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  • Howdy! This was just a quick question I wanted to ask which will likely justify a massive answer, apologies in advance .

    I'm trying to get my head around True Platonic Concepts and how they apply to tiering (since some things suggest it's a bit more complicated than "slap 1-A on it"), and in my search, I stumbled upon the WoD pages and their very frequent references to "platonic concepts/truths" for their 1-A ratings.

    So, what I want to ask; do the WoD pages refer to True Platonic Concepts for their 1-A ratings? Would TPC typically be used for 1-A ratings? And if so, then what would qualify for something being considered a TPC?

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    • That explains it quite well and thoroughly. I appreciate it.

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    • No problem, if you have any more questions about WoD, feel free to ask me, despite my short temper when it comes to bullshit debates, I really enjoy answering questions.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • So I remember you being knowledgable on DnD? Need to ask something right quick.

    What tier are Vecna's hax again? 2-A? Asking because someone decided to make him fight D. 

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    • Depends on his tier, if he's High 6-A, then they would be High 6-A with few actually 2-C, such as his Regen [and Immortalities] and his Concept hax, which would be 2-A.

      Besides that, his hax scale to his tier.

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    • Udlmaster wrote:
      Depends on his tier, if he's High 6-A, then they would be High 6-A with few actually 2-C, such as his Regen [and Immortalities] and his Concept hax, which would be 2-A.

      Besides that, his hax scale to his tier.

      Ah. Im guessing the same is for his 2-C key?

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    • AogiriKira wrote:
      Udlmaster wrote:
      Depends on his tier, if he's High 6-A, then they would be High 6-A with few actually 2-C, such as his Regen [and Immortalities] and his Concept hax, which would be 2-A.

      Besides that, his hax scale to his tier.

      Ah. Im guessing the same is for his 2-C key?


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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Helllo, Udlmaster, since you are familiar with World of Darkness, can you give your inputs on which Regeneration (True-Goldy) should be changed to for characters that have it in the verse here? Thanks in advance.

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    • Hey Elizahaa, long time no see.

      Thanks for notifying me, and still appreciate your effort back when WoD was still young.

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    • Yeah, long time, indeed; happy to help you at those times, Udlmaster👍

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Can you give me some scans that show One Giver being transcendent? I need them for something.

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  • Hey man, I noticed that the Mummy page is missing a key. Perhaps I'm just blind and have completely missed it lol. What are the different tiers supposed to in reference to? You are one of the only people who know WoD, so perhaps you could add the key if you know

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  • After some time, the palaces disappeared along with Li Qiye. The only thing left in their place was a vast emptiness with a primordial force. This energy pervaded the area without dispersing.

    A new life seemed to have been born in this primordial chaos in the form of a new world. An unprecedented grand dao was taking shape… After a long time, all of the aspects of a universe could be found.

    This was a place without the concept of time. Eventually, lightning appeared in this chaos, issuing thunderous blasts. Countless planes were moving with the coming of a new world.

    A while later, a boom resounded. It wasn’t particularly loud, but it seemed to travel from the past to the future — a force capable of crossing one era to another. The primordial chaos was finally opened. If anyone was standing here, they would feel that this was the beginning of a new world.

    The thing splitting the primordial chaos open was not the legendary great axe but a particular grand dao. It was simple and unadorned yet very real and coarse. A pure energy slowly came by while the impurities descended. A light flashed everywhere in this new dawn. This energy turned into stars and the flow of water turned into an ocean. The quaking of the chaos turned into the sounds of the world…

    The dao did its work inside this heaven and earth. It seemed to have been slumbering and existed even at the initial inception of the world. An outsider would be able to see the evolution of this land. As moments passed, the stars in the sky became brighter with the sun and moon floating up and down. Time came into existence at last.

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    • This is a fiction. They don't have Jade Emperor but Experts can become something like that called Immortal Emperors. The fuction is the same

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    • His one thought could bring about light; another could turn it to darkness. One to create an immortal; another to become a devil. He could create celestial bodies and everything in existence; yin in one hand and yang in the other. He became as great as Creation itself.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • Hi, so i want to know why the supreme being of the verse has transduality type 4. What are exactly the proofs for that.

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    Udlmaster closed this thread because:
    We’re done here.
    21:19, November 2, 2019
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    • When ancient phylosophers tried to make the point of transduality type 4 they did extensive essays, when it was clear that it was not "this or that or both or neither". That statement of being beyond Wuji is kinda vague, and some of the proofs of Udlmaster´s post are wrong, for example that of mystagogues, he mistakes non dual thinking with possesing a non dual state, two diferent things, because  you can have a non dual thinking and still be subject to the duality of phenomena. Lot of buddhist discussion about the subject.

