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【東方ヴォーカルPV】First Memory/Next MemoryEdit

Einherjar AlbedoEdit

I made a strongest character voiced by JP VA's, if you wanna see, here is the link:

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  • I checked your profile again and I noticed something I overlooked

    "90% female and 10% male"


    Also damn you're a big weeb, but I don't mean to offend since I'm sort of a weeb myself

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  • Would you like to come see this thread about Rambo's speed?

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  • I made a page for SSSS.Gridman if you are interested.

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  • I need help defending Oma Zi-o from the GER army.

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  • Well, if you guys see this you might be seeing how i'm better after my rage last night

    After that disaster against Karna vs Garou and pretty much done with everything, i still mad like......really mad af with that match, and so i just wrecking my room, beat myself in the face over and over and even thorn up my One Punch Man manga into pieces.....i really in rage

    After i done that i just my room after the wreck and goes sleep, still crying

    And i woke up, this time i'm bit better, but not too much, but slowly it goes better and better whenever i doing from just do a home work, talking with my friends, and helping my parents

    Yeah its basic, but for me its miraculous since i need a couple of days to week for recovering

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  • Prologue

    Summer this year opens with a poem.

    ---Location matters not.

    For wretched ones are there, and troublesome ones are there.

    Whatever it had been that they yet struggle for, it is already too late; their last chance has passed.

    Those people, akin to a small fish swimming through great seas. Their reasons only lead to futility.

    Those people, immature from birth. Their reasons are fastidious regardless.


    Putting it as another matter...

    It matters not for whom--- defeat is beget by times of deep inexperience.

    For I.

    For you.

    It matters not for whom.

    --- Disgraceful TimesKatsushika Hokusai, Chronicles of Chaldea

    Inside of our New Chaldea, a large explosion rocks the halls, and fills the air with smoke.

    ???:…..Haaa. Phew.Took some sanity, that.Took a bit of bearin’ on my end too, but I readily cut on through. But these walls remained sturdy, eh?Were they fortified with black magics or witchraft?

    The smoke clears, showing Hokusai in a new outfit!

      • Katsushika Hokusai:---So, whatcha think? How’s this girl look?


      • Katsuhika Hokusai:Yep! I’m glad ye can still recognize me!I take it yer my [Mastah] then? That sounds 'bout right, with this inkling of a bond I feel.---But as I'm here, I need introduce myself proper!I am Katsushika Ōi, Saber…Formerly Katsushika Hokusai! The blood of the retainer swordsman to the Kira Clan flows through this youthful, female Artist Swordsman!Call to me as Saber, or the Nymph Artist Swordsman!As thus! Foremost! My goal is to be the most spectacular swordsman here---I alone! Glad to be here!
      • Fou:….Fou?

    [What?] / [Why did that feel like a first interview pitch?]

      • Mash:W-well, Senpai. Going by what she’s said…Ōi-san --- has not just had their Saint Graph changed from the Katsushika Hokusai here, but her memories have altered too!
      • Da Vinchi (Transmission):Yu-p, I can confirm that from here. Hmmm, so she’s one of the summer kids this year. I see, I see.Based on the limited numerical values I can observe from her change, it looks to be the usual case.
    • Mash:The usual…case?
      • Holmes (Transmission):Yes, we’ve already become accustomed to this sort of thing happening every year. It’s the usual sight of summertime around here.Servant’s classes get meddled with --- and their forms as servants spontaneously change along with their Saint Graphs.
      • Da Vinchi:In other words, Holmes! To put it more plainly, they all change into swimsuits!

    [Our yearly custom!] / [Saint Graph conversions!]

