The pen or the sword

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Guess whos back :P

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  • Sasuga, Ainz-sama!

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    • Well most shounen have the underdog power up to match/close the gap raduki is insistent that ikki doesn't get physically tougher/more powerful, he simply pulls out the win via being more skilled and using abilities that are blatantly supernatral, and claims they arent. It also suffers from very very very flowery language that makes deciphering the text a pain in the backside.

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    • so i was curious to see how many times Rimuru vs Ainz was done on just vsbattlewiki

      and the one we're on rn is, just from what i found from literally 1 minute of google search, the 4th thread of Ainz vs Rimuru

      make it stop

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  • I was passing by then I remembered something.

    Do you think Mercer vs Dante is good?

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