"I'm fine with overly Haxxed characters. I'm fine with boring characters. I'm even fine with Smurfs. There are only two types of characters I'm not fine with. One: Characters that are only strong because of some sort of higher dimentional being protecting them. Without their precious god, or heaven forbid gods protecting them, their nothing. Characters like Ness, while being protected by godly beings, is still powerful on his own. If you took away his gods, he could still put up a good fight against a good amount of the tiers he's in. But characters like Matoi Sumeragi or Jill Presto, forgive me if I'm wrong, are just normal (By their universe's standard) humans that were lucky. One day some higher or beyond dimensional gods respectively effectively threw a dart at a board and chose them. Of course, it's a bit more complicated then that, but you get what I'm saying, right? They really didn't do anything to earn what they got. I don't like the lottery much, either, for the same reasons. You didn't earn your money, just one day you got riches, or in this case power, beyond your wildest dreams. You didn't earn that. You bought some random piece of paper from the gas station and suddenly you earned more money then somebody working two jobs so they can feed their family. The other type of character I hate is basically the embodiment of a playground argument. You know what I mean. You and your friend are doing a pretend fight thing where you both have fake supernatural powers that exist only in your minds. You finally hit them with an attack that they can't find any reason to be able to dodge. And what do they do? They say "It didn't work on my because I'm Everything Proof!". These are the characters I hate more then any other. Ones that are immune to practically everything. Of course, this is a rare type of character. Naturally, these are tier 0s, but you can't even make Vs Threads with them, so they're not a problem. They don't even fight either, generally, and are more an extention of the plot or a supreme creator. So, what characters have practically tier 0 immunity to everything in their tier? Well, the immunity isn't tier 0, but it is the high end of 1-B. The Culexus Assassins. The embodiment of "No fun allowed". Their only weakness? Being speed blitzed. In a wiki where 90% of fights have speed equalized. It would be fine if simply having a small AP advantage or having purely biological powers is what it would take, but no. They also instantly destroy your soul if they so much as touch you. So just be really good at dodging? Nope. They have grenades that will knock you unconscious if you don't have powers. Oh, and their invisible. So then, their one weakness is nullified by the website itself and they have no other weaknesses and are also expert marksmen. Also, their geniuses, so good luck out-skilling them. These characters. They almost feel tailor made to be absurdly powerful on this wiki. Is there even a three dimensional character that isn't a beyond dimentional smurf that can beat them? I personally doubt it."

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