      • Da Vinchi:**You bet!The specific meaning behind each Saint Graph’s conversion stray from one another, but I think for now it’s just fine to understand the basics.Their physical forms change while their interior forms mostly can’t. So I guess you can call it, like, “Chaldea Style – Summer Saint Graph Conversion (Temporary)”…
      • Holmes:The precedents that these girls make is a smidgen special. Could it be circumstantial to the original Saint Graph’s extra class slots?Such a deeply fascinating event…but I digress, since the cause seems to be irrelevant to all else.
      • Katsushika Hokusai:Oh? Whats all the commotion? Maybe it’s just due to my evil spirit bein’ about that you got such a nasty expression.Spirits bein’ about makes that happen, correct? It matters not.A male spirit, and a girl’s spirit floatin’ around each other. Sure do look like family…well, people can say that, anyway!
      • Da Vinchi:Don’t we do too, Daddy Holmes?
      • Holmes:Never say that again.
      • Katsushika Hokusai:Yes, we make a good pair! But my bein’ as a Heroic Spirit differs a bit from the usual spectres, yes?
      • Da Vinchi:Hmm. Based on the data I’m getting, her memories don’t seem all there. I expected as much, but it’s like she’s been brainwashed.How concerning…
      • Holmes:At any rate, all we can conclude is that she’s here in her changed state by either her own or someone else’s doing.From our data readings, beyond what she’s forgot, I’d say her Saint Graph conversion is considerably sketchy as well.I’m saying these as light conjectures and guesses, but---
      • Da Vinchi:You can’t say anything definitive? Makes sense.That means you can still make the usual character portrait you make then, right? Have at it.

    Holmes makes the usual besmirched face with that one eyebrow up.

    [Don’t do that!] / [The usual Holmes expression…]

      • Holmes:Hahaha.I can partially affirm that she’s still the real Katsushika Hokusai, even after the Saint Graph change.They aren’t someone else. That much I can confirm without a doubt.
      • Da Vinchi:To be exact, the octopus is Katsushika Hokusai, and the girl is Katsushika Ōi.
    • Mash:A swimsuit Hokusai---They’re the same one despite changing outfits, but who was it that did that?...Mmm…Mysterious!
      • Fou:Fou….Foufo…
      • Katsushika Hokusai: All is fine. What’s important to me is that I’m really here!I am the Artist Swordsmaster! I shall seek out all who are strong, and fight, fight, fight, fight, fight…All to ascertain my quintessence with the blade! Come forth, as these skills differ from my showy displays of art!Right then, Mastah! Gather up the strong ones: all the powerful swordmasters you can get!
      • Mash:S-senpai! Hokusan-san’s really itching for battle…!

    [Still doesn’t look that different though] / [I’ll get to it at once!]

      • Katsushika Hokusai:**Fmph!

    Part 1


    [THE GRAND CANYON] ??? (Musashi, Saber):

    …I can’t believe things wound up like this.

    It makes sense since I’m a traveler, and I did anticipate a dilemma like this, where I wound up who knows where with nobody around…


    Oh man! Ha ha ha! This is just like how I thought it’d go!

    Winding up flat broke and starving in my eccentric travels would happen eventually!

    Ah, no. Stop laughing, me.

    I sense something strange past those mountains, but I can’t tell if I’m misremembering something there, or if it’s just because of my headaches.

    This really might be my newest, most unprecedented event in my entire history! It wouldn’t be an exaggeration for the Heavens and Earth to start shaking now!

    I gotta do this with just my power and sword! I’ll trust in my power as a tactician, no, I’ll have to use my hero’s quick wit!

    But in times like this, aghhh---

    ---If they were here with me now, I’d feel totally reassured. Aaaargh!!

    Back in Chaldea, we’re investigating the mystery of Hokusai.


    Out of nowhere, Hokusai-san’s Saint Graph changed---

    And we don’t know why. It doesn’t look like Scathach-san and the others are involved either.

    [There’s been a lot of people changing on their own lately too] / [Will she go back to normal once summer ends?]

    Option 1:


    That’s true…

    Option 2:


    Oh, probably! There’s a lot of examples like this, so hopefully this is the same…

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Truly, I’m about done with this. I’ve no idea what’s going on, but even I know ye art going in circles!

    It matters not what transpired with me! Whats matters right now is what I’m here for!

    But, fufu. This is an ideal location to face them.

    For here, heroes and great minds gather from all times and places, correct? I feel that bein’ around here will gather them to me in no time---


    W-well. People tend need to come to the cafeteria…

    Wait, was that preserved in your memories? It can’t be a coincidence that you remembered the thorough connections Chaldea has…

    Yagyū Munenori:

    Hoho. ‘Lo and behold.

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    Yagyū Munenori:

    I had heard that it need be summer for such chances to present themselves, yet only now do I see. This is the chance spoken of.

    I pardons you for your True Name. I do so as though art a fellow Sahvant to my Lord.

    Thou assume the appearance of a new Swimsuit Swordmaster, yet---


    ---Uh. Err, Yagyū Munenori-san?