      However, i am of the opinion that we need to work for more solid proof, and after transduality type 4 is consolidate then God giver can scale up to tier 0.

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    • >I did,

      You evidently didn’t, you was talking about The Tao while I was talking about Wuji, you was talking about something different and therefore did not address my point on Wuji and just assumed I was talking about the Tao.

      >but you are just kinda of inmature bitter kid that got bosted by all the major staff of this wiki

      • Laughs in having to debate every single staff member just to get WoD to 1-A*

      >and don´t accept to lose.

      Sure buddy.

      >You only use strawmans

      You literally strawmanned my Wuji argument into talking about the Tao.

      >ad hominem

      “but you are just kinda of inmature bitter kid”, pot calling the kettle black there, and I haven’t even made an ad hominem attack, I believe you’re getting heated.

      >complex question fallacies.

      If you cannot logically formulate your argument, then you don’t have a basis. “Stop pointing out where I’m being illogical”, what even is this?

      >Adress the focal points instead. The fact that you think Tao is not important really shows your ignorance...

      Gonna need a citation on where I said that, remember what you said about strawmans...?

      >Wuji and the rest are type 4 by virtue of being aspects of Tao.

      Not at all, they’re type 4 because of what they are, Wuji exists before differentiations and is the unquestionable beginning of all things, Taiji is the Supreme Ultimate Beyond Tai-Yin and Tai-Yang, Beyond Duality.

      >And there is nothing beyond Tao, not in Taoism.

      This isn’t Taoism, this is WoD, which has expanded upon Taoism, are you going to get mad about how Masadaverse uses Taiji as a measuring stick even though it isn’t in Taoism?

      >Maybe in a dumb verse made by some incel that wanted to play with concepts he doesn´t really understand.

      This just discredits you further.

      >Tao is not somethign beyond Wuji

      I never said that, remember that Strawman thing?

      >Heaven is not something beyond Wuji

      It objectively is, as I showed above, in Taoist scripture Wuji is a model for everything below Heaven, it would not apply to Heaven, therefore it is beyond it.

      >All those things are different aspects of the same thing.

      Who are you arguing against?

      >That´s not the reason for why omnipotence is not used here.

      It’s one of the reasons, it was the main reason why it couldn’t be used when Omnipotence was used on the Wiki.

      >In the same way there is nothing beyond transduality type 4.

      I’m dismissing this claim because I’ve already asked you twice to prove this and you haven’t.

      >How so? Prove to me in a logical way, how can you be beyond type 4 transduality.

      It’s self-evident, in the same vain that you can have some stronger tier 1 and tier 0 characters, but don’t try and shift the burden of proof, I’ve already asked you twice to back up your positive claim.

      >I don´t know a shit and i don´t really care about your dumb verse, for real.

      Then why are you trying to debate me on the verse? Why are you wasting my time?

      >The proof is in the fact that there is no metaphyisical system that has invented something beyond transduality type 4

      Yes, there is, Heaven in Taoist scripture is beyond Wuji, which is Type 4, you’ve failed again, thanks for playing.

      >You falsely claim that Heaven is beyond Wuji

      I literally cited an example which you didn’t address, I’ve fulfilled the burden of proof on my part, this is just making you look worse.

      >Look boy

      This just makes you seem like a 12 year old on YouTube trying to be the leet haxxor.

      >i haven´t read shit about your verse,

      Then why are you here wasting my time if you have not read anything on the verse? Your ignorance was obvious from the start and you are now continuing on to waste my time.

      >Now, if the verse in question has actual proof of transduality type 4

      I like how you didn’t even bother to read the thread before coming here, insulting my intelligence and my person and continuing to waste my time.

      >then the god giver should be tier 0, not tier 1.

      Then make a thread asking for her to be bumped up to Tier 0 like many other people want instead of coming here to insult me.

      I am done with this conversation, and I won’t be replying anymore.

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  • Hi, I just wanted to point out that I sent you a friend request on discord. I want to chat about something regarding the new tiering system, if that is fine with you.

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  • I see you enjoy threads! So... I'll give you a little CRT on Rumia, since you claim to like Touhou. I hope you enjoy it and help me out in my goal.

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    • A FANDOM user
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  • I recently got into the verse and i wanted to know if you can send me any scans/feats that you're able to use for Caine.

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