (which was quite a pain to take care of).

      They seemed rather incoherently scaled from each other, and recurrently without proper justifications.

      Again, if you wish to change the profile statistics, please start a thread in the content revision forum. Thank you.

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    • Well i already ask about this stats in this thread but no one answer me :(

      About 7-A for Satan-class characters and High 7-A for God class characters. Also Dulio BB and Sairaorg Breakdown the Beast.

      Crom Cruach is High 7-A in base and 6-C in Dragon form, this stats i think also true for Apophis.

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    • You should preferably start a new content revision thread for this, rather than reply to an old one, that nobody has the energy to read through in its entirety.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Please don't copy-paste off other wikis. Unless it's an official description, you should be paraphrasing and putting it in your own words.

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  • What are the reasons for the following statistics changes?

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