    Yagyū Munenori:

    Apologies. This is not in regards to you, Mash-dono, but to this young woman present. For she hast arrived with that sword on her belt, and in an outfit thus…

    There is no mistaking it. She is another Swimsuit Swordmaster.

    [Swimsuit] / [Swordmaster]

    Yagyū Munenori:


    He smiles.

    Yagyū Munenori:

    In present times, it is a strange term to catch whispers of. It goes as thus: Once a year, in the West of North America, in these wuestahn lands…

    A large convocation opens its gates to decide who the world’s best Swimsuit Swordsman is. And it is called---



    [! ! ! ! ! ! ! ]

    Mash and Hokusai are dumbfounded. Yagyū continues to smile.

    Yagyū Munenori:

    Said even only allows suitable entrees; I speak of none other than Swimsuit Swordmasters --- or so it goes.

    [Yagyū…san…!?] / [This isn't a joke?]

    Yagyū Munenori:

    I would never bring a deception upon my Mastah. I speak with utmost sincerity, sparing ill truths.

    I implore you…this woman has the form and capacity of a Swimsuit Swordmaster.

    Hokusai remains in awe.

    Yagyū Munenori:

    Certainly, with that outfit. Certainly. It is no different from the aforementioned Swimsuit Swordmasters that gather from all times and places.

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    O-of course --- I am, totally one of them Swimsuit Swordmasters!

    Naturally my swimsuit matches just what ye be talkin’ about, not even mentionin’ the sword I bear, which is standard for a Swordwielding Swordmaster of Swords like me.

    B-but I’m afraid that when it comes to battle experience…I am lacking…

    In this matter, I have a trifling knowledge of the bout you mentioned…and entering is be a little…


    [Hokusai-chan?] / [You OK?]

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    W-what are ye looking at? I am Katsushika Hokusai, a special Ukiyo-e Artist who'll quit not to the likes of this!

    I am an Artist Swordmaster, a-and a budding Nymph in the makin’! I care not what ye say as my Mastah at all!

    I am a swordsman through an ancestral rite of another Swordmaster! So I see no issues with enterin’ this! Harumph!

    ---Quite right! I will be the Swimsuit Swordmaster among all Swimsuit Swordmasters!


    Uhh, I’m still a little out of the loop…

    Hokusai-san is one of these, “Swimsuit Swordmasters”? If she really is, then I guess we can work it out! Right Senpai!?

    [Brain – still - catching up ] / [Well, it is Summer]

    Option 1:


    I-I'll give you some time...

    Option 2:



    …Huh? Um, Senpai? Isn’t that reasoning…just a little too simple…?



    Da Vinchi (Transmission):

    W-wait just a minute! S-T-O-P!

    What the hell is a Swimsuit Swordsman!? I don’t have anything on file about this at all…

    Err, actually, lemme search through our databases…nothing…nadda…nope…zip…zilch…



    Da Vinchi-chan? What is it?

    Da Vinchi:

    I found it…

    I found it. It’s real. It’s real!

    [It’s real!?] / [It it’s real then I guess we gotta do it]

    Da Vinchi:

    Ehehee, sorry. Swimsuit Swordmaster and similar nicknames definitely sounded like derivations to history. I even went and checked past legends throughout all of history, and was relieved when nothing came up. But.

    …I did a quasi-scan, and there it was.


    Da Vinchi-chan, just what did you find…?

    Da Vinchi:

    Located in the Western part of North America, near the Grand Canyon…

    There’s a microscopic singularity.



    Siegfried walks into the room, wearing a fresh new suit with glasses and a designer watch.


    I see…then this must be why my body began to mysteriously ache.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    W-who’s this big boy.

    Nn…he’s makin’ me get pins n’ needles…could he be one of the…

    Yagyū Munenori:



    I don’t recall donning this outfit as well, but perhaps I am also---

    Yagyū Munenori:


    Jikufurito-dono. You have likely been chosen to be a Swimsuit Swordmaster as well.

    Thus, you must go wuehstahn wards, join in the Seven’s Revered Bout, and compete in the Seven Colored Showdowns.

    Thus is the reason behind your bequeathing of a Spiritron Outfit.


    Despite having little knowledge pertaining to Swimsuit Swordmasters, I will accept this offer.

    So, I must go West. My words are modest, but my heart is pounding.


    S-siegfried-san’s another Swimsuit Swordmaster!?

    B-but, please, hold on! Siegfried-san doesn’t…!

    He doesn’t, have a sword on his belt…!

    Yagyū Munenori:



    Mash. I’m gracious for your heartfelt response. But there’s no need to fret.

    This Spiritron Outfit I’ve obtained hasn’t changed my Noble Phantasm. I am a warrior dressed in a swimsuit, in other words, a Swimsuit Swordmaster. It’s amazing.

    Mash doesn’t have words anymore.

    [………] / [He’s made quite the atmosphere…]

    Option 2 only:


    Ah, you’re too kind, Master.

    [Actually, I didn’t mean it in that way…?]

    Siegfried continues to think you were complimenting his sophistication, and smiles.

    [Damn…I can’t say no to that smile…]

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    ………Swimsuit Swordmasters, are profoundly destined.

    Get a good look at my face, big boy! Remember me well, for we shall battle in future come!

    You can come at me with arrows, guns, cannons, lightning, or whatever ye may have! Because, in the Swimsuit Swordmaster Seven Colored Showdown!

    I shall be the victor! I shall be the one who claws their way to the top!!

    With the decision made, we move over to the Command Room to begin the reyshift.


    So long as you’re here, I’d love to learn what this reyshift is all about. What was it? Swimsuits? Swordmasters? Something like that?

    I wish that stupid jokes like this would only happen every two months. Is this because of the heat waves that Japan gets?

    But what I really don’t get is why you want to do this on summer vacation.

    As a higher up who doesn’t get one, I understand that a subordinate would want to use their employee welfare around now.

    However. How. Eh. Ver.

    Right now! We’re in a state of emergency! I keep saying this!

    The surface of the Earth is white as a sheet! There aren’t even any blue seas, so how can there be swimsuits!?

    Don’t you get it!? There can’t possible exist some dreamlike resort where we can go “Woo-hoo!” for our summer break!

    [I know.]


    No, you don’t! You clearly don’t!

    Wouldn’t it be great if you stopped this now, instead of reyshifting to Western America for some Swimsuit Swordmaster thing you apparently need to go to!?

    Just stop! I’m questioning your sanity as my subordinate!

    Da Vinchi:

    Alright Director, settle down. There there.


    You’re saying that so casually while light punching my belly. Please stop…

    Da Vinchi:

    C’mon, isn’t this what usually happens anyway? Some Quasi-Holy Grail’s mana has been used as a resource towards a wish, and now there’s a Singularity. And this time it just so happens to be about Swimsuit Swordmasters in Western America.

    What’s so strange about that?



    …Is it just me? Is it just me being weird right now?


    Hahaha. Can we take that as having your approval, Director?


    When our operations advisor laughs like that with a straight face…I always get scared. Laughing with that face gives me chills!

    Holmes gives a real laugh instead.


    ---Moving on, there are 3 important goals with this reyshift.

    One, ascertaining the origin behind Katsushika Hokusai’s Saint Graph conversion. Two, stabilizing Siegfried’s Spiritron Outfit.

    Da Vinchi:

    And three, eliminating the microscopic singularity that’s appeared in Western America!

    Keep these three things in mind once you guys reyshift outta here.

    Members this time will be: [Guda], Mash, Hokusai, and Siegfried.

    Can you really not come, Yagyū Munenori?

    Yagyū Munenori:

    It is unfortunate. For this Singularity needs a swimsuit befitting it.

    Da Vinchi:


    Can’t go if you don’t have one, huh?

    She looks at Holmes.

    Da Vinchi:

    …I get it. Sure, it makes sense. I wanted to take a lil’ peek at him in one though…





    Da Vinchi.

    Da Vinchi:

    Muu, I know, I know. I’ll get back on track.

    Mash. Your Ortenaus is in maintenance, so you should avoid direct confrontations.

    With all that squared away, is everybody else ready?

    Alrighty, Reyshift program --- commence!


    Katsushika Hokusai:

    HeEeEEEeE----! What the heck’s goin’ on here!

    There’s a pyramid near Himeji Castle, and these Western castles are like skyscrapers!

    Everythin’ be so excessively dazzling that its hurtin’ my eyes! It really is somewhere for all times n’ places!

    There’s dignified towers all over, dazzlin’ with great taste like the heaven’s bestowed it upon ‘em!

    Whew, I’m blown away! To think this kinda town could exist in these oversea lands!


    Senpai, this place is---

    It’s not the desert land that should actually be in the West here. What’s more, the feeling of this town is…it’s kinda…

    Doesn’t it…resemble that huge town in Nevada: Las Vegas…?

    [If it’s Vegas…then there’s gambling!] / [If it’s Vegas…then there’s casinos!]


    Yeah! Right from when you land at the airport there’s slot machines to welcome you, along with must visit casinos on the ground floors of famous hotels, and you can enjoy yourself with pachinko and shop around if you feel like it, right here in this town of thrills and excitement: Las Vegas!

    [But…there’s also…this he-----at!]


    I’d heard about this insane heat from the real Las Vegas. It is located in the middle of a desert, after all.

    “It’s like there’s an enormous hair dryer about 1 kilometer outside of town, constantly bathing the town in intense heat”

    …So says the info packet we got from Chaldea.

    For now, I have to say I agree with it! Fou-san must be really feeling it because of his fur too!




    Las Vegas…the singularity here’s made it a model town…

    It doesn’t feel like it got this way from the power of civilization alone. It’s more like this huge city popped up in the middle of the desert somehow.

    However, it does significantly resemble Las Vegas. That we can say with clarity.


    It’s easy to guess this was all made by a Holy Grail.

    With a quick glance, it does seem that the real Las Vegas’s landmark buildings are scattered around, but…

    You can see that the size, locations, and relations between them are all irregular.

    What’s more, this city is surrounded by an enormous pool, something that definitely isn’t in the real Las Vegas.

    It might be that because of that pool that this insane heat isn’t completely unbearable, and actually makes the sunlight feel comforting instead.


    …A pool. Probably for bathing… (I don’t have any good memories of bathing, so I’ll stay quiet)

    …My Spiritron Outfit is making me flustered. This isn’t a decent town to be in.

    Everything in this town was…created in order for the Swimsuit Swordmasters to do battle.

    [The Swimsuit Swordmaster City, Las Vegas (False) …]

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    All’s well n’ good. The one thing this city’s gotta do is let others show off!


    So the city is a fit to be an arena? It’s unsettling, but…it’s also making my heart race.

    It’s less because of my own body…and more because of my Spiritron Outfit getting me excited…

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    (This great hero…what a guy, to speak such a line in sobriety)

    (And doin’ so that easily…I wanna do it too, but not copy ‘em like that)

    …I, I feel it too, ye know.

    Quite so. Not from mine body either, yet from these four blades I wear. They’re rarin’ to go.

    All to fight. To slice ‘em all down. For I to become the strongest Swimsuit Swordmaster --- yeah.


    Ah, so you too…

    Your blade is already boisterous. Yet you remain steadfast.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    >! ! ! ! !

    (This man! He struck right back!!)

    (This lout…it might be hard to get him to slip up)

    (Calm thineself, you still have you chance, and have not lost yet)

    (I-I can do it! No matter whom, be they strong, be they great swordsmen, I can beat ‘em!)

    (O, Great Ancestor! Lend me thine strength!)



    Hokusai-san? You’ve been really quiet…


    They seek to confront their own fate dead on. Give them peace.



    [Fate…] / [By the way, are these Casinos real, or what?]

    Option 1:



    Katsushika Hokusai:

    ….. (Trembling)




    I understand. In the East, they call this “Trembling with excitement”. How noble.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    (This man…! H-how far will the flattery go!?)



    A fearless laugh? Why, that’s as amazing as the four blades you possess.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    ………. (Trembling)




    You continue to tremble with excitement---

    Option 2:

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Ah, I meant to ask more about ‘em, these “Cajinos”? What are they?


    Actually, you probably know them as gambling halls.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Hrrrm, a gambling hall?! For it to be open midday as this, the market here must be great!


    Gambling, huh…


    Yes. Usually, gangs and mafias manage them and influence them as sources of their money.

    If you want to go somewhere safe, the hotels and standard enterprises are safely managed, as are performance shows and the like.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Gamblin’ and the Yakuza are seperate? Ahahaha, no way. Be careful when ya joke around like that!


    Uhh, actually they count as---

    A bird suddenly caws out loudly from above.


    A hawk…?


    …M-made it…

    …I thought I saw a city around here, but to think it took me about a half a days walk…

    I had to walk, and walk, and walk, without any udon or burgers to eat…

    But, but…

    I made it…! I’m finally here!

    [That voice!]

    Very sexy, American Musashi appears!


    I did it, yeah! Lucky, lucky, lucky! I thought my legs would give out, and I wouldn’t be able to move---

    This is a miracle! And I even get to meet you guys here again!

    She stops, embarrassed.


    (Wuh, wait wait wait, calm down, me! It might be bad to be “Musashi” this time!

    L-lemme correct myself! I dunno you, but nice to meet ‘cha!

    Buenos Dias and Konnichiwa to all you tourists! I am, American Heroic Spirit, meetin’ you by chance!


    An American…Heroic Spirit?


    Yeas! This, Western Bikini, make me look like stylish, like, Western gunman, yes?

    I had yearned to do this for a while now! My Two Sword Style, Katana & Pistol combo! Oh Yeas!

    [Wait wait wait wait wait wait] / [Wait wait wait wait wait wait]

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Oho Yeeas?

    However ye speak, yer a beautiful lady boistin’ some specialized weapons, and ye ain’t a sight for sore eyes either. Uhaaa, I’m gonna make a picture of ‘em!

    Mastah, do ye know her?


    Master, isn’t this woman---

    Suddenly, more hawks begin to gather and scream!


    Look out! It’s a surprise attack!


    Those hawks are…swooping in!?


    He manages to block one of their attacks, but gets pushed back.



    Katsushika Hokusai:

    W-what’s all this ruckus! Hawks are attackin’ in daylight like this!?


    Ah, now the time, do like this! Be careful, these magic beast-ish things look kinda strong!

    C’mon --- come at me!

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    A-ahahaa, f-fun! I-I, I, I shall take c-care of them too!

    For I am a Swimsuit Swordmaster, one of the swordsmen of Ras Vegahs! This is precisely what I came to do!

    Face mineself, and my four blade mastery, as I send you boorish fools towards Sukvahti!

    (That…that was cool! That resolve, was quite cool!)


    Here they come!

    You fight back the strangely aggressive hawks with Sieg and mUSAshi.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Just a bit more…

    Ive seized hold of your movements now! Soorya!

    This is a show of mine talents!

    Hokusai makes a singular, decisive strike.

    Katsushika Hokusai:



    Ahh – don’t stop now! Stay alert! They can still move!

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    The hawk dives towards Hokusai!

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    Musashi rushes in, and manages to finish it off before it can get to Hokusai.

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    That was close…fuuuhhaaaaa….


    All enemies have been disposed of. Master, this battle is ours.


    Yes! All traces of the enemy have been eliminated!

    They didn’t seem to be normal creatures of the ecosystem here. They were so violent…

    They must’ve been fabrications created through the mana of the Holy Grail here. You’d think they were golems with how they were!

    Katsushika Hokusai:


    ….By the by, umm, you, well. Err.

    Ye saved me. A-and ye had quite the talents to ye too.


    Fu fu fu. Don’t worry about it, that was nothin’.

    I’m still exhausted from that half a day’s walk after all, which made even a Heroic Spirit like me get tired.

    But hey! My Niten Ichi-ryū​ still works fine!

    Katsushika Hokusai:

    Niten Ichi-ryū! I-it can’t be! T-then ye true name must really be Miyamoto---


    Oh yeah! I’m an American Heroic Spirit caught up in some things, but I'll start with a temp identity for now!

    I’m just a nameless westerner, one you can know as a friendly bodyguard! I’ll keep protecting you guys so long as I can get some meals in repayment!

    Yes, I’m just a perfect beauty gone adrift! The flawless, Shinmen Musas…

    Actually, a novice put in check by another flawless person! I am Iori-chan, of Musashi-san’s clan! Yep!

    Nice to meetcha!


    Miyamoto Iori:

    Woo, Heyhey! Good on ya’, people that I have definitely never met before ever!

    I'll upload Part 2 later

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    • I see, take care then

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    • Yo ALFYN, thanks for the story translations, but it looks like peoples already have a draft for summer 2019 servants pages lel

      Still i want to read it more since summer 2019 is the most liked summer event for me

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